InhoFAIL insults Boxer: “Get a Life”, then celebrates his own ignorance

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    Call it “Pollution denying”, or “Reality Denying”, it’s all the same to the Professional Liars who are Senate Republicans.

    In a touchdown celebration of “told you so” that is the equivalent of blowing your ACL while dancing after a homerun that went foul, Inhofe proceeds to insult the esteemed Senator from California, Barbara Boxer, by saying “We Won, You Lost, Get a Life.”

    This is what a stupid dick does, he gloats. The fact that he is dead wrong and corrupt just makes it worse.

    Except climate change is FACT, you didn’t win and you’re a stupid towel, James InhoFAIL.

    A transcript and more below the fold.

InhoFAIL:     “This is one of those many areas in which we agree, there’s so much concentration on the areas we disagree, the fact that this whole idea on the Global Warming, I’m glad that’s over, and gone, we won, you lost, get a life. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.”

~ Gavel Banging over crowds laughter

Voice (Maybe Sen. Boxer):     “Wait a minute!”

    Witness the celebration of ignorance as Pollution denying Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, member of the C Street Christian Mafia and recipient of large campaign donation from the coal, gas and oil lobbies gloats over the fact that International Climate Change Reform legislation will not go forward until 2010, largely due to the recalcitrant obstruction from the Republicans the American Senate.

    As reported by, Senator James Inhofe ($-OK) was quoted as saying.

    “Until this year, any scientist, reporter or politician who dared raise even the slightest suspicion about the science behind global warming was dismissed and repeatedly mocked.”

“Today, I have been vindicated,” he said.

Bold added by the diarist

    Recognize the joy in stopping progress and reform, the wish to cast yourself the victor even when reality shows that you WILL lose and are losing, Senator Inhofe, you loser. Inhofe doesn’t know that, he lives in a separate reality of his own making, one supported by his C Street Family and the big business interests that support his lifestyle through his Senate office. When you are paid to say things you will say ANYTHING. Senator James Inhofe is living proof of that.

    Witness the open rudeness and hostility to Senator Boxer, who is not just a Democrat, but a woman as well. Certainly Sarah Palin would be demanding Dave Letterman’s apology in such a moment, but I guarantee if Sen. Boxer were to take offense the GOP Lie Factory would spin it to make the victim look guilty of something. That is what they do.

    Worse of all if the fact that Inhofe did NOT win, but we all certainly lose. Another day, week, month, year of pollution, another delay for regulation of polluters, another cycle of campaign donations from those polluters to Inhofe and other reality denying Republican Senators and another load of reality denying “Climate ChangePollution isn’t real.” bullshit coming out of the asses of the people who are financed by the polluters.

    I don’t know what pisses me off more, Inhofe’s Bushesque confidence in his own stupidity which is the size of the missing Arctic Sea Ice, or the fact that he is a classless buffoon who would say anything for thousands of dollars, or his distorted Religious Views of Americastan, or what. James Inhofe just pisses me off, the whole corporate financed Lie Factory pisses me off. To Republican Senators like Inhofe it is a win to pour pollution into their constituents air so their corporate puppet masters can have their way. To me it is a FAILURE, a failure of our supposed democratic process, one where if Speech = Money there are lots of people who are left voiceless.

    But Inhofe thinks he won, and that is all that matters to him. And thus he earns his FAIL, and I dub him InhoFAIL from hence forth.

    Senator James Inhofe, arise and be known as Prince InhoFAIL of the grand douchey of Oklahomastan. May your twisted interpretation of God protect you and keep you, in fact, he can keep you all to himself.


Sir InhoFAIL of the factless alternate reality of Conservylvania

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  1. I don’t know about you, but me and our planet can’t take it anymore

    • RUKind on November 22, 2009 at 05:43

    Why do Republicans hate (a) the truth and (b) all of humanity except themselves? Come to think of it, why the fuck do they still exist as a party? Oh, right, the legal corruption that is lobbying money. D’oh.

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