Drop Dead Dick Cheney Day


I don’t know if this is going to get me in trouble or not. I suppose on the one hand it’s advocating murder on some level, though we can argue the word-smithing later. On the other hand, this proposal isn’t anything more than a scientific experiment and if it works it can easily be argued Dick Cheney gave his life for science.


So, here’s the deal: With all the hoopla lately over Dan Brown’s latest installment of lollipop fiction, The Lost Symbol, in addition to the Freemasons he has also brought attention to the emerging science called Noetics.

All matter is interconnected and thoughts are matter. Our thoughts and emotions effect, change and create our ‘reality.’ Literally. It’s also been shown scientifically that when people combine their thoughts – group meditations and healings etc. – the effect is amplified – the goal is more readily achieved. The idea is if enough people at the same time focus upon the same thought or idea, then this idea will manifest within our ‘reality.’ I know, it sounds crazy right? But, dude, quantum physics is insane.

So, that is why I propose, only as a scientific experiment: Dick Cheney Drop Dead Day.

I think you can guess where this is going. See if enough people dedicate the same thirty minutes on the same given day, adjusted for all the world’s time zones and for thirty minutes millions and millions of people focus on this one thought: Drop Dead Dick Cheney – and he actually did drop, then that could go a long way toward our understanding of ‘reality’ and change the world we live in. Dick Cheney, instead of being one of the most inhumane, cruel and vicious war criminals to ever walk the planet (and that’s saying something), he could go down in history as the man who was sacrificed for a transformative knowledge which changed everything away from the Orwellian/Draconian/Machiavellian post-911 world and toward The Age of Boy That Was Close But I Think We Finally Got It Right.

Imagine if we had this knowledge back when Hitler was jerking off into Templar skulls and chanting about the Age of The New Horus.

And now we do. Assuming it works. And that’s what we’ve got to find out.

Now, no one knows the precise equation for success. How many directed minds with how much fervor over a sustained period of time equals the manifestation of the desired goal into ‘reality’? How can multiplied fervor be measured over ‘distance’? Does information travel through the interwoven universe at the speed of light? Faster? How much does ‘structure’ impede the flow of energy?

The problem is we cannot really measure mechanics on the subatomic level. Only effect. We can some see something does happen but not how. We just took our first snapshot of a single molecule. A million times smaller than a grain of sand. Made up of 36 atoms. Pulsing in and out of the universe. It’s a blurry image. As though, the universe is saying, ‘you can see my clothes, but I’ll never give up my secrets.’

So as science pushes further and further to see things smaller and smaller, it is up to intrepid scientists such as ourselves to experiment with our interconnected realities and see how we can affect change on a grand scale through our focused and perseverant thoughts.

And what better target than Dick Cheney. First off, he’s not in great health, he’s getting older and he’s a world class son-of-a-bitch. If there were such a thing as death panels, I think we know Cheney would be left hanging out to dry for the pre-existing conditions of a bum-ticker, a closed mind and smug demeanor which masks his knowledge when he finally reaches the Pearly Gates there will be hell to pay.  

Admit it, if you heard Dick Cheney dropped dead of natural causes you’d be a bit pissed he got off so easy. His crimes merit a punishment worse than death for all the death, destruction and millions of ruined lives left in the wake of his paranoid delusions and sociopathic zealotry. Dick Cheney deserves circles of Hell dedicated in his honor. He deserves torture and slow death.

So, really, this proposed scientific experiment, if it works, actually lets him off easy. If he were to simply drop dead, well he’s almost dropped dead several times in the past, this experience will probably be somewhat familiar and comforting to him. We’re being humane in a case which deserves cruel barbarity. We are leading by example. Wishing Dick Cheney to drop dead for all his ignorant misdeeds is rational and kind. We don’t want to punish him and cause him more than momentary pain; we just believe he should be put down for the betterment of humanity.

So, let’s pick a day and a time and ready our announcements around the world to see if we can progress scientific knowledge and advance humankind out of the Dark Age of Fear and Loathing and into a new world of peace and light where our leaders understand if they go down the Cheney Road of the cruel and unusual, then they are apt to stand for accountability through the ultimate Democracy of a People’s mind-meld.

We are done being dictated to and cowed through intimidation. There is a secret they don’t want us to know.

We really do have the power. We are the gods. And people like Dick Cheney are nothing but boogeymen to be shown the door.

So, on some hazy day in November, let’s gather to rejoice in our power and show the world our understanding of science and faith and determine for Dick Cheney to just drop dead.

It’s the least we can do.



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    • gottlieb on October 23, 2009 at 3:32 pm
    • TMC on October 23, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    wish this man ill, no matter how evil he is. On the other hand, I can hope that he eats “thit” and lives. 😉

    • icosa on October 23, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    I know this stuff works.  I say November 22, a day everyone can remember.  You are right, no one will know we did it because he is already a dead man walking…rofl.    

  1. So excuse me for going off a little here.

    But do you really think that THIS is a good use of the power you are talking about?

    You could do the same thing for World Peace or to end world hunger or to any number of constructive UNCHENEYLIKE things.

    In 1987 this same energy was used during the Harmonic Convergence when over 144,000 people gathered at sacred sites to use this tool for World Peace. Call it coincidence if you want but within five years the threat of Global Thermonuclear War between the Soviets and the US was gone.

    Using this power to kill someone is something Cheney himself would do.

    Please rethink your approach.

    Cheney’s karma will take care of Cheney, we need to be spreading peace and love with this power if you really believe in it, not death.

    Sorry  gottlieb, nothing personal…like I said… I am in a REALLY shitty mood

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