Anti Science Climate Crisis Propaganda is Working

The number of Americans who believe that climate change is real has declined in the last year, but a majority do see convincing evidence of global warming, according to a new poll.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found 57 percent of Americans see “solid evidence of warming,” compared to 71 percent in April 2008, and 77 percent in August 2007.


Since 2008, the proportion of Americans who describe global warming as the result of human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels, has also sharply dropped from 47 percent to 36 percent, the survey found.

The article also says that only 35 percent of people feel that Climate Crisis is a “very serious problem.” That is down from 45 percent previously.

This proves two things:

1) A large chunk of The American People are still stupid.

2) Propaganda still works better than science on stupid people.

I really hate calling people stupid.

But really, the science just proved it.

And this story, these facts, are all about what forms the individual belief system. After all the science proves that Climate Change is occurring. There IS no serious rebuttal to the science. Add in the fact that the evidence of Climate Change can be easily seen and measured by even an observant lay person.

Yet an increasing chunk of people choose to disregard the science and to believe the propaganda bought and paid for by the Energy Corporation Arm of The Ruling Class….those who will have to GASP! cut their profit margin under even the weakest Climate Legislation possible.

But perhaps they are not stupid? Perhaps they are just afraid of what the data means? That there is an approaching menace…

…that they feel they have no control over…

…and so it is easier to deny the crisis and their fears and hopelessness and just believe the comforting propaganda and deny the facts?

Nope, come to think of it, that still makes them stupid, it just adds a note of pathos to the whole deal.

Since I am in a curmudgeonly and misanthropic mood these days I will just include one more link to sum up what I think about a percentage of people who prefer to stick their head in the sand rather than believe the overwhelming scientific consensus about an existential but still somewhat preventable FACT that threatens every sentient being on earth.



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    • TMC on October 23, 2009 at 20:15

    I have actually encounter a few contributers to that gene pool over my years in Emergency Medicine. It certainly is proof that humans are stupid and it is a lethal gene at times. Although, I used to think from the data that the gene was recessive. After the last 30 years of really stupid choices in the voting booth, I am convinced that it is a dominant gene.  

  2. Yes.  Plastic albatross entrails.

    Do I buy Al Global’s most convienient ruse of crash all trade and gimme alla you money just so Bernie Madoff characters can swim in it?


    What do I see.

    Dennis Kucinich and two versions of the space preservation act.

    Kay Baileys Weather Modification Bill.

    Russia wants to make it not snow in the city of Moscow.

    China admits to altering the weather.

    Chemtrails did abate for the month of August in my area but have started up again since.

    Project Camelot reports of massive CME earth ending events in 2012.  Their science and multiple fields of research do make Al Gore sound like an obvious piss poor used car salesman.

    Pending the imminent destruction of my life style/ me recycling is out the window.

  3. but it does give one pause and concern with regard to the future……

    as you know I can not be counted amongst the optimists……

    I fear we have as a species the ability to create a world that is more distinctionaly complex than the median phenotypic expression of our genome can accurately engage…..

    this makes it a matter of survival for the average individual to acquire simplifying beliefs(aka ignorance)…..

    the alternative is to slide into disfuntional disengagement with their own world……..

    that and dissociative disengagement creates dsitortions in their perception of the world…..

    and then comes the msm and the numbness they offer with their reduction of the complexity of modernity…….

    the sheeple will follow their carrot right off the cliff………

    there is no way in hell the human race stands a chance…..

    so what do we do about that distasteful possibility…..

  4. But what if it’s Interplanetary Climate Change?

    As in, ALL the planets are “warming”, a la David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland? (And NASA?)


    Denial outright, I think, is indeed stupid. But denial of the basis of human activities accounting for “global warming” might have legs.

    I have often wondered if in 2000, Gore was pulled aside and told, “Look, you’re not going to “win”, but here: Here’s another torch to carry..” (“And you might make some serious coin doing so..”)

    2012 here we come.

    • Joy B. on October 23, 2009 at 21:04

    … implementing them is a challenge. One that can and MUST begin at a local level and grow from there, because of the corporate corruption of our erstwhile government. About which there isn’t much we can do.

    No, we cannot convert it all now. But we can make significant inroads, as we’ve done here in my region by getting together as organic producers and joining associations with our more conventional farming neighbors. When certification became such a hoop-jump – expensive as well as difficult to sustain if GMOs and crop dusters are in the neighborhood – we speak out and distribute literature at Co-Op meetings about the trap of Monsanto’s seed monopoly and chemical hegemony, about the hoops we had to jump, about how our neighbors could harm us without meaning to, and about the significant premium our neighbors could earn through developed organic markets if they simply went back to farming the way they did before there was RoundUp Ready. It has worked amazingly well, and the markets keep expanding. Now there’s agritourism, hands-on herb walks and organic training on the farms, CSAs galore, wonderful organic wineries/B&B/gourmet organic concerns, big organic farms and more customers than all of us together can ever supply.

    After getting Asheville’s entire public transportation and city fleet trucks switched over to 100% biodiesel, we’re now working on expanding distribution to the hinterlands so that the petro-intensive ag industry can go biodiesel as well. Mr. Diesel did invent his engine to run on peanut oil, you know. More composting – huge acreage set aside all over the place for yard/tree, livestock and garbage waste composting free by the truckload (U-haul-it) has replaced literally tens of tons’ worth of petro and coal-ash based fake fertilizers. It’s growing every year.

    It’s not enough. Won’t stop the rain, but will help sustain us anyway even if everything else falls apart. I’ve grown past the hope that climate change can be stopped, or that idiots will ever grow brain cells. When it comes to that, coming Home is the best thing to do. And horseman, we still recycle. Will continue to recycle and eschew plastics. Because it’s our land – our Home – and we will defend it with our lives.

  5. Since 2008, the proportion of Americans who describe global warming as the result of human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels, has also sharply dropped from 47 percent to 36 percent, the survey found.

    OK, even if its true that Global Warming is not caused by human activity (I know, I know), isn’t it still incumbent upon us to act to prevent worldwide catastrophes caused by the phenomenon?

    Or is it enough to for these people to say, “sure billions of people are going to die, but hey, it’s not our fault”?

    • Inky99 on October 24, 2009 at 09:05

    is the emphasis on reducing carbon emissions to “solve” this whole thing, when it seems pretty bloody obvious that’s sorta like telling a lung cancer patient to avoid 2nd hand smoke.

    We have cut down the rainforests of this planet at an astonishing rate, and we are in the midst of one of the “Great Extinctions” the planet has ever experienced.

    Might it be sort of a GOOD IDEA to discuss NOT cutting down the rain forests, and doing whatever we can, on an international level, to actually, perhaps BRING THEM BACK somewhat, so the planet can again breathe?

    All this bullshit about reducing emissions when that is only part of the problem AND it’s probably the least likely thing to happen!

    Why is that?

    Is it so they can do this cap and trade bullshit and make money?   Or something else?

    We’ve destroyed the lungs of the planet, and everybody is running around totally IGNORING that MINOR fact.

    And instead insisting that switching over to electric cars and changing our lightbulbs is gonna change everything.

    The whole response to global warming seems, thus far, to be completely insane to me.

    I mean, sure, let’s reduce emissions, but holy shit let’s quit destroying the planet, how ’bout!?

    Cutting our lungs out and then complaining about allergies, that’s what this seems to be like to me!

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