Dear You…….Happy Solstice.

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A long time ago, far away, in another galaxy, I read an essay of the almost same name and was egotistical enough to think it about me. Or perhaps, the author was just one of those people who wrote so well every reader thought it about them. That one moment of reading hooked me to blogging more than anything else I had ever read. Whether written abstract, or written about another poster mattered not to me. It became the start of a lasting connection, a friendship as real as those created with a neighbor you see daily. It was just an essay. An essay about truth and connection, about images and mystery.

Still, it lingers for me.


It is about connecting after all, even should our visions of each other be mythical concepts. Our connections become true if we trust them. You see, that is the only thing they truly fear: Our Unity. I see more and more evidence that despite the Kleptocracy functioning entirely outside our reality, outside our input and will, that people are becoming more and more aware to what we have long been saying. Minds are changing. “We” are doing that. Let those in Washington fuck everything up worse… it will only bring more whispers. Whispers of discontent become grumbles, grumbles become oratory, oratory becomes yells, and yells beget revolution.

The fear the you-and-me. They fear the “we”.  

You see, we mourn the isolation that our society has created, yet resist bonding with one another in this godsend of a format. I hear, “Its only a blog,” from the meta bots, “Fonts can’t hurt you.” I hear “Internet friends aren’t real.”

I say no. I say it is even more magic that we bond without the body language cues which we are wired to respond to naturally. We overcome the loss of nuance of tone and inflection and communicate above it. We are connecting mind-to-mind in a way that is akin to what psychics get; flashes of total comprehension. Glimpses into the eternal oneness between us. Isolation only exists if you let it. This bonding is real, even if I can never touch your shoulder, and smile into your eyes. Even if we cannot hug one another in joy or support. It is real.

You, right here with me, are proof of that. You are my own “you.”


And no matter who you think I am, I am right here. I am your very own “You” too.


Here we are together, with the darkness creeping in. Everything is stacked against us, its true. It appears they have won. They have everything. We have nothing. We are powerless.


They don’t have you.

They don’t have me.

They surely, surely don’t have what makes us “us”… they cannot touch that. And with each of you, with our “us” we have a movement.

Remember, my love, its always darkest right before the dawn.


Today I celebrate the Solstice. The Sun returns eternal.

Today I renew, and watch the days grow longer again, the cleansing light shed forth in ever increasing doses against the darkness.

Today I celebrate a new space for all of you.

But mostly, today I celebrate you.

Please, as a favor, take the moment to listen to this, my gift to you. Really listen, and close your eyes, and I will be there in your library, your kitchen table, your desk, I will be there speaking out against the madness with you.

With all my soul,

Your Diane



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    • Diane G on December 21, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    I love you.

    • RiaD on December 21, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    • justCal on December 21, 2009 at 3:44 pm

  1. The coffee is not too good here but the Chocolate Chip cookies are homemade, so I’ll take another bite.

    The table next to me is occupied by four seemingly retired women, two have Christmas sweaters on, another has a sparkly, Christmas-ey tinsel scarf on.

    They are in an upbeat and quite animated mood, chatting about this n’ that, relatives coming in for the holidays etc.

    I am guessing I have nothing in common politically with any of them— in this moment it doesn’t really  matter, we ultimately have more in common than not, even if we both don’t realize it.

    Happy solstice to all.

  2. My husband is cutely snoring. In the kitchen, the bread machine is going “chugga chugga chugga”. In a few hours when he gets up to go to work, he will bring with him a nice warm loaf of pumpkin bread with almonds.

    So you see, hot flashes are good for something after all. ;-7

    Glaad Juul!

  3. …have expressed what we’re all feeling any better than you have here, diane–but i will offer a gentle response, in two flavors:

    –neil young and the band, from “the last waltz”,,,

    …and the same song, from neil’s “ethereally absent” 1971 appearance at toronto’s massey hall (which, if you don’t have the album, is worth the search…):

    all too soon the day will begin to impose itself on our blissfully long nights…but for the moment, there’s great fun to be had by all, and i hope y’all are having it.

    • Diane G on December 22, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    and the blackness seems warm and comforting, the blacker yet coffee hinted with vanilla and hazelnut.

    I’m feeling very connected to all of you, just reading your moments. I’m feeling connected as well with those who read and cannot find words to share.

    I, myself have few right now.

    This is the new day, like every day is… only MORE if you understand me.

    Good morning and have a blessed beginning.

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