Anthony Weiner lived up to his name today.…

Weiner just lived up to his name by withdrawing his amendment, which would have substituted single-payer for the House bill favored by Democratic leaders.  That coward sickens me right now even more than Obama, Pelosi, Emanuel, Hoyer, and Reid put together.


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    • Edger on November 7, 2009 at 01:06

    If Gallup took a few nationwide polls that showed that no democrats up for re-election would get any votes at all next year in spite of all the insurance company money in the world being thrown at them to buy ads with unless a good universal single payer system was in place before next November, I’d bet they would do it, and screw the insurance companies.

  1. just so you understand.  His Amendment was to be presented as a stand-alone bill, not even as an Amendment to the health care bill, and was not to be included in the health care discussions period.  Both Kucinch and Conyers thought that right now was not the time to attempt an amendment having to do with a single-payer effort, which was not involved with H.R. 626.  Kucinich, Conyers, Sanders and Weiner want to build even more momentum yet before bringing a single-payer bill to the floor.  As David Swanson said, Weiner’s stand-alone bill would have failed, then giving way for Congress to not even consider re-introducing Kucinich’s bill to allow States to adopt single-payer option, should they so choose.

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