Obama gives us all a grand “f**k you!”

I’m sorry, but if this doesn’t leave you feeling completely sick to your stomach, you just haven’t been paying attention.

This is one of those times where the transparency is cranked up to 11, the veil falls away, and no pretense is made as to a political figure’s true position.   This is right up there with GWB’s “I call you my base” speech, one of those sickening moments that you will probably only see in a Michael Moore film, a moment that will leave you wondering “how come nobody noticed this when it happened?”

I’ll just get right to it, even though I’m tempted to go on about how disgusting it truly is:

In a glowing tribute to a Republican predecessor, President Obama on Friday praised President George H.W. Bush as an example of someone who eschewed “a life of comfort and privilege” and instead devoted himself to public service – inside government and out.

During an evening speech to honor the public service institute that Bush founded two decades ago, Obama called for cooperation between Republicans and Democrats. The former president, he said, proved that “the R or D next to your name is irrelevant” in challenging times.

“You might not always know it from watching the cable news shows or listening to folks on the radio,” Obama said, but “I think we’re standing in one of those moments.”

They were joined onstage Friday in the Texas A&M University auditorium by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who also served in the previous administration and was CIA director under the elder Bush.

Okay, I don’t even know where to begin here ….

For one thing, here’s the statement that is so ridiculously true, it’s like they are mocking us on purpose:

“the R or D next to your name is irrelevant”

That really does say it all.   There is no difference between the R’s and the D’s, especially when the D’s are honoring one of the great criminals of the 20th century, George Herbert Walker Bush.   The Bush family is nothing more than a criminal enterprise, literally a crime family, who are responsible for literally countless deaths, destruction, coups, wars, trickery, assassinations, corporate/government malfeasance, conspiracies, and worse.  

Yet here he is being “honored” by the member of the supposed “opposition” party who was swept into power by one of the greatest con jobs of all time, that of convincing the desperate American public that he was an agent of “hope” and “change”.


Next is the “you must think we’re really stupid” bullshit of this whole “public service” thing.   Public Service?   Are you fucking kidding me?   PUBLIC SERVICE from the BUSH FAMILY?   Is THAT what you’re CALLING IT these days?

Gangsterism, pure and simple, is now being called “Public Service”?

Sure, it’s a public service to start wars, destroy governments, conspire to assassinate folks who don’t play ball with you, to give your sons entire states to play with, to manipulate presidential elections, to con, to steal, to bankrupt …… You call that Public Service?

Okay.   In a world turned completely upside down and gone completely fucking MAD, we’ll call that Public Service from now on.

And it is utterly appropriate that they these two assholes, these two criminal fucks, were joined onstage by another monster criminal fuck, one Robert Gates, who Obama had the sheer audacity to keep on as head of the Pentagon, knowing that we wouldn’t give him one iota of shit for this.   The Obama-Con was so complete that Obama could literally wipe his ass with the Constitution on live television and everybody would swoon and cheer, and this is basically what he is doing at this point — he has done nothing but go out of his way to continue the policies of George Bush, one of the three criminal sons of the master criminal he is honoring here, knowing that nobody would say a peep and what’s more important, nobody could stop him even if they wanted to.

I don’t even know where to begin with Gates.  He’s a criminal from the GHWBush school, a crony, a former CIA guy along with “Poppy” Bush, and his rap sheet is a mile long.  Here’s just a tiny sample:

Revisiting Iran-Contra: The Nomination of Robert Gates

November 10, 2006

Ivan Eland

Most of official Washington has long believed that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld needed to be sacked. Unfortunately it took a major Republican loss at the polls to finally prompt George W. Bush to cut loose a key player from his inner circle.

The removal of Rumsfeld signals that Bush is listening to the voters and elected officials. However, the nomination of Robert Gates-a Bush family crony and former Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) under his father’s administration-to replace Rumsfeld will only create new problems for the president.

President Ronald Reagan had to withdraw Gates’ nomination for DCI in 1987 because of Gates’ involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. By 1991, after the heat had died down on the whole affair, President George H.W. Bush re-nominated Gates for the post, and he was confirmed.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, the Iran-Contra affair was worse for the republic than the Watergate scandal. The Nixon administration’s illegal spying and dirty tricks on political opponents and misuse of law enforcement and intelligence agencies were bad. But the Reagan administration’s evasion of a congressional ban on assisting the Nicaraguan Contras (the Boland Amendment) was a knife in the heart of the greatest power the Congress has under the checks and balances of the Constitution-the power of the purse. Illegal activities get more media and law enforcement attention than unconstitutional actions, but the unconstitutional ones are, by far, the most harmful to the country.


