New meme: The GOP is Sabotaging America’s recovery for political gain. They hope WE fail

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    They don’t just hope HE (President Obama) FAILS, they hope America fails, and they (The Republican party) are helping it happen by obstructing reform and fighting job growing legislation that will help America recover.

    They hope you lose your job and go broke so that you are pissed off and miserable, and they hope this lasts until 2010 and 2012 so you can take it out on the incumbents who are in office, and when we “throw the bums out” Republicans will finally get back the political power that they crave so much.

    The Republican party is sabotaging America’s recovery for political gain.

    This is the new meme that we as Democrats should push in order to expose the elected Republicans for what they are, fake patriots who put politics above the best interests of their own nation.

    More below the fold.

     We have already seen the Republican party cheer when America lost the 2016 Olympics and boo when President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. The reason they did so is because “They hope HE FAILS”, which we already know, but why they hope President Obama fails is much more insidious than that.

    By obstructing President Obama’s agenda of reform and recovery, the Republican party is sabotaging America’s recovery. The fact that America NEEDS a recovery BECAUSE of FAILed Republican policies should not be forgoteen, either.


    The Republican party is working to undermine America’s recovery becauuse they know that if Obama succeeds in cleaning up their mess, they are screwed. If President Obama and the Democratic party can put American’s back to work, heal our economy, solve our energy dependance on fossil fuels and keep America safe, the Republican party will be shown as ideologically inferior. To prevent that, the Republican party is actively working to undermine America’s recovery by being the party of NO!, obstructing reform protesting the Government instead of using their power to create good government.

    They can NOT and will NOT create GOOD Government, it goes against their whole political philosophy, which says that Government is always BAD and must be restricted in order to give more and more power to the private sector.

     So, the Republican party hopes YOU fail. They hope YOU do not get a job, do not see any change or recovery in your life for the next 2-4 years, and they HOPE that makes you made enough to “throw the bums out”, which will lead to a Republican takeover of Washington.

    The Republican party needs to be called out on this.

    Because they are not just passively hoping Obama fails, or you fail or America fails, they are activlel working to ensure it by obstructing vital reforms that will bring about America’s recovery faster.

    The Republicans hopes can be explained like this.

By obstructing essential reforms Republicans are hoping for and helping to ensure America’s failure in the short term. They need to be called out on this. In fact, I think that framing Republican obstruction in this way is a sure fire way to turn the electorate against them even more, and to help turn out the vote against Republicans in the next election cycle. They are religiously motivated voters, shame works on them.

    So, in my opinion, we should shame the Republican party in this way.

Republican NOism is costing American’s their jobs (Economy)

Republican NOism is costing Americans their lives (Health care reform and militarily)

Republican NOism is costing American’s their life savings and businesses (Financial reform)

Republican NOism on climate change and green jobs is costing Americans in jobs and natural resources that future generations will depend on. (Economy/ Environment)

Republicans have NO PLAN on foreign policy other than bomb more/surge more = plan later (Repeat Iraq/WMD’s)

Republicans have NO plan because they hope America FAILS (in the short term, so they can blame that failure on Obama and Dems and get elected back into power)

    While hunting for a job the other day and pondering the victory of Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Christ Christie over incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine, I suddenly realized the purpose behind GOP obstruction.

    It is because the Republican party hopes that Obama has fixed nothing. The Republican party is betting the farm on the fact that they can only succeed if Obama fails to clean up the mess they have made in America after 30 years of Reaganomics, small government that can not get in the way of Big Business and tax cuts for the rich and economic policies that have stagnated wage groth, outsourced valuable America jobs overseas and a foreign policy that has made our allies mistrust us and weakened our power around the world.

    The Republican party has spilled the milk, to put it very mildly. Now, they want to blame the spill on Obama and the Democratic party, and they want to blame him for not cleaning it up fast enough too. They do not just hope Obama fails, they hope you fail, fail to pay your bills, fail to keep your job or get a new one, fail to see any recovery or reform, so that when you go out to vote in 2010 and 2012 you will “throw the bums out”

    The Republiican party has used fear and hate to mislead their die-hard voters and American’s in general about how Democratic reforms will help them. By fighting that reform tooth and nail they not only do the bidding of their special interests, to which they are totally beholden, but they are also HURTING America. The party that ran for President on Country first hopes that our country FAILS for the short term, so it will pay off for them politically in the long term.

     That is why, I believe, by calling them out on this we can use a little political judo to turn the tables on the hopes of the Republiican party, which is only to regin power at any cost, and the greater the cost to America and American families, they greater the hopes for the Republican’s future electoral gains.

