WWL Radio #44 Trolling for Assassins: The Christian Right’s Jihad on America

Join WWL Radio cohosts Diane Gee and Michael Gottlieb tonight on BTR at 6PM Eastern Time.

The title may shock you, but we do not think we are overstating our case.

Join us tonight as we explain how, by use of Biblical passage, coded messages, and flat out threatening statements, the Right Wing is ramping up rhetoric in order to ignite an attempt on President Obama’s life, if not incite an actual coup to take over the United States for “Ultra-conservative Christianity.”

The Secret Service reports their threat level is up 400% from any other President in history, for protecting the POTUS.

As we condemn Islam for not speaking out against their lunatic fringe, as we condemn Israel for not condemning their lunatic fringe calling for the *death of non-jews, (There’s a book out by that name) the Christian Right on our own soil remains largely silent against the lunatic fringe threatening our elected President, and anyone who supports them.

This is evident on every level, from Hatch’s Holy War on Health Care, to Stupak’s War on Women.

Our diligent duty as prophets of the dire is to forewarn you. Its up to you whether or not to be forearmed!  

See you there! As always, respectful questions and commentary are welcomed. Call in, or use our attached live chat function!

Join Gottlieb and Diane tonight at 6pm EDT on Wild Wild Left Radio, via BlogtalkRadio, for an interesting hour of Political Reporting and Commentary.

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