Bigger Than Crack Cocaine

Would be US media.

We saw it in the run up campaign which got us into Iraq and Afghanistan.

We saw it in the bail out plan for Bernie Madoff type Wall Street ponzi scammers.

We are seeing it now, the marketing plan for swine vaccines.

And I’m going to tell you about the next evolution of media, mandatory volunteerism.

Come to think of media is more than a single drug but a class of opiates taylored to your preference.  For “right-tards” we have Fox, for “whoosie” liberals we have MSNBC and for insane lunatics like me Alex Jones, Infowars.

Propaganda, repeated over and over and over enough times prompts sheeple to react.  It has been proven time after time.  In addition to that the media of your choice allows you to marginalize whatever the “other side” says.  They are after all “the enemy”.…

In all prior years flu shots MIGHT have saved you from getting THE flu but THE flu changes as it goes through the population so there was no EMERGENCY. No push for quarrantine camps, road stops or RFID bracelts saying you got the shot.  When I was a kid people actually got measles, mumps thus getting their immunity naturally and not through a repeated, repeated and repeated series of injections.  The town square had two small pharmacies and we didn’t own our diseases, we got better, recovered.

Our “future” lies with all the civil rights of Red China…