Gates’ role in ignoring Congress’s specific ban on assisting the Contras-one of the most dangerous threats to constitutional government in American history-should not be dismissed as merely “old news.” Apparently, the media and the Democrats are so relieved about getting rid of Rumsfeld that they appear to be doing just that. In a November 9, 2006 article, the Washington Post touted Gates’ extensive government experience, brilliance, bipartisanship, and pragmatic, consensus-building management style, but included only one sentence in Gates’ biography about his role in the Iran-Contra affair. The newspaper also cites praise for Gates from retired Senator Sam Nunn, the former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, whose questions led to the withdrawal of the first Gates CIA nomination in 1987. The Post quoted Nunn as complimenting Gates’ “ability to work closely with Congress on a bipartisan basis,” and noted that he “has a well-deserved reputation on both sides of the aisle for competency and integrity.”

Integrity in the nation’s capital apparently includes looking the other way when unconstitutional acts are being committed-even when those actions threaten the balance of power between government branches and the decentralized system of governance which makes America unique.

Here’s what Paul Wellstone had to say about Gates back in 1991:

“Robert Gates became the Deputy Director of the CIA in April, 1986, after a meteoric rise in the Agency,” Wellstone said. “His confirmation hearings provided ample and credible evidence that, as the Deputy Director, he repeatedly skewed intelligence to promote the world view of his mentor and his boss, William Casey. Analysts specializing in the Soviet Union, Latin America, Africa, and scientific affairs, came forward–some at risk to their careers in the agency–to provide examples. The record further strongly suggests that Robert Gates supported–passively or actively–terribly misguided or illegal covert operations, including the diversion of funds to the Nicaraguan Contras obtained through the sale of arms to Iran. He also had a hand in hiding some of the details of these covert operations from Congress. Lastly, the record showed that Robert Gates crossed the line from independent intelligence-gathering into high-profile policymaking when he gave speeches advocating an unyielding line toward the Soviet Union and deployment of a star wars missile defense system.”

Gates was involved in most of the high-level government frauds and crimes of the late 20th Century, including the October Surprise,  Iran-Contra Treason, Iraqgate Treason, and BCCI.   Any involvement with BCCI should be enough to put the man in prison for the rest of his life, but no, the man is running the military machine of the United States for those two men for whom the R’s and D’s after their names are admittedly irrelevant.  

More info on Gates here and here and especially here.    It’s a disgrace this man was nominated as Sec of Defense, and an even greater insult that he was confirmed without a fight, and it should be fighting words that Obama KEPT HIM AT THIS JOB.

But he wasn’t honoring Gates, now, was he, he was honoring the man who is even worse than Gates the man who heads up the most evil crime family to ever walk the planet (unless you can think of someone more influential, I sure can’t!).   Honoring him!    

GHW Bush’s father, Prescott, was involved in a conspiracy of industrialists to overthrow FDR in 1934.    That’s right, they had a coup of FDR all planned out, and it was thwarted at the last minute by one General Smedley Butler.   We’d all be speaking German now if Prescott Bush had his way in 1934.  

In November 1934, federal investigators uncovered an amazing plot involving some two dozen senior businessmen, a good many of them Wall Street financiers, to topple the government of the United States and install a fascist dictatorship. Roth’s novel is developed from several strands of this factual account; he assumed the plot is actually carried out, whereas in fact an alert FDR shut it down but stopped short of retaliatory measures against the plotters. A key element of the plot involved a retired prominent general who was to have raised a private army of 500,000 men from unemployed veterans and who blew the whistle when he learned more of what the plot entailed. The plot was heavily funded and well developed and had strong links with fascist forces abroad. A story in the New York Times and several other newspapers reported on it, and a special Congressional committee was created to conduct an investigation. The records of this committee were scrubbed and sealed away in the National Archives, where they have only recently been made available.

The Congressional committee kept the names of many of the participants under wraps and no criminal action was ever brought against them. But a few names have leaked out. And one is Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the incumbent president. Prescott Bush was of course deep into the business of the Hamburg-America Lines, and had tight relations throughout this period with the new Government that had come to power in Germany a year earlier under Chancellor Aldoph Hitler. It appears that Bush was to have formed a key liaison for the group with the new German government.

Prescott also helped finance the Nazis and profited off of concentration camp slave labor.   He helped finance the Nazis until the United States Government forced him to stop.   He also created Richard Nixon.     And he bred.  He had many sons, one of whom was George Herbert Walker Bush, the man being “honored” by our supposedly Democratic President, Barack Obama.

George HW Bush and his disgusting wife Barbara sired even more cohorts for the crime family, with the names George, Jeb, and Neil.

Neil was directly involved in the last manufactured financial “crisis” which nearly brought the financial world to its knees to the benefit of the crime syndicate.   Jeb was given the corrupt drug/terrorist port of Florida to control and use as the crime family needed, and George was given the State of Texas to fuck up in a practice run to see if he could become President, and indeed he did, through a massive conspiracy whereby the election was stolen in his favor.

