Bernie Sanders JOINS the Capitulators!

I don’t get it. I expected a lot more from Senator Bernie Sanders.

But tonight Bernie Sanders just caved in to pressure from Obama, Rahm Emanual and Reid to withdraw a formal consideration of his own single-payer healthcare amendment, after Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) had initiated a procedural manuever to force the measure to be read out loud on the Senate floor.

The amendment would have extended Medicare coverage to all who wanted it.

Senate aides estimated that the “bill reading” would have taken eight to 10 hours, which would have sidelined the healthcare debate on the bad “Obama-Emanual-Baucus-Lieberman” bill as Democratic leaders are attempting to pass it (a junk bill) by Christmas.

But why didn’t Sanders call their bluff and go ahead with the vote anyway? By pulling his own amendment off the table all by himself, this just further creates the unnecessary illusion that Medicare expansion is an unworthy subject to even discuss or consider.

Even though the Sanders amendment would never get close to 60 votes, the act of allowing the bill to go to formal debate and consideration would have provided a badly needed educational tool for the public, and it would have put each and every U.S. Senator formally on notice, and on the record as to the key question of whether they want to really solve the Health Care crisis, or whether they just want to keep the public held hostage to a corrupt Insurance Monopoly that steals their money.

I wanted to see that vote!

So did you!

I am very disappointed in Sanders for just succuming to this abritrary deadline pressure nonsense for no valid reason (favoring a bill that he knows is bad to begin with). The opportunity to have a “Medicare For All” bill heard and discussed on the U.S. Senate floor may never, ever come about ever again!

By doing this, Bernie Sanders just lent more undeserved credibility to the opponents of Reform, and he undercut and torpedoed his own quest to mobilize support for real Reform by unnecessarily withdrawing his own bill.  This is nuts.

Imagine Martin L. King deciding to forego his quest for Civil Rights, just because somebody in Washington wanted to further discriminate Black people..and King’s delay might make them feel uncomfortable or interfere with their efforts…

Sure…whatever…okay…I’ll withdraw.

“Medicare For All”…nevermind…pretend I never brought it up..

Bernie Sanders has no guts, and there now will be no glory of a much belated public discussion and consideration of Medicare For All, and National exposure of just what that really means.

Thanks to Sanders cowardice, most people will now just continue on falsely believing that Health Care would be a total impossibility without Insurance Companies stealing their money away from them.

I wanted to put the U.S. Senate on the record.

Instead, Sanders just let them all off the hook!

Shame on Bernie Sanders!

You never concede to political thugs to make them more comfortable.


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    • rossl on December 17, 2009 at 02:23

    I’m giving Bernie the benefit of the doubt on this.

  1. Latest word is he’s voting against LIEbercare.

    • justCal on December 17, 2009 at 03:27

    …come down too hard on Bernie.I’m sure the cabal of gangsters in the White House are holding his constituents hostage in the event that he steps too far out of line.

  2. 1.  Bernie has always been amazing.  I want to hear his reason(s) for this before I jump to the conclusion that he’s sold out to them.  I’ll be amazed if he sold out.  I will eat this comment publicly and 2 crows if it’s the case.  I think there needs to be an explanation, for sure, but I’m not bashing Bernie yet.

    2.  They were insisting on reading the entire 780 page bill. He pulled the plug after 100 pages and 3 hours of reading.  The senate needs a new rule.  If you’re requiring a bill to be read of say 780 pages, instead of reading the bill you get to read Ulysses.  If you’re talking about a bill of 1,000, you get instead to read War and Peace of the Brothers Karamazov.  Elect me to the Senate and I will push for this rule.  We;ll all be better off for it.

  3. I wouldn’t blame Bernie for the Goopers being their typical asshole selves – after all, it’s not like Bernie could expect a lot of support from his own caucus if he stood up to the pukes who were trying to shut the government down.

    Bernie’s still got a good hand, but this wasn’t the time to play it.

  4. of Sen. Sanders’ be read, which would have extended into the wee hours, was another stall tactic.

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