A New Campaign: Kill the Korporate Party

Wow. People all over the blogosphere are having some kind of mass crisis of faith. From GBCB diaries, to doom essays, to cocoon metaphors, to isolate yourself, to conquer them with the loooooooove, the weather in the tubes seem mostly cloudy with a chance of self-destruction.

We all have our own feelings as we watch not one change we had hoped for come trotting over the pass. There is no shining armor, there are no letters to deliver, there will be no smiting of the temple money changers. Yeah, it all gets to be an emotional drag.

It’s still yesterday without the singular focus of a Bush or Cheney to vent against. Instead, it’s yesterday with a face that is hard to rally against. A black man, a man who speaks with big words and clear eyes. A man with a hot wife and adorable kids. A man who the right continues to vilify, perhaps in order to make us reflexively support, so we won’t really argue with his Bush/Cheney agenda.

We refuse to fight Obama directly, we lefties feel squeamish about attacking anyone with a D by his name, let alone admit we were total tools in supporting him. Hope is only useful if it’s not a lie. Hope is only useful in small doses to assuage apathy.

Pragmatism is God. Realism is the Savior. Action is the embodiment of the Spirit that completes the trinity.

Obama support? We need to get over that. Today. Right Now.


The only way to win, is to NOT LET IT WORK.

Its time to call the bastard what he is:

A teflon coated shit salesman, as Ed would say.

I like to go more simple.

Obama is a Traitor.

It’s okay, try saying it aloud a few times. Darth Obama. The Smirking Brock. Wow, even my squeamishness bell just went off, we cannot call a black man a chimp. Fuck it.

Lets call him what the Right calls him. The Joker. He is, you know.


Then allow the rage to build. Anger. Righteous burning anger.

The right is smart, way smarter than we allow ourselves to be. We don’t want to listen to that inner voice telling us something is dreadfully wrong. The right uses words like “Socialist” which Obama is DECIDEDLY NOT, in order to make us defend him, under the guise of:

a) he is no Socialist


b) Socialism is not bad.

We end up defending him, while he does EXACTLY what the think-tankers at the top of the Republican food chain wants him to do. Passes a bailout bill for the Insurance Companies benefit with OUR SUPPORT.

We counted on change, so want to believe any change is an incremental change for the better. We put our reading comprehension under the couch cushion and sit on it, then pray weakly for the bullshit “Public Option.”  Even the few who know better are now giving up on influencing anything.

Ahem. Let me say this again.

80 percent of the People still want Single Payer. So why aren’t we telling Barack Obama to Fuck right off?

This is not the time to give up. This is not the time to stop communicating with one another through these tubes. This is not the time to waste going to your little town hall meetings to listen to the Church Ladies argue among themselves about what the theme of this year’s New Years Parade should be, or how to get a new motorcycle for the Police Department.

This IS the time to give up Partisan politics, and say “Fuck anyone who doesn’t support us!” It is the time to give not ONE dollar to any Political candidate, or Party. It is the time to take Barack Obama down with the full fury we would if he had an “R” by his name. THERE ARE NO PARTIES, dig?

Settle for no less.

The numbers don’t only support Universal Health Care, the numbers tell us we are at about 18% unemployment.

We need to get the message out, we need to unify the anger. We can rebuild with the loooooove later. Right now we need anger and rebellion.

There are only two kinds of men now.

Sell-out Korporatists and Populists. Obama is no Populist.

These men are the same:


The metamorphosis is complete if you have clear vision.


And every time we start to make noises against Obama, they come up with some kid peddling a poll to kill him, or some racist schmuck attacking him.

They trigger our Liberal Pity gene.

Do NOT fall for it anymore.

Stop being complete tools of the Korporatists!

It is not “preaching to the choir” to hone our message, get out REAL information against the disinformation tsunami, it serves the prupose of unifying us.

We must stay united, not fragmented.

We need to place the blame where it belongs.

Obama belongs to the Korporate Party.

He sucks. We hate him. We hate all of them who put our interests last to serve their Korporate masters. Get ANGRY!

Make it painfully clear with every day, every keystroke, every random street corner conversation that we will no longer serve Korporatists. Give UP on Democrats, there is no such thing, darlings.

Print out pictures of Obama, your local Senator and Congressmen, both pretend R & D and write across them:




Or any other message you want.

The only way to win is be redefining. There are two Parties now.


American Populist

The numbers support us, if the message gets out.

Remember the Trinity: Pragmatism, Realism and Action.

/sunday sermon.



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    • Diane G on October 4, 2009 at 15:21



  1. Do you have visions of unity amongst the unwashed masses in some type of Ghandi like process?  Out of the 307 million of us even those most aware of how the world does indeed work fall into those “loonie tune” infinite subdivisions of dis-information.  The Zionists, the birthers,the 911 truthers, even the reptillian aliens, ya, unite all that.  Post industrial feudalism is what they are going for and it is going to work.

    You won’t get the Red Dawn but instead a future generation unable to reproduce, a slow death, with THEM maintaining control from Denver Colorado all the time.

  2. I swore to not cut my hair while Bush was “president”. I haven’t cut my hair yet because in many ways, Bush might as well still be president.

    That said, Obama has a lot working against him that Bush did not. I believe that Obama wants to fix a lot of the stuff Bush broke, but what’s holding him in check is not greed or selling out to the military/industrial complex – it’s fear.

    And it is a very real thing to fear these soulless creatures who have already slain so many in their lust for power and money. They kill for business AND for pleasure. They torture. They steal from the starving. They leave old folks to die in the cold. They leave children with missing arms, legs, and parents. They kill without hesitation, they don’t question the illegal orders they are given, and they’re cunning enough to go to ground like the human cockroaches they are when the light of day appears. They ARE very, very scary “people”, and you know as well as I that the Bush administration is well littered with the body count that represents their handiwork.

    I do not believe for one minute that President Obama and his family can realistically be lumped in with this group of soulless murderers and thieves. They’re in over their heads, perhaps – they didn’t know what they were getting into. They’re surrounded by very cunning and well connected potential enemies and traitors; and some of their “friends” are actually their worst nightmares – but I’m not giving up on the Obamas yet. He’s not moving with the speed I would like to see on some fundamental issues but I have seen compassion, intelligence and enlightened behavior from this man, and I am still willing to give him a chance based on that.

    • Edger on October 4, 2009 at 18:32

    I’d rather go after the policies than the person, you know?

    • Inky99 on October 5, 2009 at 09:19

    to the “bad cop” of Cheney and Bush.  

    The American people got pretty freaking tired of the bad cop, so they gave us a good cop.

    Obama is an actor.  He’s a PR guy.   He gives great speeches and does little else.

    He’s “one of them”.   He was marketed in one of the slickest, most sophisticated marketing campaigns this country has ever seen.

    Most of us fell for it and now we suffer the consequences.

    Palin was picked deliberately so that people could go “but would you rather have McCain and Palin?  No way!”

    It’s all just theater.

    Like any “good cop/bad cop” situation, the good cop is here to make us feel better, to tell us that he’s there to help us, and we’d better do what he wants, or he’ll have to let that nasty bad cop back into the room, and we don’t want that, now, do we?

    Yes, Obama is a douchebag.  

    The Five Stages of Grief are about to take affect for most people.    Denial is the first.   There’s a lot of that going around, just visit DK.    

    Most people will probably never hit “acceptance” even years after Obama is out of office.   They’ll still be making excuses.  

    • Miep on October 5, 2009 at 12:12

    A small correction.

    Thanks for that. I know that’s what you meant.

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