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I have not told you very much about myself, actually.  But I will tell you what it has like to have been a woman for untold centuries.  It sucks.  Not because that I do not like my sexuality, in fact I really am comfortable with it (I would not be a man for anything), but how we as an important part of society have been treated.

With the gift, I have been able not only to be an historian, but actually wrote down much of it (we Neanderthals DID have the written word) and remember it.  Part of the gift is complete memory.  By the way, NEVER wish for that.  There are thousands of things in my memory that I would prefer to extinguish.  Give thanks for putting bad things out of your mind.  If you ever get the gift, not only will those memories come back, but the ones of those in my lineage, or of the half a dozen of my kind.

This is going to be sort of stream of conciseness, because as a woman I have been abused for millenia.  I will just try to hit the highlights.

I must remind you that I appear at present at a what most folks would call a “hot girl”.  I can not identify with any of them, but to get an idea of what I look like, and as just an approximation, Casey Parker or Ava Vincent seem to approximate me very crudely.  Now, imagine how that would look over 15,000 years ago.

It was cold.  It was always cold then.  My people had already tamed fire, as far as is possible, and we could huddle in a hut to keep warm.  The men seemed to want to huddle with me more than with the others, even though I did not need body heat, because of the gift that I had been given.  But they were insistent.  They did not know about the gift, but did know what their sexual attraction was.  As I already told you, I was given the gift as a adolescent girl.  They tried to have their way with me, but I resisted.  Then two, and then three, tried to open my legs and thrust themselves inside me.

The gift provides strength.  After nearly choking the living spirit out of all three of them, in less than a minute, none of them ever tried anything again.  One of the three might have been a suitable mate, but we never had any contact except for the hunt after that.  I think that I embarrassed him, and rightly so.  The other two were just brutes.

Let us fast forward many centuries.  When I lived in England as another female (face it, I am much too feminine looking to pass for a male, with lithe, firm breasts that are natural between what is now called “B” and “C”  and buttocks that are certainly not masculine looking), I found persecution.  At the time, I was a Lady, but had not any of the rights of my deceased husband, a Lord.  I had to have my surrogate son take the place of a Lord, because Ladies could not vote.

I had read the promise of the New Colonies of North America, and has enough funds to find a ship to take me there.  The ride was not very pleasant, but it was not that bad.  I immediately booked transport to Philadelphia, and met the most charming person.

Dr. Franklin had never been visited by our kind.  He had genius that was just native to him alone.  He had been doing experiments with any number of things, but when we met, there is what one might call an aura of electricity.

Well, I should not reveal any more this evening, except to say that Dr. Franklin may be your next door neighbor, because he was worthy, and accepted, the gift.

There are many who seek the gift, fewer who really want it, and almost none that are honored with it.  The gift is a very sacred thing, and few humans deserve it.



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