Sen. Sherrod Brown Torches Dick Cheney on “Dithering”

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    Sen. Sherrod Brown does NOT pull any punches once he gets started, and this time he beat up on poor ole Shooter something awful.

    First Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) put up a lame defense for another 5 years of Afghanistan, but at least he was kind enough to throw Dick Cheney under the bus while he did it. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) then systematically torched Dick Cheney (Sith-Lizard planet) for being Co-Proesident to FAIL.

    More of a good torching below the fold.

   “To listen to Dick Cheney, who was the mastermind of the most failed decade of foreign policy that this country’s had at least in my political lifetime, perhaps my whole lifetime, perhaps my parents’ lifetime too, to listen to him when they talk about dithering… when their mistake was to attack Iraq and lose sight of Afghanistan… eight years of failure of [Hamid] Karzai, implicitly is eight years of failure and dithering by that administration.”

    Most FAILED of my lifetime.

    Most FAILED of my parent’s lifetime.

    WOW! Tell me what you really think, Senator Brown!

    And the best part? It’s all TRUE!

    You see, unlike the 21% of wingnuts who hate Obama now and loved George W. Bush on 1/20/09, between 55-75% of Americans remember George W. Bush. I know it wasn’t that long ago but we are still pretty traumatized.

    The people with memories in this country take offense at this kinda thing. When Dick’s like Cheney try to pretend like they had NOTHING to do with how FUBAR Afghanistan is, or the deficit or the economy or stuff like that, it is pretty laughable when I can remember the fact that it’s people like Dick Cheney’s fault, the Republican’s fault, and the Conservative Right Wing’s fault that things got that way.

    More and more I see that the Republican parties plan is to let things go to hell and then turn around and blame it on Obama and the Dems to 2010. They hope you are broke, unemployed and pissed off in 2010 so they can say “throw those bums out” and we are supposed to NOT remember the “Heckuvajob” conservatives and their FAILED dumbass ideas were that got us here in the first place.

    So here’s my toast to Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio for giving that Dick what forUnlike the reality deprived 20% of the dumbest, easiest to frighten rump of America, I remember, we remember, America remembers who got us lost, crashed the car and then forgot the  spare tire, and they are the Republicans, and they are NOT allowed to drive, let alone drive shotgun anymore.

    And tell that Dick Cheney that he is NOT Co-President anymore, and he won’t get to be every again.

    Dick Cheney is a WAR Criminal. Iraq was a WAR Crime. Dick Cheney and George W. Bush were Conservative Republicans. Never let them forget that.

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  1. Dick Cheney = FAIL

    Why didn’t I think of that?

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