What Are We Waiting For?

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Okay. Okay. Lessee. Karzai is declared the winner in Afghanistan through fraud and Obama says its necessary to die for him because he’s Empire’s guy. Karzai runs one of the most corrupt, disrespected governments on the planet and he just won an election through massive cheating. He’s the titular head, his brother is the hands-on manager, of the world’s largets drug cartel (with a big slice going to the CIA). He is hated and despised throughout the country and can’t walk the streets of the capital without being torn to shreds by the common Afghani peasant.


But, we’re doubling down in the region for reasons ad nauseuam we always talk about and have nothing to do with chasing bads guys. We have a murderous psycho general in charge of our Afghan campaign. The rank and file soldier has no clue why he is there facing a lethal popular insurgency against ‘the liberators’. Oh yes we liberated the Afghan People from the dreaded Taliban. And now, the Taliban probably would win a fair election if one were held today. This is America in a nutshell. FUBAR.

Our ill-advised, illegal, immoral and irresponsible War in Afghanistan/Pakistan is a massive and utter failure. Its mission was regime change to install a puppet government, control pipeline routes, the drug trade (remember the Taliban was eradicating the Poppy trade in 2001) and continue to build the military footprint in the region to secure our “national interests.” And indeed, Mission Accomplished. But, good old American Hubris got in the way. We really believe our own PR. America’s Marie Antoinette elite really think we’re swell and anyone who sees our fine example would jump at the chance to be us. So, our invasions and occupations for our Security are really wars of liberation against despots, most of which have been vassals at one time or another, and the people we liberate owe us thanks, shouts of joy and a red carpet made of rose petals..

But instead, we get resistance. Insurgency. A legacy of insane and unwinnable wars because our wars incite the occupied to be free of us. America is not the world’s policeman, but the world’s hypocritical bully. We don’t pull the wings off butterflies we torture innocent human beings to death because it is fun. And we are afraid. Afraid to stop. Afraid to reflect. So we continue on mindlessly in pursuit of atrocity because we think it is right and necessary and horror of horrors, if we stopped, we might lose face in the slimy and cruel world of real-politik.

That’s the biggest reason we get from the government elite when asked why we just don’t withdraw. Withdrawal, like single-payer, is not an option. They say, ‘Well how will that look to the world? They’ll think we’re weak.’

That’s the nut. We’re spending ourselves into the ground, killing and destroying wantonly, sacrificing kids who don’t know any better, all because of image.

Yet the truth is, our image is already that of the biggest purveyor of evil and terror in the world. Our Elite is operating on old paradigms eroded away by generations of hypocrisy, deceit and destruction. 911 restored some of our tarnished image for a while, but the goodwill of condolence was quickly squandered by the predictable American response to carry a big stick and use it, swinging wildly at everything that moves. Sympathy for America quickly turned to revulsion through the paranoid and stupid actions of Bush/Cheney. And just because Obama is the new skipper of the USS America Gone Nuts, doesn’t mean our policy isn’t paranoid and stupid. Especially since our President uses the same ideological justification to pursue our disastrous, uncharted course. A course which has ravaged the nation financially, has shamed the American People globally and has made legions of enemies whose grief has turned to hate.

America is an occupying colonial power and its official reasons for the necessity of our crimes against humanity are all lies. Lies which are bolstered and defended by the Corporate controlled media which makes the old Soviet Tass News Agency look like revolutionary pamphleteers. Lies which are spread and justified by both political parties. Lies which must be believed because the alternative is to revile and loathe our own country as an evil farce of arrogance and greed.

Americans may not be stupid in the classical sense, but we sure are gullible. We’re suckers for the underdog and happy endings. Our myths are populist but our truth is aristocratic. Hollywood teaches us to believe in the common man Mr. Smith standing up for what’s right, but the truth is all our Mr. Smiths are on the take and eschew the common good for bribes at the trough. Our political structure does not represent the home of the free and land of the brave but a Twilight Zone of slithering snakes, vipers whose only interest is the next meek mouse to come along to swallow whole.

Waiting for the political class to make things better is like waiting for Jesus to return in a Maserati. If anything should be clear it’s our political system has failed and that makes us a failed state until we do something about it. We yammer on about securing Pakistan’s nukes, but who is going to secure ours? There is open talk of military rebellion against civilian authority. Our troops have been recruited for their ability to hate other human beings, so as not to reflect upon their slaughter. Our generals are all living in the past. Our military is the Ford Edsel of the modern world. Big, clunky and destined for the woodpile of history because we did not practice the art of war, but the hell of war. We equate desolation with success.

They say it was Progressive Politics which forced Congress to include a Public Option, even if in name only, in health care reform. And while we didn’t get what we want, not by a long shot, they have to factor the Progressive mood into the mix. Progressives are the sleeping bear everyone is afraid of, even while they mock and belittle us. Because EVERYONE knows we are the ones with truth and justice on our side. Teabaggers get fed red meat and nothing else. All their braying and whining gets them nothing in the political process, except hurt by the very forces they defend.

No, it is Progressives who will stop these wars and no one else. We are the force to be reckoned with.

And it’s time for the reckoning. Time for accountability. Time for responsibility. Time for real change and not the pabulum we have gotten so far – words, words words and not a drop of meaningful progress. Progressive means progress and we ain’t seen a thing. Obama is the Hindenburg of American Politics. Just watch.

