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For the record, when I wrote the essay Hurricane Weather recently, I had no idea about Hurricane Jimena. I was sort of grooving on the anniversary of Katrina.

But exactly two years and two days ago I was riding out Hurricane Henriette in a concrete bungalow in Todos Santos, Baja. One of the more impressive birthday presents the Universe has given me, lol. Even though it was a less than macho Cat 1 hurricane….I can now officially say I have been in a hurricane. Cool.

For nearly two weeks after Henriette, I had no electricity. I had just pulled into town and had an appointment for the day it hit to get the power turned on on the house I was staying in. The power guys were sort of busy for a while with other folks, so I was outta luck. And with no power, I couldn’t get the satellite dish hooked up….

And all of this was occurring JUST as we were trying to launch Docudharma. Each day the power was supposed to be on and each day the launch got moved back. We could have launched on Sept 11th….but we decided to wait for a day with a slightly better omen capacity.

I still don’t understand why people call me a drama queen, doesn’t everybody live like this?

So now…Jimena is just about to hit Baja, just like two years ago, and as I said in Hurricane Weather…we are waiting.


Hurricane weather, waiting for the skies to change, for good or ill. We are waiting to see if the Dems sell out on Health Care. We are waiting for the torture investigations to begin, or drop the smoking gun. We are waiting to get out of Iraq, we are waiting to see if the new Surge “works” in Afghanistan. We are waiting to see how bad Congress sells out on Climate change.

This time, I am waiting in SoCal. With power, lights, a working refrigerator and internet this time instead of in the dark, lol. And……….No George Bush in the White House.

That truly WAS a dramatic time. Waiting to see who the candidate would be, and then waiting to see if Obama would defeat McCain and change the world. And it must be said, he has. Just by not being Bush to begin with. But as frustrated as we are about how much change is possible right now, and how little we seem to be doing to take advantage of this possibility for change….change IS happening.

A less dramatic, lol, change than we would like. Not ENOUGH change for sure, all things considered, but change nonetheless. Without Bush in office, things are more stable. That stability is allowing some actual building to be done. Even though no one seems to really be able to fully Grok the change, fully Grok what is being built.

Despite the media glorification of them the birthers and teabaggers…the Religious Wrong…are shooting their last big political wad. The republican party is NO-ing themselves out of relevance. Momentum for accountability is actually building.

The political battle has shifted from a united (cough) Dem party vs Repubs …to Centrist Moderate Dems vs …well……Change.

This is better.

It ABSOLUTELY SUCKS of course….but it is better. Except for the frustration, the frustration of waiting for our (nominally) own people to wake the fuck up and realizing that most if not all of the restrictions on change that had been in place for the last eight years are gone.

A critical mass of the GenPop is ready for change. Ready and…waiting. “Our” people have failed to see this change, have failed to recognize the opportunity, are still operating under the old paradigm of fear. Fearing the Republicans, fearing the GenPop, fearing the Left of their own Party. Our ‘leaders’ and FAR to many of our compatriots on the Center Left are living in the fearful past.

Unable to see that the “safe” political move right now IS a relatively radical change.

Unable to see that the ONLY way ‘we’ can lose is by being to cautious, by not giving the People the Change they want.

Teddy’s passing has revealed and emphasized the fact that, other than Obama, we have NO leaders. NO ONE brave enough and smart enough to stand up and fill the vacuum and lead the way out of the Bush Years and into the future. No one is willing to seize the day, seize the opportunity.

And understandably so.

It is Hurricane Weather….wildfires are out of control, anyone who sticks their head up….is going to get it blown off. Is going to get burned.

Even bloggers, good folks like Slinkerwink and NYCeve who are working their asses of to make a new future are getting attacked….by people on our side.

EVERYONE is subject to the fear and anger that is indeed burning like a wildfire across the political landscape. The atmosphere is so unresolved, so thick with fear and anger on both sides that anyone who makes a declarative statement is the new target and WILL be attacked.

Even the frikking President is afraid to fully stand up and fight for what he seems to believe in.

Everyone is waiting.

Nobody knows what we are waiting for.

As much as we like to think we are in charge…we aren’t. Events are. Something is coming, we hope, lol. Because something needs to break this Hurricane Weather.

And if the past is any indication, (which it isn’t, lol) it will be something dramatic.

Until then, we keep working, keep waiting, and look for the change within ourselves.

And wait for the day when we have some exciting way to end an essay!



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  2. I’m  not sure. How much do it pay. Is it all day work.  

  3. Rather, a dharma goddess, a wrathful deity performing it’s needed function of clearing away the rubble and debris of wrong thinking and action.

    It seems these unusual hurricanes and abnormal fire conditions point to the thinking and actions which we need to change.

    We wait for the change which must happen, which is mandated by the laws of nature, the laws of life, by dharma.  And we wait for the signs of how and where we can take corrective action.  But we don’t just wait, we think and write and blog…into the future.

    • TMC on September 2, 2009 at 00:05

    for what we all voted for to start happening. We are all restless like a bunch of little kids bored with summer and itching for a fight, so we fight with each other. We are waiting for the start of school, but will it be just as boring and unfulfilled after the first week as it was last year?

     Only one hurricane for your birthday, buhdy? Heh! I got three last summer in Haiti.

  4. we are big fans of the terminator movies in this house, what can i say? it is one of my fave’s though, at the end of T-2…

    Mexican kid speaks in spanish;

    Sarah… “what did he say?”

    Man: “He says there’s a storm comin’.”

    Sarah, knowingly,: “I know.”


  5. word was passed down from the Galactic Federation to the earth governments to cease and desist fucking up the weather with HAARP/chemtrails/pew32 space modulators or else.

    What?  It was in HR 2977 and later left out of HR 3616.

  6. As I write this I am looking out the window at the Caribbean Sea.  I am about 10 miles north of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

    My neighbors and I don’t want to be visited again by a Hurricane.  Wilma overstayed her welcome here; Dean churned through more quickly.  We know the odds, and we know what to do (flee inland after sealing house), but we hope that nothing visits us this year or next.

    My heart goes out to the people who have to deal with Jimena.  They probably know what to do.  And they also know that the Government will help them restore their communities.  But it’s a frightening thing to have to leave your home and possessions behind when a big storm is coming.  And there is usually little or no insurance, especially if you’re not rich, to pay for the losses.

    May all in Jimena’s path be safe.  May they all be well.  And may they all be free from fear.  

  7. and it’s effects rage through all our lives, all you have to do is look out your window. Not all manifestations are as spectacular as hurricanes or the wild fires in California, but it is still occurring. People don’t seem able to connect their fears, to the real source, they seem to fear the symptoms and think if they resist it will be easier to ride out. I’m learning that resisting change only makes the process harder and more painful. Facing your fears and roaring at them helps, after all they are only creations of your mind.    

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