Christmas in 2050

An establishment is built on money.  Businesses run on profit.  What happens when you combine the establishment of government with business interests?  Both must continue to find more and more money.  Where do they do that?  From the citizenry.

Over the years, we’ve seen businesses and corporations continue to enlarge until some are too big to fail.  If they are about to fail, the government simply gives them our tax dollars.

We are required to have car insurance if we wish to drive.  We are required to pay taxes, regardless of what it is, once a government tells us we must.

We will be required to buy health insurance, regardless if we can afford it.

Wages have stagnated.

The Middle Class has been destroyed.

President Obama has just raised our national debt limit to over $12 Trillion dollars.

Corporations are seeing more and more court cases go in their favor, and if they don’t, they simply keep the case in constant appeal, or, refuse to pay.

This is not 2050, but, 2009.

So, what will our nation look like in 40 years?  What will Christmas look like?

With technological advances, empires don’t simply get ground into dust anymore, the way it did in centuries past.  Or… do they?

Will we see our world become devoid of any resource?  Will we watch as our nation fights the battles with drones and nuclear weapons until there are simply no haven left that is safe?  Or, will we avert disaster, find new resources, and learn to live as a world?

If an establishment is to continue, it needs money.  If businesses are to continue to grow, they need more profit.  Where do you find those profits, that continued tax base, in the next 40 years?

How do you forestall a total collapse of our “system” over the next 40 years when we almost had one this past year?

That takes force.  It takes surveillance of the populace.  Lest, the populace revolt.

It takes the government operating as an establishment, only there to save itself — the “system” — regardless of cost, regardless of the actions it takes.

In 1962, a memo was written called Operation Northwoods.  It detailed the false flag “options” given to our government to gain casus belli to invade Cuba.  It was stopped because there were still people in our government that refused to operate that way, to kill based on such lies.

In 2001, if you believe as I do, the greatest false flag operation ever was carried out — 9/11.  Many, even here, disagree with my opinion on 9/11.  I believe that there was a plan by Al-Qaeda to make the attack.  I also believe that they couldn’t have been successful unless there were people working in our government to allow it to succeed.  I also don’t believe that the towers fell, WTC 1, 2 AND 7, all fell simply because of a fire.  I believe that there were elements, both within our government and outside of it, that saw profit in the collapse of the buildings, both financially and politically.

Look at the timeline between the two above false flag operations; 40 years.

In order for a government to survive, it needs money and security.  It must institute more and more draconian methods of keeping the populace in line.  We watched the Bush administration start that surveillance through the telecom companies, and, we watched our government provide them “immunity”.

But, this is America.  You have police departments operating on their own.  We’ve seen Sheriff’s like Arpaio trying to make their jurisdiction their own little dictatorships.  How do you get such nationwide security over a populace?  Bush/Cheney almost went there; federalizing the military within our own borders.

Posse Comitatus?  That must go at some point.  Just as 9/11 was the catalyst for the Patriot Act, there must be another casus belli for the destruction of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Were we warned what that would be?  I believe we were.  Repeatedly.  A nuclear weapon being detonated within our borders.

Who believes that nuclear weapons could be transferred from Minot AFB to Barksdale AFB without anyone knowing?  That the aircraft sat on the tarmac for hours without someone knowing that the aircraft was loaded with nuclear weapons?  

If you believe that, you’ve never worked with nuclear weapons, as I have.  Nuclear weapons are stored in specific bunkers.  Access to the bunker is controlled.  Movement is controlled.  Flight plans must be validated for that movement.  People would know.

Was that a trial run, to see if nuclear weapons could simply “disappear”?  Was it, as Sibel Edmunds claims, that our government is involved in blackmarket nuclear deals and those nuclear weapons were supposed to disappear to the blackmarket?  Who knows.  

What we do know is that our government has been bought off by corporations.  We know that our government is involved in surveillance of its own citizens.  We know that our government paid private mercenaries to respond to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

We KNOW that the foundations for worse are already set inside our government.

We KNOW that our government will need more and more money in the form of taxes.

We KNOW that our government is willing to do whatever it feels it must in order to further its control and agenda, and, that it WILL be covered up, silenced, and relegated to conspiracy theory.

What do you think Christmas in 2050 will look like?

Will families be forced to work 16 hr days, with 8 hrs sleep, paying 50% income taxes?

Will we live in a police state, where if you don’t live as the state tells you, you simply disappear into black sites like the CIA had, and ICE currently have for immigrants?  Will the government deem you to be a “terrorist” and put you into the prison being built in Thomson, Illinois?

Will you be required to buy Christmas presents?

There are a lot of questions.  But, we already see where the road is going.  We are watching it happen right before us.



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    • Miep on December 26, 2009 at 8:02 am

    bomb Iran

    At this rate, we won’t have to worry about jobs any more, because we’ll ALL be in the military.

