Open Wound…..per Kestrel’s request!



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    • TMC on November 19, 2009 at 19:09

    where the mountain tops once where. Just don’t use Chinese made products, make them here in the US, give companies that do tax incentives, create green jobs and a green economy

  1. visually what were doing to the earth. How insane to do this for energy and refuse to find another source. Were burning the past and eating the source provided for sustenance. Politics and economics are surreal when we do this and claim it’s necessary for living. Mother nature does not care about our puny caps and trades or geopolitical struggles over her bounty which we squander for human power and life styles.

    But hey we have technology and can decipher the DNA and make tiny ipod phones to twitter on and smart bombs and drones to kill us and the earth, we are progress. To bad we don’t have the capability of seeing forests for what they are. No reverence for real life and it’s interconnectedness. Guess I’m an anti science fundie as I think were deluded by thinking were smarter then the lisard brained dinosaurs who all disappeared and who’s bodies we consume to set our world on fire.          

  2. That’s every bit as grotesque as what i had envisioned.

  3. to turn the tide.  

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