Sofa King Stupid Republican Response to my diary proves my point.

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    You know what? I’m not sorry anymore.

    Yesterday I wrote a diary titled “We’re sorry you’re stupid, but you’re not allowed to hold back the rest of the class anymore.” in which I made the point that most Republicans are reality denying fools who will swallow any lie if it fits into their pre-conceived view of the world. The point of that diary was that we should try to reach out and pull out of the matrix whoever we can from the burning, sinking S.S. Ronald Reagan and then leave the rest of the fools behind, because, quite frankly, we are wasting our phucking time with these nit-wits and I’m tired of explaining reality over and over again to the Orly Taitz’s of the world who will scream “WHERE IS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!” no matter how many times we show it to them.

    Therefore, without further ado, I present for your approval the Republican rebuttal to my diary below the fold.

      Early this morning, B.J. Lange ([email protected]) came into my life with an email that proves my point entirely, which is that most Republicans live in a special reality just for them, and nothing anyone says will shake them out of it.

I read your expose (“sorry you’re stupid”). It was quite enlightening. In fact I know someone who is penning an article that, in part, talks about articles like this from the liberal side. So I am forwarding it to him so that he can use it as an example.

Unfortunately for you your article clearly shows the opposite of what you are trying to explain. All you have done is ape the countless party lines of left wingers who for so long have denied the truth because it is far easier to bury your head in the sand and not resist. What you are missing completely in your essay are a little thing called “facts.”

Over 90% of “corporate media” is a propaganda arm for the White House and Democrats. That is a fact.

Sarah Palin does not “bullshit.”

Only a small part of our National Debt came from the war in Iraq (“from torture evidence” – what? did your mother drop you on your head when you were a child?) – the majority of our deficit now is from the massive and now proven to be worthless spending bill under Obama.

“Socialism” IS the problem. Learn what that is, how that has been practiced in East and West Europe before you try and make judgments.

FoxNews is the clarion voice of balanced news which is why their ratings dominate all the cable TV news. Facts don’t lie – only liars (like you) lie.

“More troops, No Plan = Military FAILURE” is right except McChrystal presented the clueless one a plan many, many months ago. Obama has been considering the strategy – he has been taking home school courses on being in charge of anything. The other reason is that he is a coward.

“Anyone who denies climate change is denying the existance of pollution and it’s effects” – that is as ignorant a statement as the tinfoil hat crew who still believe that “the science is in.” Now we have the smoking gun. Did you ever wonder why the tinfoil hat scientists have steadfastly refused to opening debate the scientists who dispute global warming (I’m sorry climate change since we now know it is not warming)? Did you ever wonder why Al Gore has refused to be on the same stage as someone who disputes his claims (while he rakes in millions off this hoax)?

And yes, there are so-called “death panels” in the Pelosi and Reid bills and if you actually read them you would know what they are. And, yes, every terrorist strike is imminent.

“In fact, READ THE CONSTITUTION, over and over again until you can memorize it.” You are the one who should read it since Obama has already breached it and more than once. I would also advise you to read and study the Declaration of Independence and the writings of ALL our founding fathers. You will find that not a one ever imagined a government like we have and policies like you and Obama represent. Not one.

By the way, keep your day job.

     Death panels are real, Socialism is a massive threat to America, it’s all Obama’s fault and I should keep my day job.

     Except I lost my job just like millions of other Americans when the Bush Conservative Depression wiped out our economy.

     The funny thing is, I’ve heard this song before.

    And then it hit me. Every Republican left is Orly Taitz. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you show them, it doesn’t matter that you can prove you are right and they are wrong. In their bizarro world America, things were just great until THAT ONE came along, and now the end is phucking nigh, and it just happened over night too, because nothing the party of personal responsibility does is ever, EVER is wrong.

   So I take it back. I’m not sorry that you are gullible fools who fall for the same stupid lies, fear mongering and hate inspired divide and conquer tactics every single time. I’m not sorry that you destroyed our middle class by voting against your interests and mine just to keep the gay out of your Jesus. I’m not sorry that you are mindless, easily deceived cretins who think Dick Cheney is swell but Democrats are America hating terrorist enabling monsters. I’m not sorry, and phuck you for making feel bad for you as you wallow in your stupidity with glee.

    But this county IS going forward. We will NOT suffer the 100 years of Darkness Glenn Beck has planned for us on his bar napkin, and your dumb asses are coming along with us as we clean up your mess and figure out how to make this nation great again. If you don’t like it, you can get out. America, love it AND every one in it, or get out, and take your idiot ex Governor of Alaska with you.

Jack asses

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  1. Some of us are trying to live here, so turn down the volume of your stupid, please. It’s frightening the neighboring 1st world countries

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