    • Inky99 on December 26, 2009 at 8:29 am

    but I don’t see how this is possible.  I can’t even move to a different house right now, so leaving the country is simply impossible unless things change for me in an extremely radical way.

    Posse Comitatus is already dead, BTW.   They made sure of that just recently.  

    I lived through the riots in Los Angeles and I swore back then that I hoped I lived the rest of my life without ever again seeing troops in the streets.  

    I honestly think America will be bankrupt soon.   I don’t know what that means, but it’s pretty inevitable.  The Powers That Be seem determined to bankrupt this country.  

    There used to be a great youtube video, where an economist named Martin Hennecke, who’s German or Austrian, was talking about this.   He was saying that the United States was headed toward bankruptcy and the only way to change that was for it to shut down the wars and start closing bases all around the world.    There was an uproar.  Some slimebucket talking head started interrupting him, saying that if the U.S. was going bankrupt, the solution is simple — we just raise taxes on the people.  

    I know i’m paranoid, but that video is gone from the internet.  I can’t find it anywhere.   There are plenty of interviews with Hennecke, but that one has vanished.  

  1. by the people and for the people”, and retain our delicate, self-correcting system of checks and balances, the quality of life for all in this country would be one of the best in the world. To the extent that the government has been infiltrated by corporations, those soulless entities that have been granted corporate personhood, but are completely devoid of any moral sense (only the singular obsession with maximizing profits at all costs), those corporate-infected portions of our government become dysfunctional and non-representative of the people.  

    There appears to be at least one historical precedent with regard to derailing our now more than two-century old experiment as a democratic republic, the Business Plot of 1933. As described in part in the wikipedia article about this event:

    The Business Plot (also the Plot Against FDR and the White House Putsch) was a reported political conspiracy in 1933 which involved wealthy businessmen plotting a coup d’├ętat to overthrow United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    This article provides chilling detail describing how close this country came to falling into the bottomless abyss of fascism.  For more detail, you can go here.

    With regard to Telecom Immunity, we may recall that Barack Obama voted to protect the telecoms, and against individual freedoms.  That, for me, provided perhaps one of the earliest and most telling clues about what we might expect should he become President.  As much as many of us wished to believe otherwise, there were several clues early one which would predict that he would be a status quo kind of President, a puppet of his corporate masters rather than a leader of the people.  

    By process of elimination, I concluded very early on that the Bush/Cheney version of events simply did not add up, requiring believers to accept that many rare, unprecedented events all occurred coincidentally at the same time.  

    The LIHOP interpretation seeemed to leave far too much to chance.  If there truly were terrorists dedicated to surrendering their lives to inflict maximum destruction upon this country, the powers that be would have been ceding too much power into the hands of those terrorists.  If this explanation of matters is to be believed, then why didn’t the terrorists, instead of slamming planes into the World Trade Center towers, instead dive bomb the Indian Island nuclear power plant, on the outskirts of the greater New York area. According to available accounts, the plant was lightly guarded, and if such an attack were successful, an area that is home to 50,000,000 people would have been rendered uninhabitable for hundreds of years.  The impact upon the U. S. economy, and the world economy as well for have been made exceedingly difficult.

    When we read about conspiracy theories, we oftentimes witness a heated debate about one small aspect of the events that day.  They are rarely discussed in any comprehensive manner, during which multiple pieces of evidence are simultaneously examined.  This becomes somewhat akin to attempting to understand the Mona Lisa, by only viewing arguments over a one inch suare segment at a time, rather than being able to appreciate the whole.  The fact that Bush wasn’t moved from the elementary school in Florida as well as the fact that no one was reprimanded for not protecting him suggested that even though there were still hundreds of planes still in the air at the smae time,the Secret Service must have been convinced that GWB was safe.  

    Of course, the above is a very brief, undetailed synopsis of my own beliefs, which I assume, greatly varies even among those who label themselves as progressives.  As always, I believe in looking at all the known fact first, the then locate the explanation that most closely fits with thoseclask.  We must always guard against choosing to believe falsehoods because the alternative is just to daunting for that perosn to contemplate.

    Hope you’re havnig a wonderful holiday season, Michael Gass.

    • Wom Bat on December 26, 2009 at 5:19 pm


  2. As you say, long work hours. Terrorism. Several wars, fought partially by drones and robotics.  High, high unemployment.  

    I think that in 40 years there is a good chance of the use of nuclear weapons by someone, somewhere, and that will change the world in many ways, that could only be predicted if one knew where and how.

    Increased cancers and disease, from the background radiation, from toxics, from the food and water supply — but increasingly effective health care for those that can afford it.  

    Gene splicing before birth can quickly create two specific types of human beings–super men essentially, like in the Star Trek episode from the 1960s about Eugenics.  Stronger, bigger, blonder, longer lived, healthier, and yes even smarter–all available to the children of the rich, most likely they’ll be very young then. This is already occurring, in a very primitive way, but not yet via gene splicing.  

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