Are you ready to puke?

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This will be brief!  Brevity because of too much going on today, but I think it’s very important that everyone gets a glimpse of this. I can hardly digest this news, without a feeling of deep, down illness.  And, worse, it’s something that I don’t know if any of us have actually been anticipating or suspecting!

Yemen: Pentagon’s War On The Arabian Peninsula

Yemen will become a battleground for a proxy war between the United States and Saudi Arabia – whose state-to-state relations are among the strongest and most durable of the entire post-World War II era – on one hand and Iran on the other.

It is perhaps impossible to determine the exact moment at which a U.S.- supported self-professed holy warrior – trained to perpetrate acts of urban terrorism and to shoot down civilian airliners – ceases to be a freedom fighter and becomes a terrorist. But a safe assumption is that it occurs when he is no longer of use to Washington. A terrorist who serves American interests is a freedom fighter; a freedom fighter who doesn’t is a terrorist.

Yemenis are the latest to learn the Pentagon’s and the White House’s law of the jungle. Along with Iraq and Afghanistan which counterinsurgency specialist Stanley McChrystal used to perfect his techniques, Yemen is joining the ranks of other nations where the Pentagon is engaged in that variety of warfare, fraught with civilian massacres and other forms of so-called collateral damage: Colombia, Mali, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia and Uganda.

BBC News reported on December 14 that 70 civilians were killed when aircraft bombed a market in the village of Bani Maan in northern Yemen.

The nation’s armed forces claimed responsibility for the deadly attack, but a website of the Houthi rebels against whom the bombing was ostensibly directed stated “Saudi aircraft committed a massacre against the innocent residents of Bani Maan.” [1] . . . .

The conjuring up of the al-Qaeda bogey, however, is a decoy. The rebels in the north of the nation are Shi’ites and not Sunnis, much less Wahhabi Sunnis of the Saudi variety, and as such are not only not linked with any group of groups that could be categorized as al-Qaeda, but instead would be a likely target thereof. . . .

Please read!  Be aware of this latest aggression!

Feeling near “faintness” right now — it all goes ahead without us or any resistance — it’s all so unstoppable, as is so far the reality!  


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  1. Stuffed down our throats, whether we like it or not or even bear countenance to such efforts!

  2. The foreign policy of the US, as enabled by NATO, is to control all land, air and sea spaces on the planet.  Why?  To gain as much control of natural resources on the planet as possible while keeping others, i.e., China and Russia in particular, from doing the same.  The activities in Yemen are part and parcel of the entire effort.  

    • Miep on December 16, 2009 at 09:37

    understand that the Sunnis are the extremists, the Shiites are the people trying to move out of orthodox Islam…and that we are, as a country, more historically allied with the former?

    How many people in the USA even know that there IS such a schism in Islam?

    Isn’t Islam the world’s largest-growing religion?

    But we’re Americans. We don’t have to bother ourselves with learning about minor stuff like that. Too boring.

  3. some notion of Osama bin Laden being there.  Who knows?  But the point is that we go haplessly about bombing this country,  that country, at will, minus what appears to be done without any Congressional authorization or other clearance.

    We are fast turning the world into chaos with death and destruction everywhere we go.  How can we imagine that we are not, thereby, inviting retaliation against us somewhere down the line — I somehow can’t envision that we are simply getting away with everything we do and there never ever will be any repercussions to us!  

    • Wom Bat on December 16, 2009 at 19:19

    stuff I haven’t eaten yet.

  4. Gimme shelter, Tahoe, gimme shelter.

  5. 23 Democrats and 11 Republicans Voted Against War Funding Today!

    Here’s the roll call!

    See how they L O V E  W A R, at our expense and the expense of death to others!

  6. for the “lift.”

    It’s so disgusting, isn’t it?

    • jamess on December 17, 2009 at 04:44

    war and violence, being the solution

    to so many complex geo-political problems.

    and another thing,

    WHY are so many of our Vital National Interests,

    spread out so far, across the world?

    kind of contradicts the meaning of “National” —

    doesn’t it?

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