The Volcano People or, Need a New Enemy? I’ve Got a Few To Spare

They were warned. They didn’t listen. They are fossils.

We are not too unlike the volcano people. All of the signs are visible. But even the most informed of us still do not grasp what exactly it is we are looking at. And as a result, we are powerless to fight it, much less to defeat it.

The gravest threat to our country in its entire history is bearing down upon us. And we fiddle.

Right now, there is a perfect storm of sorts. For the first time in the history of the human race, a sociopolitical-economic system is on the verge of gaining the ability, through great and horrifying advances in technology, to completely control an entire population.

It is both naive and irresponsible to assume that power such as this will never be used.

Think about what is being put into place right now.

– A massive and unconstitutional surveillance and intelligence infrastructure aimed at you.

Never has technology, and our reliance on it, made it so easy for us to be tracked, eaves dropped on, and monitored.

– A massive, trillion dollar propaganda-disinformation-indoctrination operation that spans several mediums including television, internet, radio and film, and has one primary objective – to control your behavior.

Many people back in the 30s, after seeing the power Hitler had gained over Germans with radio, were concerned about this new medium’s power to gain control over the public’s susceptible minds. By the 1950s, there was a veritable movement of psychologists warning that television could be used as a weapon, and steps were taken. The fairness clause, the outlawing of subliminal images. But as Al Gore writes in his book, Assault On Reason, even flashing images put people in a sort of trance. That was true in the 50s, on a 14″ black and white monitor. How effective is it on a 56″ HD system? Television is the most powerful political weapon in the history of mankind. And it is being used in ways daily that even the most savvy political minds miss.

– Unprecedented and insurmountable weapons technology not aimed at defeating a foreign nation, but aimed at threatening, controlling, and if necessary, defeating you.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the police state has gone science fiction over the last 10 years – complete with chemical weapons, sound weapons, flying surveillance robots disguised as insects.

And now, the 130 year old law restricting a standing army on US soil has been violated.

Naturally, the volcano people scoff at the notion that such power would ever be used against Americans by Americans. Things like that just don’t happen here. But this pollyannic view just isn’t supported by history. In fact, history has shown time and again that when men have such power available, THEY WILL USE IT.

But when you look at all of these developments combined, and fully grasp the scope of these changes in power and technology, it is clear that people who have shown nothing but contempt for the the American people, our laws, and our way of life are gaining this power while we sleep.

We are in the final stages of losing our country. It’s almost complete. And if we lose it all the way, we lose everything.

Believe it or not, our government still fears its people. This is the only reason we have not become a purely, openly corporatofascist state. But the second they no longer fear us, when their technology becomes so advance, their surveillance becomes so pervasive, that they can put down the most populous riot, or surveil even their most powerful political opponent, then we are done. No more progressive movement. No more get out the vote or march on the Mall. It’s over.

Can we stop it? I don’t know, especially if we waste all of our time bickering and infighting. But I have always believed we have a moral obligation to try. To not be the volcano people.

You can read the bit of Gore’s book on television brainwashing here.


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    • Inky99 on October 24, 2009 at 09:57

    until I see it on television.

  1. That`s what has always been the downfall of empires.

    Add some evil overlords & the downfall is even more brutal.

    Why do we accept drones with Hellfire missiles piloted by those sitting in front of a computer monitor here in the US to be killing in Pakistan, supposedly one of our allies, yet not consider they can as easily be used right here also.

    Crowd control sound weapons. Why do we need them here or anywhere for that matter.

    I like your name for the complacent, Volcano people.

    Frank Zappa`s song “It Can`t Happen Here”, comes to mind.

  2. working to undermine power, not to take it, can counter this growing centralized state power, particularly as it progressively fuses with the power of large organized capital into a single undifferentiated whole.  The Armies of Blackwater/Xe have already occupied the streets of one American city in the name of “emergency response”.  The complacency will be displaced by the Shock Doctrine writ large.  Only thousands of small tightly knit impenetrable affinity groups, self-educated and self-sustaining can outmaneuver the leviathan, biting and stinging like insects.

  3. of The Coming Insurrection recognize this.  From their introduction:

    As an attempted solution, the pressure to ensure that nothing happens, together with police surveillance of the territory, will only intensify. The unmanned drone that flew over Seine-Saint-Denis last July 14th – as the police later confirmed – presents a much more vivid image of the future than all the fuzzy humanistic projections. That they were careful to assure us that the drone was unarmed gives us a clear indication of the road we’re headed down. The territory will be partitioned into ever more restricted zones. Highways built around the borders of “problem neighborhoods” already form invisible walls closing off those areas off from the middle-class subdivisions. Whatever defenders of the Republic may think, the control of neighborhoods “by the community” is manifestly the most effective means available. The purely metropolitan sections of the country, the main city centers, will go about their opulent lives in an ever more crafty, ever more sophisticated, ever more shimmering deconstruction. They will illuminate the whole planet with their glaring neon lights, as the patrols of the BAC and private security companies (i.e. paramilitary units) proliferate under the umbrella of an increasingly shameless judicial protection.

    The impasse of the present, everywhere in evidence, is everywhere denied. There will be no end of psychologists, sociologists, and literary hacks applying themselves to the case, each with a specialized jargon from which the conclusions are especially absent.

  4. See this story in Alternet:

  5. Corporate feudal state. We have already been taken prisoner.


  6. as to which network is the most destructive of human life.  We would have to eliminate the fake biases first and then get down to the business of determining just how destructive it is.

    HLN/CNN strikes me lately as a painful mindnumbing experience, sort of the Anna Nicole Smith of “news”.

    What I do find funny is that I never heard of Al Gore, Mr convienient ruse Gore writing against the globalist surveillance state he is helping to build via global carbon tax and control.  This is again above and beyond, another cognivitve dissonance exercise.

  7. from living in a police state.  STASI accomplished far more with far less than HDTV sets. Instead of panicking about OnStar and GPS units, we should be pressuring legislators and engaging in Yes Men-style activism.

    Not all legislators are corporate-owned empty suits.  Look at Grayson, Franken, Weiner, and Sanders.

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