UPDATED: “The Greatest Debtor Nation In Human History”

Lawrence Wilkerson is a retired United States Army soldier and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson is now adjunct professor at the College of William & Mary where he teaches courses on US national security. He also instructs a senior seminar in the Honors Department at the George Washington University entitled “National Security Decision Making.”

This talk by Larry Wilkerson was the keynote speech given at an event sponsored by the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence, American University History Department, American University’s Nuclear Studies Institute on Oct 21,2009 at American University in Washington DC.

Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence describes itself as “a movement of former CIA colleagues and other associates of former intelligence analyst Sam Adams, who hold up his example as a model for those in intelligence who would aspire to the courage to speak truth to power”.

Real News Network – October 26, 2009

The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

Part 1

Larry Wilkerson: The beginning of the American “Imperial Rome” and Eisenhower’s warning

Real News Network – October 27, 2009

The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex

Part 2

Wilkerson: From US debt to the geopolitics of oil, the US empire will come to an end


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    • Edger on October 26, 2009 at 23:00

    is human history, now.

    Maybe something needs to be done about US foreign policy by now? Maybe? Barack?

  1. We’re number 1 in fucking history!  Now that is something aint it.   That’s all right, they’re decimating the dollar now so the debt can be paid back quicker.  Or maybe not, are they even worried about debt?  

    • Inky99 on October 27, 2009 at 06:55

    puts it extremely well here:


    It’s just audio, with some still pictures that are basically meaningless, but he is ranting here about the dollar, and his point is this:

    Why would ANYBODY buy American debt right now?   Why would anyone want a 30 year return on a loan that is almost zero?    You’d have to be crazy to buy American debt right now, there’s absolutely nothing in it for anybody.

    He’s been right so far, about all this stuff.

    • Edger on October 27, 2009 at 18:22

    of Wilkersons talk…

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