Health care reform, not an insurance company bailout

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Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee passed the Baucus health care bill.  

What a disappointment. No public health insurance plan. No universal coverage. No real price controls. Billions of taxpayer dollars for insurance companies.

Tell your members of Congress to support the best and simplest reform plan: Medicare for all.

After you take action, please help build the momentum for real health reform by telling 5 friends.

The U.S. health system has left 46 million Americans uninsured. [1]  45,000 people die every year due to lack of insurance. [2]  Insurance companies deny coverage to thousands more when they actually get sick. And insurance is simply too expensive for millions of people and businesses.

The Baucus bill solves none of those problems.  

By contrast, Medicare is so efficient that it could insure all Americans for the same amount of money that we now give to private corporations. [3]

Under such a single-payer system, you still get to choose your doctor… except without a profiteering insurance corporation standing between you and your health care.

Will you ask Congress to support real reform — in terms they can understand?

Yes! I’ll tell my members of Congress that I won’t support them unless they support Medicare for all.


(1)  “Income, poverty and health insurance coverage in the United States: 2008.”  Census Bureau, September 10, 2009.

(2)  “Harvard study finds nearly 45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage.” Physicians for a National Health Program, September 18, 2009.

(3)  “Single payer system cost?” Physicians for a National Health Program.  


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  1. when you try to pass “health care reform” with the wrong politicians.

    The attempt to impose cost controls may kill the whole package.  The insurance companies have threatened to raise everyone’s rates 110%, and the cost-controllers are balking at the subsidy.  No subsidy, no mandate; no mandate, no insurer endorsement of the bill, thus no endorsement of the bill by their paid-off proxies in Congress.

  2. it sucks — all of it.  It is a surreptitious attempt to “snow” the American people once again. So far, the bills that have been introduced are to benefit the healthcare insurance industries, with almost NO benefit to the American people, but an assured penalty to those who do not buy the insurance.  Money, money, money — while people DIE for the lack of health care insurance.  This country is SOO, SOO, SICK!

    I think we need to get rid of all our legislators who are AGAINST a single-payer, strong public option plan for all the people in this country!  PERIOD.

    Michael Moore sums it up very nicely here!

    Can you imagine how other industrialized, yet civilized nations must look upon us?  That we are SO CALLOUS that we allow our people to die because of whatever misfortune might befall them?  


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