It’s time to organize and mobilize before they crash the tubes. Only millions in the streets will suffice. And even then they will hem and haw and balk and make excuses why the treasury is bare and no money is left to help the common man because it has all been given to the rich man. Again. War is our salvation.

Kucinich is the only guy who gets it and his shot of gaining the Presidency is less than zero.

Politics is dead. To support the political class by engaging in limited debate is to support the status-quo which is the antithesis of progress.

Time for something new. Or else we can kiss our collective ass goodbye.

What are we waiting for? We are the shot heard around the world if only we will.



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    • gottlieb on November 6, 2009 at 17:21
  1. Well the big one in my mind is just how lethal those swine vaccines are.  Right now I have to go with the long term death scenario of five to ten years.  Even if that whole sceanrio is yet another psyop this December’s great climate swindle, Codex Alimentarius, the internet takedown, the second wave of engineered global depression combined with media’s call to serve by volunteering just might push some people over the edge.

    You add to my list of Orwellian Newspeak by using the dreaded teabagger reference.  Teabagger is after all a right gatekeeper term used by the left to marginalize the right plus alienate the global 911 truth movement.  I shall add that one to “in this post 911 world” along with the other emergency, please to get from street false flag operations which are now THE HALLMARK of social engineered NWO media campaigns.



    Enviornment-soon to be crushed

    This Ft Hood false flag signals another sign the right shalt not give up on the Islamic jihad routine anytime soon.  They are after all THE REPLACEMENT enemy after the Soviets who magically disappeared, but not.

    So yeah, welcome to the flat earth society.

  2. I totally agree and this an excellent piece……

    many here are asking how much does it take…..

    to get the center to move……..

  3. Conservatives conserve “their” power.

    Progressives progress “our” power.

    Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Communists, they are & always have been straw men, ghosts supposedly threatening our safety, our very way of life.

    But the REAL boogieman under our beds are the CORPORATIONS; which rule from their UNHOLY LAND of GREED Wall Street, which own our so-called “public servants” bought off with money like common whores, which spread endless LIES & FEAR from the corporate Main Stream Media, which wage ENDLESS WAR confiscating ONE TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR from “We the People”.

    I just watched “Food Inc.” it shows how CORPORATIONS have been raping & pillaging the safety of our very food supply, selling & marketing salt, fat & sugar, while animals are breed in unhealthy germ & drug filled conditions with Frankenstein science – to achieve maximum PROFITS. Like the Financial Industry, the Insurance Industry, the Health Care Industry, the list goes on & on, CORPORATIONS are robbing us, poisoning us, sending our jobs overseas, waging never ending war, constantly putting corporate PROFITS above all else.

    It is now very clear. The most dangerous & deadly threat to “We the People” are THE CORPORATIONS!!!!

    If EVER there was a clear & present danger to the American homeland it is now! This ENEMY from WITHIN must be conquered! Only PROGRESSIVE IDEAS forcefully expressed by PROGRESSIVE LEADERS & PROGRESSIVE CITIZENS can defeat the soulless, democratic devouring entity called CORPORATIONS!!!!          

  4. that is our task……

    to get the center to quit resisting movement……

    they fear that if the let go their grasp on power they will not get it back for along time…….

    that is our hurdle…….

    that fear of actualy letting change happen as opposed to being the opposition to the right…….

    • publicv on November 6, 2009 at 22:04

    to forget or something.  Which is of course ridiculous, but that’s what it seems.  They’re using their take on time heals all wounds wisdom.  It’s  all madness to me.

    They keep trying to cover up the cover up.  

  5. usual.

    That’s “it”.

    • Inky99 on November 7, 2009 at 08:05

    I don’t think there’s any way to stop it, or slow it down, any more than you can stop a train wreck that’s already started.

    Seriously, just get the hell out of the way at this point.

    America is going down.   The dollar is crashing, the military is being ground into the dust, and I can’t help but think it’s planned.  By someone.  Who?

    America is being replaced by China as the Center of the Universe.

    I really don’t think there’s any amount of political action that can change anything at this point.

    • banger on November 8, 2009 at 17:56

    from the American left’s dream of American Exceptionalism. As I’ve commented upstream, we seem to believe that finding the truth about an issue like health care of Israel and communicating it to the powerful is enough to cause political change towards a more truthy situation.

    The problem is that we either connect the dots starting with WWII and it’s aftermath and see how a world Imperial system was created, for what many thought were good reasons, and how it was taken over by the current factions during the Coup of ’63 and solidified and altered in very sinister ways (no more Mr. Nice Guy tactics for the ruling class) through the events of 9/11.

    Lacking that analysis leftists believe that persuasion works. Well it might persuade politicians in their private lives but they have jobs and families and they know that the rulers play hardball and they will lose everything if they step out of line. Yes, Virginia, it has happened many times even countless times as any close examination of what happens to whistleblowers will attest.

    Make the analysis then you will be able to take the next step. Unfortunately very few on the left have the courage to connect dots — it is forbidden on most fora and in most universities.

    Since the amount of radical leftists in the U.S. who have made the connection is probably in the low thousands there doesn’t seem much hope for genuine political change. If it could climb to a million then we’d get some attention. I put the number low because most of the connect-the-dots community is on the right — the radical right is much closer than the left in understanding how things really stand.

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