If I had a hammer…

A few more…


  1. Now thanks to Bush, Berlin has come to us, and even under Obama it does not seem in any particular hurry to go away.

    Good thing I still have my hammer. ;-7

  2. I did not get super evil psychic impressions from the experimental flower laden medical experiment marble tables at Sachsenhausen.  We walked right over the Brandenberg Tor area many times buying fake war regalia from the Turks before the reconstruction revealed Hitler’s underground tunnels.  And the younger generation of germans was yelling at the clueless American soldiers because their boom box was too loud when they took it down to check out the german nudie beach.  One german teenager started it and the sentiment grew.  Yup, I was there and had gained that capacity to understand the german language.  I did not have to step up, someone did it for me.  He explained to the soldiers why these germans were yelling and they left.  Me being “on the economy” depended most profusely on the insertion of my american bank card into the US military base ATM machine in order to access money in either DM or american dollars.

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