     Call them out for it. Shame them. If there is one thing values voters understand, it is shame.

F#$K Frank Luntz . . .



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  1. and shame on the GOP for hoping WE fail

    • TMC on November 6, 2009 at 16:25

    My reaction to yesterday’s tea party, sponsored by the Republican’s, was utter disgust. Do the people who were out there supporting the destruction of American values even understand what they are cheering? I really doubt it. Most of them will be on the losing end of the Republican agenda if they are allowed to succeed. Fools.

  2. are relevant.

    Look over there–something shiny !

    The reason the Republicans have made a come back is that most American’s have realized that there is no difference.

    I’m sure this one’ll go over well at the daily denial.

  3. The teabaggers must surely be counting on first creating anarchy, and in response to the resulting chaos and confusion, then rising gloriously, Phoenix-like from the ashes to rule over any smoldering ruins that may still exist.  

    Only the Reich Wing kool-aid drinkers would blindly applaud the contention that if one loses their job, their home is undergoing foreclosure, their vehicle is being repossessed, their spouse is leaving them, and their health care coverage is disappearing, that a tax cut for the wealthy will somehow become their salvation.  

  4. My core belief is that globalists run everything already.  The media engineers both left and right parties, their platforms and the public perceptions of both.  In doing this .001% of the real issues are presented along with the ever increasing vertoben topics/memes list never to be spoken about by any US media outlet.

    That being said do I want Obama to fail.  Yes because Obama advances more globalism.  Am I against globalism, no but in it’s current incarnation absolutely.  George Soros wants a human rights world modeled after Red China, for profit of course and control.  These are the people who need to be taken out, and not the sheeple.

  5. It takes a GOPer to post a sign like this:

    traffic deaths

    They are shooting themselves in both feet.  I for one blame all our economic problems on Ronald Reagan & every GOPer who came after him…culminating in the ruinous regime of the stupidest prez evah.

    I’m not about to change my mind after watching 40 years of GOP misrule, starting w/Nixon.

    They suck, they have always sucked through my entire lifetime, and they can plot whatever they want to plot…I will be the first to say, “That was Reagan’s idea.  How’s it working for ya now?”

  6. The GOP is not sabotaging America’s recovery for political gain.

    First off, there’s no recovery to sabotage.  Read gjohnsit’s diaries sometime, OK?  Things are getting worse, not recovering.  We haven’t even seen the full extent of the damage done in light of the bankruptcy of the states.

    Secondly, the GOP can’t really do enough to sabotage America’s recovery, even if such a thing did exist, they wouldn’t be powerful enough to do it.  The GOP’s power to do all the things you say it can do is marginal.  They would have no chance against a united Democratic Party.

    Lastly, if any political force is strong enough, now, to sabotage America’s “recovery” for the political gain of the Republican Party, it’s the Democratic Party itself, which has chosen this of all times to promote deficit hawkism while promoting a policy smorgasbord composed entirely of private benefits and public expenses.

    The Republican Party is for the most part promoting their steaming hunk of sh*t in order to keep their people in line.  They are still, as Kos said of them at the beginning of the year, losing everywhere in America except Appalachia and the central Bible Belt.  You can hardly call that “gain.”  They may “gain” quite dramatically in 2010 if the Democratic Party alienates its base so thoroughly that it stays home and lets the Republicans vote.  But that’s not the Republicans’ fault.

    Come on, MiniTruth.  You’ve read Chomsky; I know you have.  You can come up with more sophisticated analysis than THIS.

  7. is an interesting term, which plays on multiple levels. (I like that is an -ism, that it is No, and that it implies ‘noise’.)

    • k9disc on November 8, 2009 at 08:42


    The very words of Rush the Clown are the smoking gun for tattooing the Republicans as Saboteurs.

    “I. Hope. Obama. Fails.”

    That is more than Obstruction. That is more than politics. That is sabotage.

    He’s not only hoping that Obama fails and that America fails to recover from the results of decades of Failed Conservative Policies, he’s actively sabotaging Obama’s plans and the plans to save America.

    The clowns like Rush, Krauthammer, and other conservative Blowhards are actively sabotaging any kind of sensible recovery for America. Republicans in Congress are actively sabotaging the stimulus. Again, it’s more than obstruction, it’s more than politics, it’s sabotage.

    They are sabotaging the ability of our government to protect and serve it’s people.

    It is disgusting.

    It’s been in my civic lexicon for a while now, MoT.

    I’m with you!


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