Destroy, Destroy, Destroy: the Obama War Against Pakistan

I want to start with great interview with Webster Tarpley  on Bonnie Faulkner’s show on KPFA. First a few things about Webster. He’s one of the more interesting minds (if you pardon that expression) writing and speaking about politics in the world. I’m impressed with erudition and he travels and knows the world very well. His flaw is that he builds a theory and then fits the facts to it. However, the theory he builds are very good and connect with the facts enough to make him very useful. He and Peter Dale Scott seem to understand what is going on as well as anyone. And Tarpley, who I disagree on a number of matters, did call the Obama fraud a fraud before anyone and thus I’m inclined to believe him — plus he wrote the definitive books on the Bush family and has put 9/11 in a firm historical context in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA.

If you listen to the interview you will see, as most of us here suspect, that we are not in Afghanistan to save Aghani women from harm or to bring democracy or even defeat the Taliban or even “get” Bin Laden and Al-qaida. It is much more interesting and complex than that.

The United States is in the middle east and central Asia for a reason. It’s called geo-politicics something that the MSM pretends does not exist. The game is simple in essence. That region of the world has enormous energy reserves and we want them. Why? Because the ruling elites know that we are, at the moment, in a state of decline due, in part, because of the machinations of that same ruling class that has managed to strip our country of a lot of our assets. How do the elites hope to keep it all going?  By going to war and making conquests like any other great power would do in classical times. Remember, if you come to Washington DC you can’t help but notice the Roman influence of public buildings. Rome is the model for Washington. If the oligarchy can control the oil regions it can control the world — or so they seem to think.

Tarpley believes that the U.S. goal is to break up countries it sees as vulnerable in this energy region. The Iraq strategy was a good example of the approach because they could, regardless of their military success or failure, insure the destruction of that country by fanning the conflicts between Sunnis, Shia and Kurds. In my view this was done successfully. I suspect that many of the terror attacks in that country were done by criminal gangs connected to Saudi, Israeli, British and U.S. intel/special op forces. In fact my information has it that Iraq was crawling with all kinds of nasty characters because there was a lot of fucking money flowing. Tarpley and many others believe that Al-qaida in Iraq was a team of theatrical thugs in the pay of Washington and London. Iraq has been destroyed as an independent and integrated society that it once was — in part as a warning to any other country in the region that wants to oppose imperialism.

In Iran, American agents are doing what they can to fund and spread rebellion and unrest, particularly with ethnic minorities but also with the upper-middle class students in Tehran and elsewhere (though I appreciate their intentions and I don’t like the current Iranian gov’t these students are being manipulated and funded by various clandestine services) as have all the other “color” revolutions that seemed to have died down as it became obvious what was happening.

In Afghanistan the policy has always been to divide and conquer in order to make the Afghanis as supine as possible so that the drug trade can continue so that the Empires allies in organized crime syndicates (Tarpley doesn’t state that btw) can prosper because the chaos of war or lack of a state (as in Somalia) allow for lot’s of “off the books” operations to flourish.

American military involvement in its inevitable heavy-hand that has proven to alienate and lose the hearts and minds of any population it comes near (I wonder why) is sure to alienate whatever possible fragile peace could be established between the competing ethnic groups in Afghanistan. By attacking the Pashtuns exclusively (rather than the drug gangs) the U.S. and widening the war to include anywhere Pashtuns live, particularly in Pakistan, the U.S. is directly and deliberately causing civil war in Pakistan. This is not “accidental” this is the intention of the U.S. With the break up of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and hopefully Iran, there will be no independent powers in the region and the Imperial oligarchy can set its eyes on the prize which is China.

All this stuff is aimed at China. If China has no possible allies around itself it will be forced to be in a dependent position with the Western imperial interests. As it is, China is already a player in this empire but it is also playing its own game — but that’s another story.

That’s the big picture. But we need to look at the details and personalities involved. And who is actually in power in this country. You can only know by the thrashings in the water. One place to start is Jeremy Scahil. See him on Democracy Now! or, better, his article here. The info speaks for itself. Tarpley calls his article a “limited hang-out” because it does not address Taliban accusations that Blackwater is responsible for many of the terror bombings in Pakistan, nevertheless it is a chilling story and I won’t and I leave it to you to read.

I need to give you an understanding what “limited hang-out” means as a practical matter. People like Scahill and his spiritual father Seymor Hersh both rely on inside sources within the intel community. Many of these sources are real human beings who don’t like what is going on and are able to minimize and twart the worst of the monsters who end up running things by leaking to reporters the excesses that go on. However, these sources require a limited hang-out since they have to live within the bureaucracy and don’t want to burn all their bridges or risk death. So the reporters must agree to give an indication of what is going on and not list every detail. Hersh’s stories did a lot to derail pending attacks on Iran which were opposed by many in the military and intel for obvious reasons — they too have families and don’t want them to grow up in a world entirely wasted by war. The existence of these poeple within government is a great blessing that should not be underestimated.

This story of Blackwater got more legs when the NYT and other MSM outlets reported this week on Blackwater’s operations like in this story. The fact this story has reached the MSM propaganda organs is highly significant and indicates a lot of opposition to Afghan policy within government circles — and this is a good thing which may keep the U.S. government from full scale implimentation of its Central Asian ambitions.  


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    • banger on December 12, 2009 at 18:41

    to DKOS, without the Tarpley reference just the Scahill stuff maybe. The mention of Tarpley will set the flies to swarming. Anyway this stuff needs to be digested by this community pretty quickly. U.S. operations in that region are and have been extraordinarily brutal (in fact deliberately so) and the MSM has lied with such vehemence and skill that most Americans still think we are there for peaceful reasons. And why shouldn’t they when Obama received the Nobel Peace prize for making war.

    • icosa on December 12, 2009 at 21:41

    so in the end we are going after China…. my, aren’t we the arrogant Americans.  I need to go read your links. Today, 9 years ago, ’43 was selected and all this horror was good to go.  An aside, according to the movie, Angels and Demons, D.C. was actually first called Rome.  I have not verified this with any other sources but Brown rarely deals with fiction when he states facts.

    • Diane G on December 13, 2009 at 00:57

    what puzzles most on the subject.

    This essay is freaking awesome.

    Love Scahill, btw.

    Thanks for this Banger!!!

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