Dynamic Duo: Moyers and Greenwald

Actual smart people actually talking about actual issues!

Well worth the investment of your time. The end of part two is just devastating to the War Machine.


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    • Edger on October 31, 2009 at 19:14

    Jeeze. What’s the world coming to?

  2. give me something to do tonight while I sit here all by myself alone with the porch lights off…. wah wah wah.

    thanks, buhhhhd.

  3. …wasn’t bad either with a fine piece by James K. Galbraith on the economy, an interesting item on Buckley and conservatism by Brookhiser, a great,  but short comment by Moyers on Afghanistan, and brief mention of Bacevich and Greenwald.  Find it in October 30, ’09 program of “Journal” .

    Finding the truth spoken as in Greenwald/Moyers above is like finding an oasis in the desert when on the verge of my final demise from thirst.

    Thanks for the post buhdy.

  4. the American people?  IOW, things are so obvious now as to what is happening and why, and that Obama is simply continuing and expanding the elite’s goals and agendas, why aren’t they up in arms?  Greenwald’s reference to feeling impotent is hard to argue.  But it’s more than that I would think.  Talking to average citizens, they still have no idea what is really going because the only news they see is geared toward keeping them confused, scared, and patriotic.  If they would only read or watch videos such as these, maybe that impotence would turn to anger and action.  75 million American people do not have access to the internet. And typically those are the worst affected by the corporate imperialist machine.  The people who should be the most angry and more reason to storm the gates, are kept subjegated from information and made impotent.  

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