Raise Your Hand If You Want The Public Option!

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Yay! Look at all those hands!

Ok now put your hand down…onto your phone….and dial 202-456-1111.

When the nice person answers tell the firmly but politely…but firmly, in a firm voice, the one you use for those times when it it is necessary to be, you know, firm…like now…

Please tell President Obama to MAKE (real firm, right there) Harry Reid include the Public Option in the final Senate Bill.

Because if you want a Public Option, that is about the only way we are going to get it.

Right now Harry Reid has FULL control over whether America gets a Public Option…..or gets forced to buy insurance by mandate from the insurance companies ….who are already threatening to raise rates.

As Majority Leader, Harry Reid can, as Chuck Schumer says in this video…

…Insert the Public Option into the final Senate Bill.

And you can see how happy Harry is about being reminded that it is all on him.

Harry Reid alone has this power. No other Senator even has input. Harry Reid now holds the future of Health Care in his hands and his hands alone.

And we all know what a bastion of fortitude and strength Harry is, right?

There is only one person who can influence him to make the right choice, to include the Public Option…that person is President Obama.

Senator Rockefeller confirms this.

So here we stand:

Harry Reid can CHOOSE, with nothing whatsoever stopping him, to put the Public Option in the final Senate Bill.

If he does this, it takes the magical 60 vote number to REMOVE it.

If he doesn’t and it has to be added as an amendment because Harry Reid CHOOSES not to add it to the final Senate Bill then it takes the magical 60 vote number to ADD it by amendment.

After years of watching Harry Reid as Majority Leader, raise your hand if you think he is going to do the right thing for the People of America.

After years of watching Harry Reid as Majority Leader, raise your hand if you think he is going to do the right thing for the Republicans and their Insurance Company owners.

Don’t forget in your equation that Harry is facing a tough election. How many think that Harry’s decision will be based not on what is best for The People but on what is best for Harry, and his electoral chances?



So….what can stop Harry Reid from screwing this up? As he has screwed up just about everything else? As Markos points out in this clip Harry is just flat out incapable of leading anything.

And right now what it will take to get the Public Option is leadership.

And right now we seem to have only one leader….Barack Obama.

Fortunately that one leader DOES have the power to force Harry Reid to include the Public Option in the final Senate Bill.

All he has to do is sit Harry down and look him in the eye and say…

“Harry, this will go down in history as MY Health Care Bill. I am not going to let you screw it up by not adding the Public Option. Do it.”

Everybody here who thinks “Cavin’ Harry Reid” is NOT going to cave to the President whose name is on the Bill raise your hand.

Yeah me too.

Harry would leave the Oval office and go put the Public Option in the final Senate Bill.

If you are only going to make one phone call on behalf of the Public Option and real Health care Reform…..make it NOW!

If you have been waiting fore the right time to get involved…to grab a mop….THIS IS IT!

Call the WH and tell the nice person….

Please tell President Obama to MAKE (real firm, right there) Harry Reid include the Public Option in the final Senate Bill.

THIS is the critical juncture.

No committees, no Republicans, no Snowe….just Barack and Harry. We are down to two people….and YOU can influence one of them.

With one simple phone call.

President Obama gets it….

“It’s smoke and mirrors,” Mr. Obama said. “It’s bogus. And it’s all too familiar. Every time we get close to passing reform, the insurance companies produce these phony studies as a prescription and say, ‘Take one of these, and call us in a decade.’ Well, not this time.”

….he just needs YOUR help to get Harry to get it too!

  Email here

   Phone and fax.

   Comments: 202-456-1111

   Switchboard: 202-456-1414

   FAX: 202-456-2461

Oh and while you have the phone in your hand, it couldn’t hurt to call your Representative and your Senators too!

You DO have them on speed dial right?

Here is the Time! Now is the Place! YOU are the hero!



You won’t get six steak knives, but you might just get real Health Care Reform!

And remember….every call also automatically adds a vertebrae to the Build Harry Reid a Spine Fund!


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  2. TTD = Time to Deliver day…

    Coming up this Tuesday, 10/20.  I got this email from Jeremy Bird, Deputy Director of Barack’s “Organizing for America”.  They are organizing over 1K gatherings around the country and to call in to Congress on Health Care.

