Maddow destroys Pro-SLAVERY American Corporations “You child labor endorsing, pro-slavery FREAKS!”

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    Very rarely does Rachel Maddow lose her temper. Rather, she usually engages even the worst issues with a snarky, cheerful grin, but if you see the look on her face at the end of this segment you will see the burning rage that I have a LOT of trouble surpressing, especially on topics such as these.

    Behold the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of America’s Pro-SLAVERY capitalist status quo, courtesy of the wit and brilliance of Rachel Maddow.

    Partial transcript and commentary below the fold.

After discussing the two page Too Big Too Fail, Too Big To Exist legislation that has been drafted by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and the Wall St Regulations drafted by Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), Rachel gets into the meat of the topic to explain just how low the free market, conservative and Corporatist status quo will go to make a buck, and man, it’s as low as it gets.

Maddow:     ” . . . As Republicans and Conservative Democrats in Congress start lining up with Corporate America and agaiinst new regulations now, consider the alliance they’re making.      

    Populist columnist David Sirota today made this catch from the business newsletter Inside U.S. Trade, this is a D.C. based publication on trade issues, its’ especially for people in international business. What else are business groups worried about and lobbying against, other than the new Wall St regulations? I wouldn’t believe this if I had not seen this myself, but check this out, quote.”

     Business groups are worried by the potential effects of provisions banning the import of all goods made with convict labor, forced labor, or forced or indentured child labor that were included in a recent customs bill.

    “American business groups are concerned, upset, worried was the actual phrase, worried about laws against using SLAVES and child labor.”


     Business sources say [the bill] could cause DHS to more-actively seek out imported products made with child labor, forced labor or convict labor”

    “OH NO! How will Corporations save themselves from that onerous rule that you can’t use SLAVES and PRISONERS and CHILDREN to mkae your products if you want to sell that product in the United States. Darn that liberal red tape!”


    Sources conceded that this was a sensitive issue because business groups do not want to be seen as opposing strict measures guarding against human rights abuses. However, one souce did expect a push from lobbyists closer to the Finance Committee mark up of the bill.

    “Wow. I’m guessing that business interests are OK with something like this being discussed in a subscriber only industry newsletter publication like Inside US Trade, I’m guessing they might NOT want it to be widely known that they’re lobbying to stop rules against SLAVERY!”

    “But actually, you never know. The Heritage Foundation is a Conservative Think Tank that has a very high profile, uh, that is very high profile in Washington, and that maintains all sorts of websites and educational public venues to maintain their ideas, and on the Heritage Foundations “Over-Criminalized” blog, the Heritage Foundation too singles out the “Child Labor Safety Acts” which levees fines and jail time for Comapnies using child labor as an example of what they call”

     Trivial conduct [that] is now often punished as a crime.

    “I mean, honestly! Kids these days! In my day we’d be delighted to be chained to the loom for a few pennies a day.”

    “For the record, the Heritage Foundation also singles out Meil, Neil Ambercrombie’s bill against War profiteering as another example of making something trivial into a criminal matter.”

    “Business interests and their think thanks friends on the right have every right to lobby on anything they want to. Think that Wall St, despite almost destroying the whole economy of the United States, should be left to it’s own devices again? You know, go ahead, make your case, I’d love to hear it. Think that child labor and slave labor and forced convict labor are cheap and therefore cool with you, go ahead, make your case, I would LOVE to hear it. But unless you are going to make your case for things like that in total secrecy, know that the case against you is there to be made too, and that will apply to any member of Congress who sides with you as well, you child labor endorsing, pro slavery FREAKS!”

    Often, I hesitate to use the phrase “Wage Slave” to describe the phlight of the oppressed, struggling American worker in our class war Corproatist economy out of respect to those who are actually suffering under slavery in the world today and the Americans who are descended from actual slaves. It is an ugly subject and I wish to avoid stoking ugly memories.

    But the fact that we even have to discuss the issue of FORCED SLAVE LABOR in modern day America on any level is PROOF of how low our Capitalist pig system will go to squeeze every cent they can out of other, less fortunate human beings, and all in the name of the almighty dollar.