But I’ll give you some links so you can look this stuff up for yourselves:

Here’s The Bush Crime Familiy Tree.  Here’s The Bush Family Values Photo Album.    Here’s Mother Jones’ excellent article on the Crimes of the Bush sons, “Bush Family Value$.  

I could just go on and on here.   This is, literally, barely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.   There are other Bush family members such as Marvin.    Pretty much any major scandal you can name from the last 50 years, no matter if it’s financial, political, CIA-based, or whatever, it involves these same people, over and over again.

And here are the photos of the latest Con Job on the world, whereby the People Who Really Run Things are laughing their asses off yet again, at us, and giving each other hearty slaps on the back:

Photo compilation originally from cryptogon.com.  

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    • Inky99 on October 18, 2009 at 7:34 am

    This should put an end to it.

    If not, well, I really can’t think of anything to say to you.

  1. by Russ Baker, “Family of Secrets”, an excellent account of the Bush crime family before Prescott to boy Bush.  HW stands out as the evil one, the one who would do absolutely anything without reservation.  

    Of course, this isn’t surprising.  Clinton and HW became best friends.  I knew immediately that torture investigations would not happen because of this fraternity type allegience among the Presidents.  

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because I’m pissed and he deserves it, Obama is the biggest Uncle Fucking Tom in history.  

  2. So whose side is Obama’s on?


    Obama’s Buddy

  3. http://www.dailykos.com/story/

    Guess who I am.  

    • dkmich on October 18, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    eschewed “a life of comfort and privilege” and instead devoted himself to public service


    To live a fucking life of comfort and privilege as a public servant with maids, cooks, body guards, world travel, feasts, designer gowns, silver, china, graft, payola, etc.   Obama is just bull shit.  Anybody who believes anything this man says needs to take a ride with balloon boy.  

  4. or even a democrat in the tradtional sense and if he is not he is a complete asskisser.  I wouldn’t have been rude to Bush, but to lie and say Bush has foregone a life of comfort, goes to far.  So far as I know, Bush is no monk.

    • Inky99 on October 18, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    Obviously George HW Bush is “the boss” and nobody is going to investigate the boss’s son.   Gates is “Uncle Bob” and would never let that happen either.

    This whole thing disgusts me more than anything else Obama has done so far.   This is like finding your wife in bed with your worst enemy.  

  5. Good essay, Inky, the Bushes and the CIA have been responsible for many if not all the shitballs that have been thrown at and into our country (well it used to be our country) for decades. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a glimpse of that little love letter that W the Lesser left for Obama in his desk when he left office? Come to think of it, maybe it wasn’t a love letter, maybe it was a message from Pappys’ CIA goons. I kinda picture it something like this (written in crayon of course):

    Dear Obi, I can call you Obi, can’t I? All us Good Ol’ Boys  at the C.I. of A. just luuuuv ya’ to death, if ya’ know what  mean, huh, huh, huh (smirk-smirk).


  6. that they’re “legitimate businessmen”.

  7. Great posting Inky. I have tried to explain Prescott and his brood many times to people. And nobody can believe it, or choose to even think about it, calling me a socialist. When I try to bring up prescott selling war materials to Germany, they call me a lair, and all sorts of denial comes racing out of their pie holes.

    It is beyond comprehension how fearful most people are, and over what? Fear of being shamed because they have been duped for so long? And that very same fear is going to destroy the environment.

    David Brin calls them the ostrich people. Very appropriate.

    Be well

    • Miep on October 20, 2009 at 4:27 am

    about how Bush eschewed a life of comfort and privilege.

    Just too painful to read.

    Thanks anyway, though, Inky. As always.

  8. just seems to be the different corporate owners taking pot shots at each within the frame work of the same official storyline. I did like the fact that Poppy called Rachael and KO sick puppies. It has become like a sports event where you root for one side of corporate sponsored players vs. another. Rachael and KO being my side, but both sides are just supporting the fictions.  

    I have come full circle from my original impetus, “I’m taking my country back and the vehicle I’m using is the Democratic Party”,  to our present dilemma. The plutocracy or whatever you call this nastiness, drives both parties and does own the place. So the dilemma your faced with politically is how to make the most impact you can via the entrenched system, or help tear it down. Can you do both? It seem any avenue you take the end result always ends up supporting the grip of the too bigs.

    The truth is actually well known but people have excepted the fictions as reality because their very way of life depends on keeping it going, they perceive it as in their self interest. They fear the chaos of the unknown, they fear letting go of an unsustainable fictional American Dream.

    At this point of absurdity perhaps ‘the fierce urgency of now’ will actually be their undoing. Hoping sure as hell won’t do anything nor will compromise, as compromise means a mutual settlement to a dispute. Mutual would mean that there is more then one side being considered and represented.                      


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