Wanted: “Reality”-based criticism of President Obama

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    Of all the screwed up things the Republican party and their Corporate Media enablers have done maybe the worst is the souring of the debate on whether President Obama is doing the right thing or not. When the “faithful” opposition in American politics is more concerned with ACORN and socialism than it is with Corproate malfeasance or the corrupt status quo, it just isn’t worth debating with, but that debate is necessary and our system does worse without it.

    Similarly, the left has been conditioned by the raving right to interpret ALL criticism of President Obama as an attack on him. Many on the left see activists who criticize Obama as if they were joining in on the hyperbole, and they fear that Obama, and Democratic majorities, might fall if pressure from the left and the right becomes overheated. These people are often the loudest defenders of Obama, but are they really helping his cause?

     I firmly believe that we MUST, as activists and voters, be able to hold President Obama and the Democratic party accountable, otherwise they will walk all over us. In order to do this, we MUST be able to constructivly criticize our leaders, and since the right wing of American politics long ago left the reality based world, it is the left which must provide this criticism. The problem is, will others on the left allow it to happen?

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    Now, one person’s laughable “Death Panels” may be another person’s reality, but we can not waste time debating whether 2+2=4 or 5, as the Corporate media that supports the status quo would gladly prefer us to do. It wastes time and accomplishes nothing, so I won’t be addressing that right now, nor do I seek to lead the reality deprived elephants to water they think might be a government conspiracy of some sort or another. At some point we will have to address the tin hatters, but now is not the time or the place.

    But we MUST be able to address President Obama’s shortcomings if we are to push for Progress, and in order to do that we must be able to criticise Obama and the Democratic party. The fact is Obama is making mistakes, and some of them are really, really bad mistakes. You know what those mistakes are, so I won’t go into specific details, but if we can’t call it a mistake and offer reality based criticism without being shouted out or called a troll by those on our own side who we need to work with in order to effect that change, we might as well give up on the whole Democratic process. This is not Hating the President, it is trying to improve the situation by calling out the problem.

    At the same time, we must protect President Obama from the reality deficient criticism that says Obama = Bush or Hitler or socialism or fascism or death panels or whatever fevered nightmares lurk in the heart of his detractors, but we can not defend Obama from himself. It doesn’t help the President, and it does help his supporters either. Without reality based criticism there is nothing, NOTHING to stop Obama from making more mistakes, or repeating the blunders of his predecessors. Simply put, cheerleading doesn’t help. Yes, we should defend Obama and Democrats from reality deficient attacks, but we should NOT defend Obama and Demcorats from ALL criticism, for it is that very criticism which is the greatest incentive to not make poor decisions or mistakes in the first place.

     Personally, I have many complaints about the job President Obama has done in his first year in office, bt I am glad to admit that there are many reasons Obama deserves praise. That is the thing, if you have nothing but praise for Obama you are NOT helping, and if you have nothing but criticism that doesn’t help either. Either extreme is not productive for progress. Of course, one side of the debate does not want progress, they hope he fails. At the same time, activists who have nothing but criticism make themseleves irrelevant to the debate, and quickly lose the interest of those who they seek to appeal to among the reality based left. Equally, those who have nothing but praise for President Obama and Democrats despite their obvious shortcomings are NOT living in a reality based world, they are living in a candy land America where everyone is either with us or against us, and that does not give them any more credibility than if they were on the other side of the debate holding an Obama = Hitler zombies from hell protest sign. There must be a middle ground, and that middle ground must be constructive criticism with progress as it’s goal, otherwise you can onl.y appeal to those who already agreed with you, and that gets you no where, and worse, it turns away from you people you might have been able to find common ground with.

     Yesterday, I wrote a diary titled I demand PURITY!!!!!, and though it was more focused on the right’s search for ideological purity, it was intended to be critical of those of us on the left as well who would live in a “You’re with us or against us” kind of world. That approach simply DOES NOT WORK. Either extreme only appeals to those who already agree with you, and it makes you irrelevant to those who do not agree with you, even if you are right.

    Strangely, there is a lesson to be learned from Joe LIEberman, of all people. That lesson is to keep yourself relevant to both sides of the debate. By being a Republican in his principles but a Democrat by choice of caucus Joe LIEberman keeps himself relevant to both sides despite his station as only 1 of 100 Senators. I am NOT offering praise for Joe LIEberman, I am simply making a point, which is this; there is no debate to be had with the right, they do not live in a reality based world, the only debate that can be had must come from the left, but if you are a guaranteed YES or NO you make yourself irrelevant and there is no reason to offer you anymore than the bare minimum.

