Correction: Obama could never = the last a$$clown no matter how bad he might Phuck Up

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    I felt a correction was in order after the diary I wrote yesterday. Upon deeper introspection I have come to the conclusion that no matter how bad Obama might phuck up he couldn’t possibly be worse at Presidenting than the last a$$clown who tried.

    And upon being reminded what a phuck up the last guy was, I would like to invite you all to please join me in remembering the EPIC and Ongoing FAIL that was the George W. Bush legacy.

    Former President George W. Bush told more than 11,000 people at the Fort Worth Convention Center that he was confident he made the right decisions as president, even if it hurt his popularity.

    “Every single day I was honored to be your president by bringing honor and dignity to the office,” Bush said Monday afternoon, during his first foray into motivational speaking, at the day-long “Get Motivated” seminar.

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     Get Motivated! by the biggest Presidential Failure since Herbert Hoover!

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    More EPOCHAL FAIL below the fold.

    Still confident? Still confident! I guess the defining trait of Bush Jr will always be the ability to look at a drowned American city or a destroyed global economy and think “America, Phuck Yeah! I doneaheckuvajob, huh?”

    Never let a lil ole thing like REALITY get in the way of your overblown sense of self accomplishment.

    “It’s so simple in life to chase popularity, but popularity is fleeting,” Bush said. “It’s not real.”

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    Popularity doesn’t matter when you are at 22% and you know the voice in your head you call God that sounds like Cheney says you are right.

    Before Terry Bradshaw took the stage, George W. Bush told a crowd that he was “Confident” he made the right decisions despite the nation in ruins he left behind at the end of his Presidency. Bush warmed up the crowd for Terry Frigging Bradshaw. What was Terry the President of? Polk High?

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“From a personal perspective, I don’t see how you can be president without relying upon an almighty,” Bush said.

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     That muffled voice that Bush heard and thought was God? That was Dick Cheney talking through the intercom. Who needs free will or ideas when God just tells you to do stuff like invade countries or cut taxes for the rich.

    Bush praised the Free Markets ability to spend your money better than you, he was proud of his “compassion” for some reason or another, and the yokels in Texas who attended the Confidence building conference clapped and laughed, though reports say that Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Terry Bradshaw was way funnier.

     In my frustration over fixing the wreckage left behind by the Bush/Cheney Co-Presidency I have forgotten what an awful, incompetant idiot Bush was. In my anger at the obstructionism on the right and the slow creep of Washington D.C. to do anything I have forgotten how the mess got here in the first place.

     In my attempt to put out the fire I got mad at the firefighter for not going fast enough. I forgot about the moron manchild with matches who burned the house down in the first place.

     Therefore, I would like to make the following correction.

     No matter what President Barack Obama does or does wrong, he couldn’t possibly come close to the EPIC and Ongoing FAIL that was the lass a$$clown who tried his hand at Presidenting.

     Obama could run amok with a flamethrower in the Library of Congress and we’d still be better off as a nation than where we were under the last guy.

     The skies could go dark, the ocean might go acidic, the ice caps might melt and Barack Obama would STILL be better at his job then Bush was.

     Bush was really that bad. Bush was so naturally incompetant that anything that might go wrong during Obama’s tenure simply can not be worse because Obama at least will figure out quicker that something is wrong, whereas Bush would assume it was an accomplishment either way, no matter how bad of a phuck up it was.

     And to list Bush’s “accomplishments” I give you this very short list, as the long version would cut into my finite life span drastically.

Steal Election

Destroy Kyoto Treaty

Politicize Justice Dept

Tax Cuts for the rich


Boring Terrorist memo


“Bring it on”


Patriot Act


Tax Cuts for the rich


Pull out of Afghanistan while al Qaeda is on the ropes in Tora Bora


Invade Iraq

Mission Accomplished


Enron Scandal

Commit War Crimes

Begin finishing off middle class


Heckuvajob Brownie

Almost Privatized Social Security

World Wide Recession Begins

American Economy Collapses

middle class officially destroyed; Mission Accomplished

TARP free money with no strings attached for rich friends

Get shoe thrown at him in Iraq



     By my accounts, Obama would have to start and phuck up two wars, destroy an American city AND build back the economy just to destroy it all over again to even come close to = Bush, let alone be worse than him, and Biden would have to shoot someone in the face for extra points.


    So I stand corrected. If Obama melted down the Statue of Liberty and turned it into a missle aimed at destroying the moon he might come close to a Bushian level of FAIL, but even then it would take some work. Being as clueless and yet proud as Bush takes a certain special type of a$$clown that I pray to the Gods we never experience again in our lifetimes.

    Bush’s Legacy would look like this if there were any justice in the world, though doing speeches for $20 a person before Terry Bradshaw might be a close third or fourth.

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    Actually, this would suit George W. Bush even better.

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  1. Obama could go Wayne Brady crazy slapping people for the next 7 or so years and his FAIL would still cower before the might of Bush’s FAIL

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    • TMC on October 27, 2009 at 15:20
  2. Although you’re being premature either way.  It took Bush over two years to put his fail in place.  We’ll have to see what the exact fallout from the bank bailouts will be, as well as his decision on Afghanistan and the quest for supremacy in Eurasia.  Assuming that goes like it’s appears to be going, Obama just may have little Bushie beat in the long run.  It may not be what he had in mind when he decided to run for Prez, but it may be unavoidable.  

  3. is an accellerated movement into parasitic global corpo-fascism.  We don’t have that incompetence theme going for us anymore.

    We no longer need companies that specialize in controlled demolition because taking a building down at free fall speed into its own footprint can be accomplished with a simple office fire.

    Eight full years after 911 pilots are arguing over getting corpo-screwed, overfly the airport and still nobody scrambles.

    TV tells me to ask for a public option while I beg,plead, with my daughters to avoid a vaccine Obama won’t give to his kids.  I am thankful one grandson lives off the town water grid and praying the Oathkeepers specifically the Three Percenters isn’t a false flag organization.  I avoid the doctor’s office like the bubonic plague because Mass makes me buy junk insurance I can’t afford and have no desire to generate digital medical records they can hold against me at my age.  I need to find out why I am on the secret Homeboy Stupidity no work list.  Counter the most Satanic marketing meme of all time, Big Al’s carbon footprint flat earth society and worry about Ma, 80 and Dad, 86.

    Getting ready for the next evil theme of service, the civilian draft of the carbon Gestapo.  Like I outlined before corporate owns my wife so your flag, your country and all of the soldiers who died for “freedom” have died in vain.  For nothing except to prop up the few global elites.

  4. my pet goat and katrina cake. thats a pretty horrific FAIL to beat.

    OT. Husband home sick yesterday and today… nasty cold. hope to be back here manana.

    • Inky99 on October 27, 2009 at 19:59

    I sorta prefer the ugly face, at least we knew what we were dealing with.

    I’d rather have the obviously sleazy guy trying to con me instead of the incredibly charming guy who I WANT to like, and who has pushed all my bottons.

    Who is more dangerous?

    • robodd on October 28, 2009 at 03:36

    BTW, where is he heading on his tour?  I got some stikin sneakers that need a tossing.

    • Diane G on October 29, 2009 at 12:48

    I’m trying to reach you about tomorrow…. email me dear one!

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