The “Pet Sacrificial Goat”

They waterboarded this guy 183 times and he now says he masterminded the whole thing.

Yeah right, and I’m the freakin’ Queen of England on alternate Tuesdays.

Never mind that he’s also testified that he was in place A when they have proof that he was in place B at the same time.

Apparently, I am very much not alone in my thoughts on who was REALLY responsible for 9/11. Final tally after they shut the comments down – 250 people agreed!


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  1. Continue this pathetic charade at your own peril. The truth WILL come out!

  2. omg me too. lol

    oh god lookit that! 119 rec’s!!!

    thanks rand

  3. I can not believe the DOJ wants to try this case.  

    If defended properly, this case stands a very good chance of blowing the lid of the whole scam – from Afghanistan, Pakistan, to Daniel Pearl, to the gulags, to Gitmo, to torture, and finally to the entire foundation of the BS cover story the prosecution will try to pin on him.

    Not to mention every legal eagle in the country combing over every motion, brief, and discovery request.  

    And don’t even talk to me about cable news.

    Welcome to Obamaland: where every day is 1994.

  4. Y’all think the man is going to make it to the trial?

    Maybe a disgruntled teabagger with stomach cancer will take care of it.


  5. I’m sure she’s thinking, “Who can I put on my panel of experts? Will I get new sponsors? How can I bring the O.J. trial and Michael Jackson’s murder into this? I wonder if I can get new footage of the Towers before and after, and maybe even my face lift before and after? Just so much to think about”

  6. There are a number of 911 aware comments in there also but that is way, way too small.  The majority are still Sheeple comments.

    • Inky99 on November 14, 2009 at 21:58

    Did they scrub them completely?   Or am I just not seeing them?

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