Greening up Our Lives

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[Updated from title being the Thanksgiving comment]

Yesterday, the thing I most wanted to say instead of “Happy Thanksgiving”, was:

“Happy Stealing Things from Indigenous Peoples Day”.

But I didn’t. Maybe that’s wrong or right. I’ll go to a T-Day dinner with friends this Saturday, and I think I’ll be able to use that line and be understood.

So back to my normal passions: Did you do anything to green up the planet today? Or yesterday? Do you have green plans for today?

Or if you had the day off yesterday, did you do something you’d had on the agenda for a while but hadn’t gotten to? Yaknow, besides cooking?

My green achievement from yesterday is finally getting one of the new leaf fences built. Leaf fence? Yes — that’s taking some wire fencing, easy to work with stuff, and making a circle with it, then using coathanger to hold the ends together, then filling with leaves.

I got the leaves from Freecycle a few weeks ago (22 bags, plus the 5 I swiped from someone’s front sidewalk when they were waiting for yard waste pickup.). Seemed every time I went out to build the fence, there were 17 other garden things to do. And that’s even working a few days in the rain out there, when “rain” was more than “mist” or fog.

I got about a bag and a half in yesterday, found a bunch of ivy vines, will have to go through by hand to check for ivy now. Always something — but you can’t beat the price! Maybe I’ll dump them out on the driveway, sift through, and pitchfork into the leaf circle.

So that’s my green thing for yesterday. Now that I have this fence built, with 1-2 more to follow, so I can get more leaves any time now. Looking forward to it.

And you? Any green projects going on?

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  1. someone would need to use the driveway here tomorrow, and stepped out to move the car to the front of the yard.

    On the way, I stopped by the kitchen, which meant putting up some of the now-dry dishes, to reduce the aftermath.  

    • rossl on November 28, 2009 at 12:00 am

    was from a local organic farm.  So were a lot of the veggies (well, that’s a low spray farm, so not quite organic).  And a lot of the other stuff was organic but not local.  And all of the eggs were from our chickens.

    I’m also in the process of starting a school garden with my school.

    I try to be as green as possible.  However, I’m stuck in the very ungreen suburban lifestyle of my parents.

  2. when you were mentioning ivy, however, I spent a perfectly beautiful Pacific Northwest day (by November standards, at any rate), pulling out ivy (four large cartloads), which was planted by a previous occupant.  By now, I can’t think of a single muscle in my body that doesn’t ache, unless there is one behind my left ear that I’ve overlooked.  

    Unless you are moving in the near future, somewhere far away, as a participant in a witness protection program, you will probably want to avoid ivy like the plague.  

    Composting is a great way to recycle yard waste.  I’ve heard caveats about making sure that certain weeds are not included in it, as the seeds could regenerate once you use your compost.  The other caution I’ve heard is that if you place the compost bin or pile too close to your home, it may attract rodents (and not the endearing kind with the long furry tails), who may decide during cold weather that it would be only neighborly to pay you a visit.  Like the very worst guests, it is very difficult to get them to leave.

    I’m hoping to do a couple of diaries in the near future about the topic you suggested regarding green projects.  The primary subject areas will be transportation options and diet as it affects the environment.  Stay tuned!

  3. I just love these compost fence ideas. So creative!

    What I’m doing is a variation on that. I gardened in a patch of soil between my and my neighbors driveway this past summer, it’s about 3 feet wide. Pulled out bushes, giant weeds, but soil was awful, needs improvement.

    So on top of part of that patch, I put this fencing, about 8-10 feet long, and oval shape, again, about 3 feet wide. Used some bamboo and sticks to hold it vertical and in shape.

    So it’s thicker than those compost fences, but it’s also going to serve as a barrier between my neighbor’s house and mine. (On his driveway side is a lattice-work bamboo fence I put in to keep people from tramping thru the garden when the plants were small. Hello, electric meter reader, this means you. That fence will help keep this stable.)  

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