Banned again, thank God!

I’ll admit, I had a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago, was unemployed, was bored out of my mind, so …… I rejoined Dailykos.   Other than just to kill time while I was barely able to move, I did it mainly to rec up a few things here and there, and to just see what kind of responses certain ideas would get.   Wow.  

My name was MightyMole.    It’s a type of light we use in Hollywood made by Mole Richardson.

That place has gone so downhill since I was banned last time that it was almost completely unbearable to be over there.   Yet it sucks you in, there’s “action”, instant responses, you can’t even keep up half the time, and I type over 100 words a minute.   The energy is bad, but it’s hard to break away from once you’re in it.  

But holy shit that place is populated by a bunch of idiots.   Some of the people are smart and informed, but seriously it’s only maybe in the 5% range.  

And what’s so annoying about the rest of them is how they THINK they have a clue.  When they don’t.    People who are completely ignorant —  who think they know everything — are absolutely no different from the dumbest fucking Republican ever.

One of the smarest things a person can ever do is realize how informed they AREN’T.   In fact, that’s what I tell people now what a college education is for.   A college education is not to really teach you that much stuff, it’s to let you know how much stuff you DON’T know.  

What has happened to the average American “Democrat?”   It’s scary.  

I don’t put up with rudeness very well.   I’m done with rude people.   And that place seems to have turned into nothing but a big toilet-hole of rudeness, a place where people can go to get their rocks off abusing each other verbally.  


I once dated a girl who admitted to me that she would drive to distant shopping malls, where she planned on never going back, just so she could be really nasty and rude to the woman workers in the stores.   It’s kind of like that.   What is it with these peoples’ need to be nasty to other human beings?

My rule is that if someone is rude or nasty to me, I come back at them ten fold, or more.   I just don’t have any patience for that shit any more.   People in this country will put up with anything, including really abominable behavior on the part of each other.  

Anyway, here’s the best comment I saw, by one of the rare needles in the haystacks of ignorance:

Yeah, the GOP failed alright (8+ / 0-)

They worked it so that everyone on the individual market is required to pay exorbitant premiums to private companies for crappy insurance that doesn’t actually cover anything, with no regulations or oversight; essentially the largest middle-class tax increase in history; the insurance companies get 30 million new customers that they don’t have to service because everyone is going to be required by law to buy their horrible product.

And the Republicans won’t bear any of the blame for it despite the outcome essentially being better for them and their benefactors in the health insurance industry than anything Bush could possibly have dreamed of passing.

Let’s all laugh at those failures in the GOP.

by eg4190 on Sun Dec 20, 2009 at 11:25:33 PM PST

These people are cheering on their own party’s suicide.  

No wonder this country’s in such a sewer.  

These people couldn’t give a crap that Obama’s blowing up civilians willy nilly in, say, Yemen right now.    Murdering completely innocent people.   Doesn’t matter.

Obama can literally do anything Bush did, but because he’s got a (D) after his name, it’s just A-OK and he’s “My” President.  

Blows my mind.  Just completely blows it.

Oh, and don’t even think about primarying him in 2012, apparently Democratic Presidents are entitled to a single eight year term.   That was news to me.  

No IDEA about political power.   No IDEA about how to use it.  

Maybe I’ll just delete this whole thing in a while.   I know I have told people here over and over to just avoid that place.    I meant it, I really did.   I was bored.   Sure, I knew how I might react over there, but my perusals of that place in the past few months have been superficial, in fact I have avoided it for months at a time, so I didn’t really have a feel at ALL as to how that place has gone downhill.  



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    • Inky99 on December 21, 2009 at 08:15

    Bring a barf bag.

    • TMC on December 21, 2009 at 10:47

    I thank you for removing the first essay. I know how addictive dkos can be. I even voluntarily stayed away for a year. I’ve made many friends there as is evident by the fact that I am here, so I will be visiting there on occasion.

    You realize that if you had tempered your comments, you could have flown under the radar for a long time. You even had a couple of “wreck” list diaries that were very well recommended and received except for the usual suspects because they were critical of Obama. You did rack up an impressive number of hr’s for such a short time but that picture was certainly offensive and was the “icing on your cake”. Mind you, I’m kind of chuckling at this because you did e-mail me to keep your “secret”. I find our resident “pirate” Jack and his Dkos antics rather harmless amusement except that it brings negative attention here that is not needed. Some people can’t take a joke, especially when they are the target.

    I’m going to edit your tags to remove the offensive one.

    Please, keep writing the great essays that you’ve done, it will help you vent better.

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