The AP — Whorin’ it up as always! Got good insurance? Then you’re the same as a welfare queen.

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The AP continues its right-wing propagandistic ways, this time asking one of those “hypothetical” questions that the right wing loves to throw out there, you know, the “Is Obama really a Muslim”, or “Is Bill Clinton guilty of rape?” or whatever, you know the drill, it’s something anyone can do, it’s the classic “when did you stop beating your wife?” technique, but nobody does but the right-wing in this country because, well, nobody owns the media in this countyry except the right wing corporate bastards, and the AP is their clearinghouse for this shit.

So today, thanks to EK’s afternoon news digest here, I am presented with this gem:

Health reform: Is tax on ‘Cadillac’ plans fair?

Now, let’s just look at that, shall we, and see how manipulative this headline is.   For one, the use of the word “Cadillac”.   For years, we were bombarded with accusations of the fictitious “Welfare Queens” who always drove “Cadillacs”, were we not?   The word “Cadillac” is used as something unneccesarily luxurious for most people and certainly undeserved     I mean, nobody really needs a Cadillac, you can just as easily drive to work in  a Kia.

Then there’s the presenting this as a question, which IMPLIES that the answer is “yes”.     You know, people with really good health plans don’t deserve them, when other people don’t have such good plans.   In fact, the way to deal with the inequality is to REDUCE the health care coverage for those with the unnecessary “Cadillac” coverage, because, well, that will make the needy feel better about their shitty plans.

Never is the question raised “hm, maybe everybody should have good health care, health care that actually doesn’t cost them thousands of dollars a month and actually pays for things that you need”.

No.   The only question here is the implied “some people are getting TOO GOOD of health care” and they need to be PUNISHED.

Okay, that’s just the stuff on the surface.  Now, reading down the article a bit, we see where this bullshit is actually coming from:    A right wing think tank propaganda factory based in Dallas:

The system has led to “bloated” health benefits for some with coverage for “in vitro fertilization, marriage counseling and acupuncture,” says economist John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis. The Dallas-based conservative think tank favors private solutions over government involvement.

Taxing wealthy Americans to pay for health care – as the House bill would do – is bad for the economy, Goodman said, because it would take money out of the system that could be used to invest in growing businesses.

This is just unbefuckinglievable.  Where do these right wingers get off by having any clout with the media?   These are the people whose “ideas” almost destroyed the economy of the WORLD.   They got us mired down in two unnecessary wars that are BANKRUPTING the nation.    Yet these propaganda mills they have the audacity to call “think” tanks?    FUCK THEM.   We need to go find these fucking “think tanks” and fucking protest outside of them day and night, physically blockade them with our peaceful bodies so no one can go in or out and fucking SHUT THEM DOWN.

These are nothing but propaganda outfits, literally manufacturing propaganda and sending it out to places like the AP as “press releases”.  And the complicit AP goes ahead and PRINTS THIS SHIT and passes it off as “news” on services like Yahoo.

And people wonder why this country is so fucked up.  THIS is why this country is so fucked up.   Because Americans are BRAINWASHED by this SHIT.  

Gee, Inky99, why so angry over this? you may ask …..   Well because guess WHO has “Cadillac” health insurance?   I do.  My insurance is quite similar to that described in the article.   Even with this insurance I pay a ton of money for health care in co-pays.   I have people in my immediate family with chronic health issues.    This year, work has slowed to a standstill and I have made almost no money.   If I hadn’t had my insurance still working for me there is absolutely no way I could have paid for any of the health care that these family members need to STAY ALIVE.   I will probably lose my insurance very soon, due to the lack of work.    We have to work a certain number of hours to get it, and the Unions (bless them!) have just decided to RAISE the number of work hours required by 33.3%.     And it’s an all-or-nothing system, you either work that many hours and get insurance, or you work just under it and get nothing.    You can miss the required hours by one hour and lose them all.    

And they’re calling this “Cadillac” coverage and they want to TAX it?    FUCK THEM.     What we should be demanding is that everybody has health care LIKE MINE.   NOT the other way around.

Fuck these “think tanks” and their propaganda mills.   Fuck the AP.   Does the article even MENTION who pays for this shti coming out of this Dallas propaganda mill?   NO THEY DO NOT.  They just print it and treat the people who propagated this bullshit as if their opinion actually counts for something, using the misnomer of a “think tank” like there are people actually “thinking” in these places.    

How much more of this crap are we gonna put up with?

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The Senate has Cadillac health care and WE ALL SHOULD HAVE IT!  


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    • Inky99 on November 24, 2009 at 12:58 am

    because I’ve got a terrible cold right now and I’m jacked up on cold medicine and I probably made a ton of syntax and other errors.   🙂

  1. I take all of mainstream as the spawn of Satan.  It is geared toward a five year old, has neuro-linguistic social engineering embedded in it, reams upon reams of blacklisted topics/thought patterns and even items leading towards perceptions of verboten thought patterns are denied.  My daughter censors my grandson’s cartoons even.

    It totally ignores events outside of the US and in total I would take the word of a sociopath over any American commercial news outlet.

    Did I ever in my lifetime think I would have to beg,plead,argue with family members to NOT GET a vaccination?

    Did I ever think alternative internet websites would be a full year ahead of lamestream TV news?  Not specifics mind you but surely the main political themes, which take time to “trickle down” through their respective propaganda delivery networks be they left or right leaning.

    There are thousands of New World Order news places and yes there are multiple factions and sub factions of bias in each of these yet still a full year ahead of the propaganda delivery system that is mainstream.

    • Miep on November 24, 2009 at 5:36 am

    a lot of things, including what we think is necessary health care.

    I’d argue, for starters, to get ALL of the clinical trials of EVERY medical procedure, that have to be filed with the FDA (do they still not have computers?) into an online database. Actually I bet the Wikipedia people could do a bangup job of this.

    I don’t know how we can think about health care without having accurate information, not just what’s filtered through the advertising companies and published in JAMA and the New England Journal.

    If we had access to all data, on the net, I’m sure there would be enough intrepid volunteers to database it.

    Part of the database would be who ran the studies and who paid them.

    Ideally the next great leap for the Internet would be magnitudes of increase in data linking. Not just source linking.

    But first we must have unimpeded access to information. Otherwise everything and anything we have will continue to be corrupted.

    • dkmich on November 24, 2009 at 11:57 am

    they have no problem taxing union workers, teachers, public servants and the middle class.   If there isn’t a public rush to vote third party this year, people deserve what they get.   Some of us will just have to figure out how to escape from here.    

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