An Overnight Light and Fluffy Open Thread


Keep it light and fluffy.


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    • TMC on December 30, 2009 at 07:35


  1. I can not express very well the emotion that I felt when visiting my family over the Christmas holidays.  The only harsh words had to do with things like “Close the door!” and “You ate my piece, too!”  LOL!

    The boys and I played Cricket several nights, and I and Youngest Son helped Eldest Son move into his new home with the newly wedded New Bride of Eldest Son.

    It was just a wonderful few days, and it makes me think about what I can do to put things right.

    I will leave this with you all:  time never stops.  If you have not done something important with regards to expressing love to those near to you, DO IT NOW!  It might take some courage, depending on why you are estranged, but just do it.  The bus might run over you tomorrow, and then it would be left undone.

    I also kissed the former Mrs. Translator straight on the lips once, and she looked both surprised and impressed.  I did it fast, so she could not run away.

    Warmest regards,


  2. Extremely fluffy!

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