    In conclusion, if Progressives, Liberals, Moderates and Independants who agree with Democrats on the majoirty of the issues wish to be relevant to the Democratic process while Democrats are in power, they must be both for AND against President Obama and the Democratic Party. They must be able to praise AND criticise President Obama and the Democratic party if they wish to be able to influence the debate. If all you can do is praise and defend Obama you are NOT living in a reality based world, and you will become irrelevant to the process because you can be depended upon and thus require no more than what you will be offered, which you will surely accept without criticism. Similarly, if Obama can do no right in your eyes and has already failed, you might as well have a Obama = Hitler sign in your hand, because that is how seriously the people in power are going to take you. I do NOT mean to portray all criticism of President Obama as being anything other than reality based, nor do I wish to portray all praise that way. I simply mean to say that both must exist, in a reality based discussion, if we are to be relevant to the Democratic process.

    If you want to live in a reality based world and be relevant to the process, you must be able to praise AND criticise the people in power. Doing only one makes you a cheerleader who can be dumped at a moments notice for the next best thing, doing only the other makes you irrelevant to the process, since you were against it anyway.

    In a reality based world, sometimes things are good AND bad. That is how adults see the world, unless you were still waiting for your pony.

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  1. sometimes things are good AND bad. In reality, nothing is absolute

    • Inky99 on November 3, 2009 at 22:57

    Here you’re preaching to the choir.  🙂

    • TMC on November 4, 2009 at 00:52

    at GOS and Turkana’s calling for Jane Hamsher to write a diary and for a “truce”. I also read the comments, at least the first 100 or so. Do any of these Obama supporters (no, I won’t use derogatory names, even if they insist we critics ALL do) realize that they sound like the worst of the right wing and their support of Bush and Reagan?

  2. Obama’s economic team is teh fucking suck.  I wish it weren’t so, but they have thrown a rug over an open mine-shaft of a hole in the floor.  Unless they get serious about cleaning up Wall Street and the banks, we’ll be stuck in a cycle of pseudo-recovery and crash for years and years.

    And that’s not to mention the aerial photography, aka Afghanistan.

    I could go on, but…

    • Diane G on November 4, 2009 at 02:53

    The obamabots are as delusional as the bushites were.

    Meet the new boss…

    I got a hit from your post on the GOS and rec’d it there earlier under my alias.


    Oh, and tell ProElec I did plug them at the end of the broadcast 🙂

    • Miep on November 4, 2009 at 03:30

    and I’ll say it again – the accomplishment Obama supporters felt in getting him elected over the McPain ticket is in no way compromised by criticism of the Obama administration of ANY sort. And I wish they’d get that through their heads.

    Unfortunately, some of the people who were involved in getting him elected apparently think that makes him a family member. This, I need not say, is nuts.

    Otherwise, another thing I was thinking about recently was that there are rules against calling out blog members, and some people may be unconsciously working along those lines in their protests. Elected officials are, IIRC, exempt from libel suits – do I have that right? The law is different in some way, in any case, and thus the fact that an elected official is a blog member should in no way exempt that person from having to deal with critical pieces being written about him or her – ESPECIALLY on a political blog.

  3. but we still don’t appreciate the mass-suicidal path his Administration (like all the others) is on.  

  4. You want reality based criticism of Obama?, posted around 4:30PM EST. Who was that?? lol. The pile on was pretty rapid.

    • RUKind on November 4, 2009 at 05:06

    Same taste, same effect – but at least you’ll be different. And BTW, the Kool-Aid, red or blue, is made by the same corporatocracy and its main purpose is to keep you distracted while your pocket gets picked.

    I feel a need to do a diary on this. I’ll be back, as the Governator says. ;-);-0;-)

  5. just finished with David Pflouffe. That was good. Posting this comment to remind me to look for video tomorrow.  MoT, right up your alley.

  6. and I don’t come to blogs for a pep rally.

    If one cannot understand that I am a liberal, and that I treat people with respect, even the idiots, then I cannot help it.  I hardly get the respect in return.  But I will not change the approach I use.  There are plenty to refute the other side, but there are many who need education on this side as well.  That is what I see as my limited function.  And to have some fun.

    I think too many on blogs believe the world turns around this stuff, when we constitute a molehill in the real world.  So can you call this reality any more than reality TV?

  7. Wars-Iran Pakistan how about N. Korea


    War criminal prosecution


    Gitmo closed

    Wiretapping surveillance police state ended

    Not attacking domestic US towns like Oak Knoll California

    Generation of excessive fear over diseases

    Continued support for Bernie Madoff type financial scammers

    Intentional increase in racial stress via hate crimes

    Primary support of global interests ahead of US interests

    Corporate’s lap dog

    Sending SWAT teams to domestic organic farmers


    Continued suppression of free energy

    yeah Ok I’m getting into the grey there but hey War is Peace, right.

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