Obama = 1/3 Bush, or, at least, his US Attorneys are

    More than eight months after President Barack Obama took office, one third of the country’s U.S. Attorney offices are still run by prosecutors appointed during the administration of Republican George W. Bush, according to a review of data by Main Justice.

    At this point in October 2001 – after Bush succeeded Democrat Bill Clinton – less than 9 percent of the slots were occupied by Clinton holdovers.


    Change? Well, I guess if you consider taking a dollar and giving you back 67 cents change, you can count it as change, right?

    In an Administration so dedicated to bipartisanshit that they are seemingly willing to take the blame for fuck ups caused by their predecessors and risk becoming complicit in the last administrations war crimes, nothing speaks to the ineptitude of this current administration to distance themselves from or even address the failures of the criminal Bush/Cheney Administration than the fact that the Bush US Attorney’s who politicized the process of prosecuting matters of law is still more Bush than the Bush Administration was Clinton by this point in unpopularly elected, Supreme Court imposed Ex-President Bush’s first term.

    Between that and the Republiican dominated military appointments made by the Obama team since his election, the team of rivals is quickly starting to look like the team of people who undermine one another while appearing to not know what the fuck they are talking about.

    But as president, Obama has moved cautiously to replace U.S. Attorneys. While Bill Clinton asked for the resignation of all U.S. Attorneys after taking office in 1993 – a move that was criticized at the time as disruptive – the Obama White House has consulted closely with Republican senators. At times, the White House has delayed moving forward when GOP senators objected to an intended nominee. At the same time, some Democratic senators and House members have been slow in forwarding their recommendations for U.S. Attorneys to the White House, c0ntributing to delays, say people familiar with the process.


    Among the Bushie leftovers are Middle Alabama District US Attorney Leura Canary, who prosecuted Don Seigelman in a fradulent case, Bill Mercer of Montana, who managed to hold two jobs at once during his tenure and in New Mexico, Gregory J. Fouratt, who replaced US Attorney David Iglesias who refused to stage a witch hunt against ACORN, that evil group whi si guilty of the heinous crimes of registering minorities to vote and fighting Corporate America for a living wage for the proletariat.

     The end story, Obama really isn’t that different from Bush after all, or at least not as of now, almost a year since he won the election.

     But you can still cheer for change if you want. Hell, 2/3rds of change is better than nothing, right?


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  1. that’s where I’ll be stuffing all of those “Change we can believe in” slogans that failed to include the Change = 1/3 Bush realities

  2. whats up with all the hold ups?

    • dkmich on October 7, 2009 at 12:30

    Obama’s push for “any” health care bill really demonstrates how low his bar is set.   Besides good grammar and a great act, Obama has brought little change to the WH.  

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