Champagne Corks are Poppin in the Insurance Lobby Boardrooms!

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6 Months Gains in Stock prices — 3 Health Insurance Giants

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6 Months Gains in Stock prices — 3 more Health Insurance Giants

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Notice the recent spike in price, in the last few weeks, when they knew “Santa got their wish list, and was making a special trip, just for them!”

I haven’t been the only one to notice the jubilation on Wall Street, over the Insurance Industry’s — BIG SCORE, this Xmas Season!

Lieberman Statement Sends Health Insurance Stocks Up

Dec 16, 2009

Holiday treats came early this year for the health insurance industry-not from Santa Claus but from U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT). The stock prices of major insurers rose on Monday after Lieberman threatened to join Republicans and delay consideration of healthcare reform legislation until the New Year. Lieberman said he opposes a plan to allow Americans aged 55 and older to buy into Medicare coverage.

Market analysts said there has been a correlation this year between the value of health insurance shares and the chance of reform being adopted by Congress. “Every time the reform seems less likely that it will happen, the entire group trades higher,” Wells Fargo Securities analyst Matthew Perry told the Dow Jones Newswire.…

Just to make Securities analyst Matthew Perry’s point for him …

For context, the 12 Months Gains in Stock prices — 3 Health Insurance Giants, since the beginning of this HCR battle:

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For context, the 12 Months Gains in Stock prices — 3 more Health Insurance Giants:

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They must be cowering is fear, over the legislative burden they will bearing in the New Year, in order to clean up their ‘Consumer Gouging’ act — once this new HCR Bill passes?


They’re “Popping the Champagne Corks” in the Insurance Industry CEO offices, the Lobbyists Offices, and probably on Wall Street too.  (h/t sluggahjells for the phrasing)

No real reform, no real Price Containment, with at least 30 million more mandated customers, and the freedom to charge the whatever they want — what’s NOT to like (from their perspectives) ???

Happy days are here again! That gravy train will just keep on rolling. At least for UnitedHealth Group, Well Point, CIGNA, Humana, Aetna, and Coventry, et al.

They got exactly what they wanted for Xmas this yearthe People, we got a lump of coal.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what former Insurance Industry Insider (and whistle blower) has to say, about what this “sweet heart deal” from the Senate Santa really means to those CEO’s of pain management ……

Keith Olbermann: Dr. Dean called this Bill a ‘Bailout to the Insurance Industry’. As it is constituted now, is it such?

Wendell Potter: It certainly is. It contains everything the Industry wants, and it’s been stripped of things the Industry didn’t like. So it is absolutely a big gift — a ‘Big Bailout to the Industry’.

Keith Olbermann: What about Mr. Gibbs’ argument that ‘Insurance Companies would not be fighting against this Bill, if they liked it so much’?

Wendell Potter: You know, they’re NOT Stupid. They love this Bill, They can certainly think of ways, that they can make it even better for them, by making those of us who are older, Pay 5 TIMES as much for our Policies. They could do a few things like that — penalize even more, for NOT buying their Products. So yeah they could fight for a bit more — But they’ve been fighting to shape this Bill, and they’ve been very successful in doing that.

Keith Olbermann: Well, Tell me if my thinking is right on this, having experienced everyday first-hand for much of your life: If fighting it has resulted in 75% of the meaningful reform being strip out of the Bill — surely the lesson to the Industry is ‘Keep fighting it in just the same way, and maybe you can get the other 25%‘?

Wendell Potter: We you’re exactly right there. That’s what they’re wanting to do. Their strategy has worked, and it’s been a strategy that really Out-foxed the White House, Out-foxed the Democratic leadership.

They knew exactly what the End-Game would look like. They knew they had to go after, to try and make sure they got what they want. They got Seantors Lieberman and Landrieu being out there, shilling for them.  So They’d gotten what they wanted. They knew what would be happening — what they would need to do get the Bill passed the way they wanted to.

So let me see if I got that 1 new Loophole right?

No more Pre-existing Conditions — ONLY a Pre-existing OUTRAGEOUS increase in Premiums

Up to 5 TIMES the going rating. (is that a 500% surcharge? OMG!)

How do you spell H.I.G.H.W.A.Y. R.O.B.B.E.R.Y ???

oh yeah

H.E.A.L.T.H. C.A.R.E. R.E.F.O.R.M. B.Y. X.M.A.S.

Come Hell, or High waters!

happy holidays people! — (just don’t read the fine print, on the new Legislation, or your new Policy either —

Assuming you can still afford one!)

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    • jamess on December 20, 2009 at 16:51

    It just needs a little more, gold tinsel.

    It’ll be fine — don’t you worry.

  1. and rec up Slinkerwink’s diary of today.

  2. there are bound to be some jobs created out of this mandate mess.

    • Inky99 on December 21, 2009 at 21:50

    These are the ONLY people this bill helps..

    The rest of us?   Screwed over big time.

    Even if you already have good insurance, you can kiss it goodbye thanks to this bill.


  3. People are bringing guns to a snowball fight.

    Does the bill say anything about packing in the doctor’s office?

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