Don’t Wait — KICK Them Out!

So, a freshman Democratic Representative from Alabama has switched to the GOP.  

Unlike Sen. Specter, Parker Griffith won’t find any friends willing to vote for him in the coming election in 2010.

Griffith will face a primary against a teabagger Republican, and, he will lose.  He will be off the government gravy-train.

So, why wait for these people to quit?  KICK THEM OUT…

60 Senate votes got progressives, and America, nothing but a bad health care bill that protects corporate America.  We wouldn’t have gotten anything from the GOP being in charge.  There wouldn’t have been a bill, much less a bill that includes a mandate with fines.

The DNC and DLC should learn from Griffith’s defection at a time when the teabagger’s are taking over the GOP.

Kick out Baucus.  Kick out Landrieu.  Kick out every Senator from the Democratic Party that worked to derail the public option.  Make them run as an independent next election cycle, or worse, try to run as a Republican.  

Learn from Liebermann.

Do you think Liebermann will get elected again after how he stuck it to Connecticut?

Kick them out.  Make them realize that their government gravy train ride is over.

That is how you deal with them.


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    • Inky99 on December 23, 2009 at 08:10

    it would kick them out by marching on Washington and physically removing them from their offices.

    We have the right to do that, actually.

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