Take Timely Action Against the Afghanistan War

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I will not stand still for a surge in Afghanistan. I am going to take action against it. Americans hardly remember they are at war. I am going to be there to remind them. I invite you to do something similar in your hometown.

On the day after Thanksgiving, I am going to go to downtown Chicago, probably around Macy’s, and hold an good-size antiwar sign so all the shoppers can see it. One side will be a big, visible peace sign; the other side will just say “Stop Your Wars.”

I see this time in Obama’s administration as a crucial turning point in Americans’ perceptions of the president. Americans are about to see that Obama is oriented toward continuing the war. It is especially important during this time that Americans be allowed to see first-hand that there are citizens who, maybe just like them, disagree with Obama’s position toward escalating troops.

And it is true generally that most Americans tend to forget we are even at war at all. I think those of us who do remember have the responsibility of reminding everyone else who has forgotten. We cannot rely on the media to do it. So that really is all I want to do, remind Americans, as they enjoy their holidays with their own families, that they are still killing other people’s families. I just don’t feel it’s fair for Americans to be able to forget the kinds of activities they are involved in.

So I invite anyone who strongly opposes escalation in Afghanistan to seek out the shopping district in your area, find a visible location, and demonstrate against the US wars on the day after Thanksgiving. Lots of shoppers will be out, so lots of people will see you and think about our wars. This is a very useful time. I hope other people will join me and make the best of it.

If not you in your town, then who?

And if my way of doing things isn’t right for you, figure out another way to remind people we are at war. It is up to you. The media won’t do it.

Do it for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.


    • rossl on November 21, 2009 at 21:05

    against the war.  Print out some paper that has a clear space for their name, email, and zip code.  Make it clear that it’s a Brave New Films petition, and you can enter their info in here:  http://rethinkafghanistan.com/

    And you should also get involved with these people:  http://worldcantwait.org – I went to a protest a few months back with them and they shut down for the day an army recruiting center in a mall that uses video games to lure in kids.  They’ve also been essential in making sure that recruiting tactic doesn’t spread.

  1. I’ve participated in several public protests over the last several years.  

    People need to get off their fatty acids and act, and I thank you for doing so.

    Here’s a diary I did awhile back that you might find interesting.  http://www.dailykos.com/story/

    Also, I’ve been combining my freedoms of speech, press, and assembly by going to the front porch at Sen. Durbin’s office and blogging away.  Have done it six times now, I think.  Read the blurb at the bottom of the diary for the most recent occasion.  http://www.dailykos.com/story/

    I call it a high-tech bullhorn.  ; – )

    And rossl’s thoughts are super!

    • dkmich on November 22, 2009 at 16:08

    I do think we should all do something to put the wars and opposition to them out in the open.  I will think about how I might be able to participate.

    I would change this “Stop Your Wars.” to this “Stop the Wars.”  Less argumentative and will make the message more able to be immediately embraced.  

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