     The outsourcing fed free market system does just that, sending American jobs to places on this earth where wages are so cheap and the standard of living so low that people literally work like slaves just to be able to barely eat the next day. The same PIGS who crashed our economy and are now preparing to fight Wall St re-regulation tooth and nail are the very same people who profit from modern day slavery and the virtual wage slavery that perpetuates the class war, both around the world, and here in America today. They are the anti-union crowd who HATES when people organize and FIGHT BACK. They would prefer labor that is totally OWNED by capital, and they will call anything short of their preferred unfettered, free market slave wage capitalism socialism, because, in essence, all labor movement have their distant roots in the idea that organized labor is the ONLY thing that can negotiate with the Capitalist power brokers that fought the civil war, and continue to fight war after war after war, both bloody and silent, in order to oppress and control the labor of other human beings for their own profit.

     The very same business interests that use astroturfed protests against refrom are the SAME forces that fight anti-SLAVERY laws today, TODAY, in an America that is actually two America’s, one where there is a roaring 20’s right now for the fortunate and a Great Depression 2.0 for everyone else.

     The veil, soon, will come off on the class war, if it has not already, and the Republicans and Conservative/Moderate Democrats who will fight these reforms on behalf of their Corporate masters will soon be revealed as the tools that they are, because you can NOT be a populist and fight on behalf of the moneyed powers for too long before you are exposed for what you are, and it is our job to expose them.

     But know this, and remember itwhen you fight and confront the Corporatism that lies at the heart of the Conservative movement and their fake populist enablers. They would enslave you too if they could, and they are doing everything they can to reduce the American worker to the wage slaves that they seek. By driving up unemployment they force us to fight for smaller and smaller wages, by privatizing the public sector and de-regulating business they drive prices and profits up reduce the social saftey net to the size where it can be drowned in a bath tub. What evil lurks in the hearts of men? Probably the same evil that lets men fight to allow slavery elsewhere while feigning to fight on behalf of liberty, justice and the American way over here.

    We are at class war, against a model that would rob you for profit, deny you and your family their health for profit and literally enslave your fellow man, all for 30 pieces of gold.

    The Class War will NOT be televised, rather, it will be traded on Wall St and defended by the lobbyists who seek to kill Democracy and replace it with a kinder, gentler slavery, available at Walmart in a neighborhood near you.

    So, the next time you are confronted by a Conservative, take pity on the poor fool, and try to educate them about the fact that they are fighting FOR the slave masters, they are fighting FOR their own enslavement to a slave wage for profit system that they call freedom while they fight the imagined tyranny that their slave masters call it when we try to take their right to enslave people away from them.

Lord, what fools we mortals be?!

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  1. In the end, they are all that stand between the working class and flat out slavery in the class war.

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    • justCal on November 11, 2009 at 18:11

    …vicious circle.

    If you try to explain to a working class mom why,for all the reasons you describe above,it’s a bad idea to shop at Wal-Mart you will get a response that goes something like this:

    “My kids need new shoes.We’ve barely got enough to pay the rent and put food on the table.We’re bustin’ our ass at piece-of-shit jobs for even shittier money and we’re afraid of losing even that.What the hell are we supposed to do!”

    It’s hard to argue with that.What does one say?

    Vote for Democrats?

    That would be funny if it wasn’t so damned tragic.


    • TMC on November 11, 2009 at 18:32

    to the articles that Rachel is quoting

    From the I Shit You Not File: Business Aims to Relax Bans on Products Made with Child & Slave Labor

    The article from World Trade Online

    requires a subscription. h/t sc kitty at dk

  2. Let’s say in the future, Wal-mart for example, decides to jump into the for-profit prison business, and then use their mega billions to lobby Congress to pass legislation that allows them to force the prisoners to work in their factories to make the products that they sell on their store shelves, for let’s say a few cents a day. There will be a large demand for more prisons in the future to hold the hapless folks who can’t afford their insurance premiums. Heck, they could even outsource the prisons to countries that already make their products.

    I grant you that this is a wild scenario and most probably hyperbole, but what isn’t wild and possible in today’s world?  

    • TMC on November 11, 2009 at 19:54

    of our tax dollars while were at it. Another outrage that will go unnoticed by the MSM and the Obama cheerleaders

    Companies using offshore tax havens look to bill for windfall

    Multinational corporations are fighting to preserve language in a spending bill that would weaken a ban on federal contracts.

    Only a handful of companies could benefit from the language, but they could receive a windfall if the Senate legislation is approved.

    The language covers “inverted” corporations that operate mostly in the United States but incorporate overseas to ease their U.S. tax bills.

    The provision, inserted in the Senate version of the bill at the request of the Obama administration, would weaken a ban on federal contracts for inverted companies by saying the ban will not apply if it is inconsistent with U.S. obligations under an international agreement.

    (emphasis by me)

    Whose side is Obama on? Obviously not ours.

  3. Lord Christopher Monckton


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