Torture puts our Troops in Danger

At least according to this Counter-intelligence Afghanistan Vet:

Jay Bagwell, Afghanistan Veteran, Counter-intelligence…

Jay Bagwell:

My name is Jay Bagwell. I became a Counter Intelligence Agent in 2005, and deployed to Afghanistan in 2006.

As a Counter Intelligence Agent it is very clear to me, Torture puts our Troops in Danger.

Torture makes our Troops less Safe.

Torture creates Terrorists.

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It’s used so widely as a propaganda tool now in Afghanistan. All too often detainees have pamphlets on them depicting what happened at Guantanamo

For me personally, and I think for most of the people that I served with, we also just saw Torture as a Violation of the Army’s Values, as Wrong, and as totally contrary to American Ideals.

I believe that an atmosphere was created by the civilian leadership in this country, where there was a systematic, widespread, pre-meditated emphasis, on employing Torture, unnecessarily.

The United States can’t be a beacon for Freedom and Human Rights, and the value of Law — while we ignore International Law.

Demand the Truth About The Torture of Detainees

Go to to learn more.  

Physicians for Human Rights
is digging up the Dirt on War Crimes; what they have discover is disturbing, indeed.

So what can we DOOOOO about it?

American Antiwar Movement Plans an Autumn Campaign Against Policies on Afghanistan

By JAMES DAO, NY Times — Aug 29, 2009

A restive antiwar movement, largely dormant since the election of Barack Obama, is preparing a nationwide campaign this fall to challenge the administration’s policies on Afghanistan.

Anticipating a Pentagon request for more troops there, antiwar leaders have engaged in a flurry of meetings to discuss a month of demonstrations, lobbying, teach-ins and memorials in October to publicize the casualty count, raise concerns about the cost of the war and pressure Congress to demand an exit strategy.


The October protest schedule is expected to include marches in Washington and elsewhere. But organizers acknowledge that it may be difficult to recruit large numbers of demonstrators. So groups like United for Peace and Justice are also planning smaller events in communities around the country, including teach-ins with veterans and families of deployed troops, lobbying sessions with members of Congress, film screenings and ad hoc memorials featuring the boots of deceased soldiers and Marines.


Afghanistan. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the commander of American forces in Afghanistan, is widely expected to request additional troops, beyond the 68,000 projected for the end of the year, after finalizing a policy review in the next few weeks.…

Country Joe McDonald – “Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die”  (Woodstock 1969)…

Joe McDonald:

It’s 1,2,3 … What are we fighting for?

Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn —

Next stop is Vietnam!

And it’s 5,6,7 … Open up the pearly gates,

Well, there ain’t no time to wonder why —

Whoopee! We’re all gonna die!


Come on mothers throughout the land

pack your boys off to Vietnam

come on fathers don’t hesitate

send your sons off before it’s too late

and you can be the first ones on your block

to have your boy come home in a box!

Organize, March, Resist, Speak out!

Just say NO! … like HELL NO!!!

It’s is long past time to put an End —

to ALL the Atrocities that are being done in OUR Names!

We did it before, we can do it again.

Take a stand, now. Home Page

Make your Voice heard!

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    Freedom is a terrible thing to lose …

    We need to make the most of it.

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