Afghanistan: “These people just want to be left alone”

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The Guardian’s Sean Smith spent a month embedded with the US Army’s 501st Parachute Regiment in June this year, and reports now that with inadequate vehicles, relations with Afghan security forces at a standstill and the constant threat of IEDs, US Troops in the country are losing heart for a fight they feel their presence is only prolonging, while many Afghanis say that the presence of the troops is causing problems for them because that is what is attracting the Taliban.

Real News Network – November 9, 2009

‘These people just want to be left alone’

In Afghanistan the US soldiers are losing heart for a fight they feel their presence is only prolonging


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    • Edger on November 10, 2009 at 14:09

    I mean Overseas Contingency Operations, without making as many terrorists, I mean Contigencies, as possible?

  1. during the Bush administration. It started with Clinton’s impeachment and ended when Gore won Florida, but lost it.

    Fox news quickly became the Third Reich’s propaganda machine (and a nice add on to Limbaugh). It looks like Afghanistan will be the proof in the pudding. It we stay for this obvious colonial war, then we’ll know.  

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