Countdown: Obama lied….

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  1. clear to me.  What a wacky thing this has become with the diehard Obama supporters in particular.  They’re zeal for the political process and everything Obama confines them to creating excuse after excuse.  

  2. very dumb move for him to say he never campaigned on it.

    He might’s well’ve said FUCK YOU you suckers, you actually fell for it, dincha. I mean, its mean spirited in a way.

    Scorned. Hell hath no fury like… lol… all the talk for months with the “He’s not your boyfriend” … its gonna bite him in the ass.

  3. …but I think I dislike Ezra and his mammby pammby excuses even more than BO.

    • justCal on December 24, 2009 at 06:51

    • dkmich on December 24, 2009 at 14:06

    He lied about everything.  Not a one of his promises were true:  DADT, EFCA, universal health care, public option, mandates, torture, winding down the wars, renegotiating NAFTA, holding fat cats accountable.  What did I miss.  

    Ezra Klein is just another Obamabot.  

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