Grayson: Fox and Republicans “The Enemies Of America”

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That was just one of a host of new lines that Rep. Grayson threw out there tonight on the Ed Show. My other favorite was when he said the party of No has become the party of Nobody.

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Transcript (by me, it may not be perfect)

Ed: Congressman it seems you’ve got tremendous reaction from the way you’ve been handling critics. And the White House is starting to go after critics, including Fox News. Do you think this is a good strategy? Does this work? Does this have the potential to continue to gain support?

Alan: Sure, what you do with a bully is you confront a bully and then the bully backs down. And that’s a good description of Fox News. People come on the air, they insult them as they did me. They cut off their mikes as they did me. They shout at them and interrupt them as they did me. And they even curse at them as they did me. Why would anyone think Fox News is some sort of valid news organization when they do something like that. Fox News and the National Enquirer are basically interchangable.

Ed: So the President and the White House going after Fox News you think is a good strategy?

Alan: Sure. It’s either that or ignore them like the rest of America does. There are 307 million Americans in this country. Barely 3 million of them have ever tuned into Fox. That means that 99% of Americans have the good sense to ignore them.

Ed: OK. Now the public policy polling was out there and the question was does President Obama love America. And we were shocked at this. 73% of Republicans say No or They’re Not sure. In your opinion how have we gotten to this point in this country?

Alan: Because Republicans do nothing but vilify their enemies and nothing else. All they do is try and distract people from issues of healthcare, issues of jobs, issues of energy independence. They’ve got nothing. And because of this the party of No is well on their way to becoming the party of nobody.

Ed: Well in the Senate today, this is Lamar Alexander the Senator from Tennessee comparing President Obama to the crook Richard Nixon.

Alexander: As any veteran of the Nixon administration can tell you , we’ve been down this road before and it didn’t end well. The only reason I mention this is because I have an uneasy feeling only 10 months in we’re seeing the same kind of animus in the Obama administration.

Gregg: I take it the Senator from Tennessee is saying that this administration is Nixofying the White House

Ed: Nixofying the White House? What should be the proper response to that Congressman?

Alan: Fox News and their Republican Collaborators are the enemy of America. They’re the enemy of anybody who cares about healthcare in this country. The enemy of anybody that cares about educating their children. The enemy of everybody who wants energy independence or anything good for this country. And certainly the enemy of peace. They are the enemy.

Does this need to be fleshed out?

We need more truth tellers like Congressman Grayson. Call your Congresscritter right now and leave a message that you “are proud of Congressman Grayson, and damn it would be nice to be proud of my own Congressperson like that!!” It’s possible your Rep needs more information about how they can represent you, and do it in this new digital age.

When I called my Congresswoman’s office her staffer said, “well the media chooses what to put out there.” That’s just not true anymore. They need to get a flip video camera and get on youtube. Then hit the blogs and if you have something worthwhile to add, it’ll be on TV.

Please donate if you can send a few dollars. That’s the link through the Progressive Electorate (a site of Kossacks that I am an admin on)

One more thing: Grayson has been a Kossack for quite sometime. He has a 5 digit UID. Check out this comment from 2006!!

It’s hard to keep up on everything Grayson does. He’s on the top of the rec list right now, and I’m sure he set a record for the Representative with the most comments in one thread. 73!!

Also on the House floor he introduced his new website Names of the Dead. Com that honors the memory of those that lost their lives because they had no healthcare or health insurance.

Grayson put up 4 videos on his youtube in the last day! Here are the two others

He questions Georgia Rep Broun if he knows what a bill of attainder is

Yesterday he put in an amendment to stop people from going broke or homeless


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  1. These New Breed Democrats are awesome.. Grayson, Weiner, Franken, Sanders, Frank.. we need more more more! You guys have any favorite candidates for 2010?

    • Inky99 on October 22, 2009 at 9:52 am

    that’s how bad it’s gotten in this country.

    He’s just telling the truth and everybody’s all “YEEEE HAWW!!!

    I love the guy.   But talk is cheap.  Obama used to talk a pretty good game.

    I want action.

  2. I was born here,raised here, was even a Boy Scout here but your country, your flag and all the soldiers who died in every war died for nothing.  What are the merits of parasitic global corporate fascism.

    Swine flu eugenics programs, the globalization of poverty, mind control and microchips for the peasants and frankenfoods for all, just to name a few imminent disasters.

    See ya at the FEMA quarrantine center.

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