Is the white, male, Christian ruling class doomed to extinction?

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As stated in other recent diaries, perhaps this nation’s demographics are such that the white, male Christian ruling class is destined to suffer the ravages of diminishing power and influence.  Although this writer shares that fervent hope and allows that present conditions may portend such a monumental, seismic shift, this process will likely take far longer than we might want to imagine.

Despite the best efforts of the Reich Wingnut talking heads to encourage their minions to “get busy” and create hoards of newborn teabaggers, their relative numbers are likely to continue shrinking.

No doubt the so-called elite (aka GWB’s base) are assiduously studying the tactics applied by the Spanish conquistadors who, during their invasion and swift, easy conquest of the native populations in the Americas, demonstrated that it is possible for the few to control the many.

More recent examples of minority dominion would be exemplified by the lengthy rule of the whites in South Africa, who, at their peak in 1911, accounted for only 19-21% of the population (13.6% when apartheid was abolished in 1994) and by the extended reign of the Sunnis in Iraq, who comprised only 15 to 20 percent of the country’s entire population, yet dominated that country’s government and economy throughout the 20th century.  

And, closer to home, given their considerable power, one might reasonably conclude that large numbers are represented by the National Rifle Association, even though they comprise only about 1.3% of the U. S. population.  

As Aldous Huxley so presciently observed in his 1931 novel, Brave New World, in order to maintain control over the oppressed, one need only convince those at each rung of the socioeconomic ladder that theirs is by far the best lot of all.  

Huxley’s lessons have not been lost in the present day.  We are frequently reminded that slavery, captivity, and destitution are not really all that bad.  How many have read or seen the film of “Gone with the Wind” compared with “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”?  “Hogan’s Heroes” versus “Escape from Sobibor”?  “Scrooge, the Musical” versus “The Grapes of Wrath”?  

Will the current ruling class go down without a fight?  Not a chance.  They will implement every imaginable tactic to instill fear of change in the hearts and minds of the masses, ably assisted by their compatriots in the MSM.  As Orwell so eloquently informed us in 1984, fear can readily be inculcated into the masses.  Love of the captor only comes about much later, if at all.  

In closing, some may wish to view the following clip from that ultimate Reich Wing fantasy horror flick, “Scrooge, the Musical.”  After a promising start, the story “degenerates” into a graphic portrayal of their worst nightmare.  The leisure class must surely cringe when that sniveling Scrooge sells out his principles in the end and, worse yet, seems pleased to have done so.  Note that, even though they are poor, the Cratchit family seems to be far happier than the wealthy Scrooge, do not appear to be cold despite the wintry conditions, are reasonably well dressed, and at one point, are so overcome with joy that they break out into song as they waltz merrily down the street.  

Here’s your refresher (not to worry, teabaggers, this is not the scary part of the film, however, you will probably want to send your children out of the room later):


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  1. I sincerely hope so.

    • Joy B. on November 15, 2009 at 23:55

    The moneyed class is chock full of notoriously lousy breeders (and always has been, given their penchant for incest in order to “keep it in the family” – even Charlie Darwin married his first cousin). Plus access of wealthy women to abortion, which has never been hindered by anyone or anything.

    And given “extinction” is a function of evolution, my answer would be YES. The white, male, Christian ruling class is doomed to extinction.

  2. figured out yet this is the wrong question then I can’t help you.

  3. … and also no, not at all.

    That is, the present white male Christian ruling class will change its character with respect to being a primarily white male Christian class, without, on the other hand, having anywhere like a majority of the present members of the ruling class losing their standing.

    So it is doomed as a class – yes, Peak Oil will doom it as surely as losing the protective cover of the Cold War doomed the Apartheid government of South Africa.

    Is it doomed as a population – far less than many other populations have their status threatened by Peak Oil. Some factions will be squeezed out, others will find room at the table, the self definition of the class as as class, that is, sui generis will undergo dramatic change – and in a generation, the majority of the members of the redefined class will be the children of the present day members.

  4. I largely agree with most everything you’ve said.

    However, I do believe the WASPs will continue to hold onto their power through thick and thin.  Of course, it will not go on forever and they live under their own delusional make-up and, unfortunately, still too many swallowing it.

    Yes, money and power has no color, race or religion when it gets right down to it.  However, the money and power has been greatly concentrated in the hands of the delusional WASPs.  Check out the Carlyle Group, etc.

    I appreciate your explantation, wilberforce!

  5. over the three branches of government using whatever culturally accepted means are available. The robber barons will continue to exert their influence thru the corporate tools available to them. However, like in all empires, the warrior class can be very destabilizing to the wealthy aristocrats. But as long as they can maintain an incestuous relationship, things will probably remain under control.

    I think there are structures of control that are recognized by the mass of people, and rituals form around these accepted structures. Groups of people can try to control these structures, and they are often successful. But they themselves recognize the same symbols and ritutals as the masses. Sometimes there is a breakdown, and new structures and rituals evolve.

    Whether one calls it a Christian ruling class or a Monied ruling class doesn’t make a difference. It all depends on the strenth of the institutions and the beliefs surrounding them. I submit all ruling classes are doomed to extinction as are the structures they try to control.

    We’re all interacting in the same cultural stew.

    The growing heterogeneity and multiculturalism of the United States will change beliefs and perceptions of the existing political structures and institutions. Those that wield influence now will disappear, and hopefully new forms of democratic governance will emerge. I think there will be  new perspectives of how our natural resources and biosphere need to be managed for human survival.

    Accumulation of private wealth as a goal of life is doomed.

    Free enterprise will not be compatible with our survival.

    As the idea of the Divine Rights of Kings has died, so will the idea of money as giving unique rights to influence and control culture also die. It’s just that none of us (or them) will be around to see it.

    And as far as what really will happen in the future…..?  

  6. based on that, I must say, “Let’s hope so.”

    Or:  As Isaac Asimov said,

    “If ever a species deserved to be replaced, we do!”

    I’ll return to read you diary tomorrow.  Thanks.

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