Life in Mexico

I love my Mexico and the culture which is hard to understand at best.  I live in a small village about two kilometers from the beach, and when I say small, trust me.  I moved from the local tourist beach town in June and I have to admit that I love it here.  It is very quiet and I am the only gringa here.  I didn’t move to Mexico to join the Rotary and hang with the other gringos.  It seems like they are doing a fraud job on people and really not helping except to make us another US or Canada.

I have lived in this wonderful place for seven years now, and will never return to the US.

My life is pretty simple I guess, compared to my other life.  I lived in Palm Springs Ca. so this was quite a jump.  I have a very nice home that I pay 3000 pesos a month which is about 200USD.  I eat well and have three dogs, two cats, a tortoise, and a Mexican parrot named Mango.  I pay rent, electric, phone, and Sky tv.  That is it and the rest is mine to spend or save.

I want to share a bit of my life here.  I help rescue the poor animals that are no longer welcome when the babies arrive.  I help with a spay and neuter clinic which we have in November, and it is free to everyone.  It is a wonderful project and we have helped many animals with this.  The street dogs are so sad.  When you look into their eyes, you see the defeat.  It is so heart breaking because I know they were happy babies and thought everything was going to be good.  Then a new litter came along and they were discarded.  So very sad.  I cannot blame the Mexicans for this because they have no understanding of the feelings for the animals.  Besides that, most of them are very poor and have to choose whether to feed the children or the pets.  We are trying to educate them in this but it is very hard.

Basically, I have a very tranquil and happy life.  I have great neighbors who are ready to lend a hand if needed.  I have never encountered prejudice here except for the macho thing when the guy gets the sidewalk, but hey no big deal.

The food here is awful, but there are a few spots where I get it to go and fix it up at home.

All in all, I love my adopted country and have no plans to ever leave here.


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  1. Good to see you.

    Hope life is treating you well.

  2. Last time I read you was, I believe last year, y’all had some flooding in your area.

    I’d wish you would write more about your life in Mexico. Some of us may have to join you when we retire. I know I wouldn’t mind living in Mexico I’m used to the heat and as long as I can bring my dogs and cats I’m ok.

    DD is a good place to hang, educational, lots of humor and nobody gets nasty when we disagree. 🙂

  3. mango you are a dear for helping the street dogs.

    When you look into their eyes, you see the defeat.

    Aw, that breaks my heart.  I’m so glad you are there to care and do something about it.  Likewise for contributing to your community.   Please do write again.  I would love to hear more about Mexico and your place in the world.  

  4. tips for a tranquil life and helping the animals. your words really touched me, and I’d really enjoy hearing more about your experiences there. my partner’s reading over my shoulder and yelling ¡viste, viste! … we lived in DF 97-98 while I was teaching there, and he absolutely hated the food, too. I loved it – for me it’s always más pique, por favor! since the sun’s about to come up over the horizon here, ¡buenos días desde Puerto Rico!

  5. In Quintana Roo, near Tulum, the drought is severe also.  The mangroves are very, very dry, and that has led to a huge crop of mosquitoes.  The corn isn’t so good this year, yields are way down.  And the fruit isn’t great.  There’s, as usual, a danger of dengue when there are so many mosquitos.

    Price of fruits and vegetables is way, way up also. Only thing that has remained steady seems to be fish.  Oh.  And beer.

    I wish you’d write more about your life there.  It would  help people in the States have a better understanding of Mexico and the rest of Latin America.  

    • triv33 on October 5, 2009 at 21:35

    I don’t think you’re a bad writer at all. I would love to hear more about your life in Mexico.  


  6. you dont have to be a “writer”, just tell us some stories… 🙂

    Jalisco, eh?

    Jalisco is known for being the birthplace of Mariachi music, Tequila, Vicente Fernandez, and Carlos Santana.

  7. and how I envision living as an ex-pat anywhere. Social immersion rather than exceptionalism.

    I would rather live in a dirt floored shack with the people than in some gated white american ex-pat community, whose only connection with the indigenous is their housekeepers, the street bands and their pot connections.

    Of course, my actual material needs are close to nonexistent. At least in a place without snow. Heh.

    Many blessings to you.


    • RiaD on October 7, 2009 at 02:37

    to see this mango!

    last i saw you a hurricane had just been thru & your town was in dire straits.

    i’ve thought of you often since then, wondering how you are.

    i love your writing. & i second or third or fourth all the others who want you to Write More. just write what you feel, how you see it…. it’s perfect!

    • mango on October 7, 2009 at 03:30

    I will try to post more often.  I had no idea that people were interested in how it really is here in my Mexico.

  8. at other blogs?

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