Gen. Eric Shinseki: Short and Open Discussion

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If history judges correctly, one of the Best of the Military Leaders of these past, failed policies of civilian and military leaders, to present times one name will stand out above all the others as a true Understanding Leader and that will be one General Eric Shinseki. Those of us in the present already know much about what this military leader was put through and by whom, but he has been brought back to lead again, lead in the way he seems to have also done, with compassion and understanding for those he has been placed in command of, throughout his military careerer and his life.

To fight for and try and rebuild an agency to long ignored by this Country, since after WWII, through their representatives. Especially this past decade as we allowed not one but two long running invasions and bloody occupations of two countries and No One Mentioned {those that forcefully supported}, or they blocked, any enhancement of what would be needed for those coming back from. Causing many of those that should be receiving the help they deserve for their service to country many problems and even denial of service, as well as the peoples representatives obstructing, doing the peoples will,  the obvious results of the Wars and Occupations we send our military personal into. As well as causing those that work in, or even the volunteers,  to do so under the restrictions placed on them by the government and especially the lack of funding, costing more in personal problems and funding as the agency continues to try and play catchup or do what is right under the pressures of limited resources, especially when sending new generations of soldiers into wars and occupations creating another huge influx of military and veterans seeking what was promised them and what they deserve.

This agency, as are most government agencies, has been forced to work with the technologies of the past decades and not quickly stay abreast of advancing technologies, this costs much more to operate, thus more funding needed to even function. Ret. General Shinseki is trying to help it join the 21st century.

This is a True Military and now Civilian Leader!

The following is a short discussion with the General on the Morning Edition on NPR radio on November 13, 2009:

Shinseki Measures Scope Of Veterans’ Mental Issues

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and President Obama mark Veterans Day on Wednesday during a ceremony at the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

In his first nine months as head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, retired Gen. Eric Shinseki has spent hours just listening to veterans talk. Shinseki tells NPR’s Steve Inskeep that he feels a strong obligation to “give back” to the men and women he once served with.

Last week, Shinseki spoke to a group of young veterans attending college. A former Army chief of staff who was wounded during his service in Vietnam, Shinseki asked the veterans if any of them suffered from post-traumatic stress.

He got only silence – so Shinseki asked about symptoms…>>>>Rest Here


  1. One of the best Generals this country has had, only to be kicked in the teeth over and over by those whose agendas he did not into.

    I had read somewhere about this position he has been appointed to and if there was anyone who could be deemed worthy of it, it would be Gen. Shinseki!!!

    Thanks, jimstarro!

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