    Please note that the invitation to call on Health Care DOES NOT mention the Public Option, nary a word.  I think we should all rsvp to attend these parties and repeat over and over; “No Public Option, then no Health Care Reform”.  And, by the way, call the WH on Tuesday as well.

    Sydney —

    With health insurance reform finally ready for consideration before the full Congress, we’ve set a big goal for this Tuesday: 100,000 calls to Congress made or committed to in a single day. We’ll make our voices heard above the din created by the insurance industry’s campaign of misinformation and fear and make sure our representatives know it’s finally time to deliver on health reform.

    But here’s the thing — if we’re going to get there, we need your help to reach out to friendly folks who still need to speak up in support of reform.

    We’re holding “Time to Deliver” call parties and neighborhood outreach events across the country. We’ll get together in living rooms and community centers, and reach out to supportive voters whose voices are particularly critical in this debate. We’ll talk to them about the President’s plan, and then we’ll ask them to call on their representatives to support reform and thank those already doing so.

    And the President will be joining all of the events that evening via an exclusive webcast — please find an event near you and RSVP today.

    You don’t need to have any experience to attend a Time to Deliver event. The host will have everything set up for you, so it will just be a great evening of reaching out to voters with your friends and neighbors and making a tremendous difference.

    We’ve set a big goal, but if we hit it, two things will happen: we’ll have set a new record for contacting Congress in a single day, and the phones in our representatives’ offices will be ringing off the hook the whole day, meaning our voices cannot be ignored.

    With more than 1,000 events happening on Tuesday, we’ve got everything set to reach our goal — but we need you to make it happen.

    Please RSVP for an event by you:


    See you out there,


    Jeremy Bird

    Deputy Director

    Organizing for America

    I used to say, “Hold Obama’s better instincts to the light,” but that was before I grew this angry.  Now I say, “Hold Obama’s feet to the fire.”

    • Edger on October 17, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    if all it takes to make Harry do this is Obama telling him to do it, then whether or not it gets included says more about Obama than about Reid, no?

    Obama only needs one vote (his own) to make it happen, so he can’t blame it on Reid.

    Did I miss something?

  3. okay


  4. but know what is going to transpire makes this a culture freeping issue.

    Not health insurance reform, western allopathic medicine reform!

  5. reform? This doesn’t look like it. I’ll call but I really resent calling and asking for something that I really don’t want in fact will avoid like the plague, and if this passes will end up a criminal, as I can’t afford it even at the rate of the PO.

    I want health care that is not for profit, otherwise it’s is not health care. I want it available to anyone who needs it. I want health care that is affordable for all who need it and free to those with no way to pay. I want health care that’s based on healing not fear and drugs. I want McDonalds out of the hospitals. I want triage available to anyone who needs it and if they live to not have their lives in ruins. I want health care that does not make a profit off my staying sick or dying. I especially don’t want to be forced into a system this inhumane and arrogant, and wouldn’t know well being and health if it bit them.

    Otherwise it’s not health care. Health and healing are not commodities, and the PO does not mean reform it just means you get to purchase your extortion from the feds instead   of the insurance cartel.

    I will call because if it does pass without the PO it will be even worse I suppose. But please stop saying that Obama wants us to force him to do the right thing.  When I called about FISA I was told if it’s a deal breaker so be it. How many deals are we supposed to allow to be broken before we realize that Obama is not the solution or that the Democratic party only makes deals with the devil, the ones that own them.          

  6. This was posted at Physicians for a National Health Program.

    Is There Any Way Out for Obama?

    By Leonard Rodberg

    Progressives worry that, if Obama’s health reform plan (hereafter called the “Plan”) fails to pass, a latter-day right-wing Gingrich movement will take over the Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012. What I have not heard, but what I am increasingly coming to believe, is that, if the Plan passes in any of its current forms, things will go just as badly for him! Why is that?

    The general reason is that the Plan is a DOG. It is a terrible, complex plan that will accomplish almost nothing. Relatively few people will benefit from it, while everyone who has to use health care will continue to experience the mess that is, and will continue to be, the American health care system. And, because of the new requirements built into the Plan, health care finance will become even more complex and confusing.

    More specifically:

    To read more, go to Physicians for National Health Program

    Leonard Rodberg, Ph.D. is Professor and Chair, Urban Studies Department, Queens College/CUNY

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