Bring our troops home from Afghanistan

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President Obama will soon decide whether to send as many as 60,000 additional U.S. soldiers to the war in Afghanistan. [1]

Let's urge Obama to live up to his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Tell him to withdraw troops from Afghanistan — not send more.

The U.S. military has been in Afghanistan for more than 8 years. Enough is enough.

It's no surprise that 59% of Americans now oppose sending more troops to Afghanistan. [2]

We need to remind Obama that Lyndon Johnson's choice to escalate the Vietnam War doomed his domestic agenda to failure.

Tell President Obama today to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.



(1) Peter Spiegel and Yochi Dreazen, “Top Troop Request Exceeds 60,000.” Wall Street Journal, October 9, 2009.

(2) Paul Steinhauser, “CNN Poll: Will Afghanistan Turn Into Another Vietnam?” CNN, October 19, 2009.



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    • Inky99 on October 23, 2009 at 11:35 am

    24/7 indefinitely.

    $133 million dollars a DAY.

    For what?

    It’s almost like someone in charge wants to bankrupt American on purpose.

  1. If 59% of Americans oppose the war, maybe that`s where the public option should be also.

    Or at least opt out of it.

    This is not a war of necessity, but a war of obscenities.

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