Rosewood Reality

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It really doesn’t take much to start a riot. The entire town of Rosewood was razed, burnt, its citizens tortured, hung and shot in cold blood over the obvious lie of a white woman with a white lover she was trying to hide from her husband.


It can take as little as police brutality raiding a bar, to set a city like Detroit afire.

Elect a Black Man? Burn a Black Church. Mosques and Synagogues bomb and torch each other so often, its not even necessary to create the links. Just google I/P.


It is not a far leap my friends, from watching the Film “Rosewood,” which I did with my 10 year old son this morning, to the mobs lead by hate-filled douchebags like Sheriff Joe.


Different costumes, same faces of hate.


Stripping men down and parading them in pink to humiliate them.


How do I explain the sickness in men that makes them inflict these horrors on their fellow man to my son, how do I, in good conscience tell him it is a thing of the past?

How can we, as a supposedly more civilized society than we were at the turn of the century say that this is not still happening?


We are still, as a species, killing people for having differing bloodlines, killing innocent children for being born Palestinian, Iraqi, or Afghans.

We are still in America, killing people like Matthew Shepard for being born gay.

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We are murdering children, like Brisenia Flores in their homes for being born Hispanic.


I cannot tell him it no longer happens.

As things turn to shit here in the Land of the Unfree, it is going to happen more.

Rosewood is reality, and we have to be ever vigilant against it.


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    • Diane G on November 28, 2009 at 17:02
  1. ….authorities still have not done forensic evidence of possible mass graves to determine how many African Americans were killed.

  2. have you ever read Zora Hurston Neale?

    I went to college in Gainesville, and lived there for a number of years, late 70’s…

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