The beatings will continue until support for a PO improves. Getcher Sticks & Carrots here

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Beatings of a rhetorical sort, of course

    Senator Olympia Snowe all but admitted that a Trigger on a Public Option is total bull yesterday. She basically proved that she is NOT bargaining in good faith, and that if there were any illusions that the trigger she supports is designed to never be pulled, they are totally gone now. How do we know this?

    Because Sen. Snowe VOTED AGAINST a Public Option twice.

    This proves (HELLO! ARE YOU FRAKKING LISTENING DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS?) that Sen. Snowe WILL NOT vote for an actual Public Option, just the idea of one, or rather, the idea of the idea of one.

    And why? What is Olympia Snowe, the Republican Party, the Insurance Lobbyists and at least 5 DINO Republocrat Senators afraid of?

    This quote from yesterday’s Senate Finance Committee hearing sums it up best. . .

    “What are we afraid of? That Americans might actually like it?”

       ~ Senator John Kerry (D-MA)

    Yes. That is EXACTLY what they are afraid of.

    More and a call to action below the fold.

    Why use the phrase “The beatings will continue”?

    Because if we aren’t beating ConservaDems, they are beating us!

    And if we lose this fight, the Republican wing of the Democratic party will be saying to Progressives “The Beatings will continue until you eat your shit sandwiches and like it!”

    Well, I say F$%K THAT!

     Much like the rationale behind pulling your kids from Obama’s school speech or Fox/News Corporation’s refusal to air President Obama’s speeches, the reason Republicans are afraid of you trying or seeing certain things is because you might like it.

     This strategy is great if you’re an asshat Republican who hopes Obama fails and America fails with him, but why in the hell would any Democrats vote with Republicans on their “I Hope He Fails” agenda?

     Well, for one reason, it’s because they are barely Democrats.

     The utter stupidity behind Rahm Emanuels “Big Tent full of ConservativeDemocrats and Democrats” idea is that by allowing Conservative ideas to get into our tent, we are admitting that Progressive/Liberal or otherwise Democratic ideas AREN’T REALLY THAT GOOD. Democrats will NOT win by being more like Republicans. We will NOT win by becoming more Conservative, in fact, it hurts us badly, it undermines our ideas and it tells the electorate there really is no difference between either party. If you want to lose the Democratic party altogether and allow it to become a spineless bunch of capitulating wuss bags keep it up. In fact, we might just be too late!

     But we’re not finished yet! There is still time to act!

     And one way to act is becoming obvious, more and more so every day. In order to avoid becoming the spineless semi-Conservative alternative to the racist/hateful/afraid/anti science Conservative party of people Jesus wouldn’t hang out with unless they were nailing him to a cross, we Progressives are going to have to start becoming more concerned with quality, more concerned with ideals than the number of people we elect. We are going to have to become more like purity trolls.

    Because a big tent is useless if the Progressive and Liberal voices get drowned out inside of it by the moderate semi-conservative rejects of that other party of no and failed ideas.

    Otherwise, if we don’t exert some quality control over the people we let run for office in our party, we end up with assclowns like Baucus, Conrad and the newly elected ConservaDems Senators who are now actively undermining President Obama’s agenda of reform, which is very necessary, lest we believe that the “jobless recovery” is anything more than Wall St going back to the same bonuses they were used to.

    Are we to follow the mocking words of Senator Jay Rockefellar (D-WV) which he spoke to 5 of his sold out colleagues before they shot down the best possible way to save taxpayer money and solve a problem faced by the public. You know, Conservative kinda shit.

“Just do what the Republicans are doing. Just vote no.”

~ Sen. Jay Rockefellar, spoken in jest to 5 sold out Senators who would stab him and working class Americans in the back only moments later

    Thankfully, out of 13 Democrats at least 8 actually vote like Democrats and support the best Democratic legislation possible.

    Tell These REAL Democrats Thank You For Supporting a Public Option!

Give these Senators some well deserved love and thanks

Sen. Jay Rockefellar (D-WV)

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)

Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR)

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA)

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

     All 8 of these Senators get a BIG D next to their names for voting for both the Rockefellar and Schumer Amendments. Please send them your Love and Thank You’s if you can.

     Contact info can be found here

    And as for the 5 sold out, spineless wussbag DINO Republocrats who wouldn’t dare lift a finger to their corporate puppet-masters, it’s time to bring the HAMMER DOWN on them, and hard.

     To those who would say “I can’t vote for it cause we don’t have the votes!”

     My answer to them is “We can’t vote for you anymore, Dear Senator! What a pity, we just don’t have the votes!”

  Well, I have a message for these sold out crooks.

    Sorry, Senator, Unless you vote YES for a Public Option WE JUST DON’T HAVE THE VOTES TO RE-ELECT YOU!

Max Baucus (NO/NO-MT)


Call (202) 224-2651

    E-Mail Sen. Faucus Here and tell him WE JUST DON’T HAVE THE VOTES To Vote for him again unless he votes for a Public Option.

Sen. Kent Conrad (NO/NO-ND)


Call (202) 224-2043

    E-Mail Sen. Conrad here and tell him WE JUST DON’T HAVE THE VOTES To Vote for him again unless he votes for a Public Option.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (NO/NO-AR)


Call (202) 224-4843

    E-Mail Sen. Lincoln here and tell her WE JUST DON’T HAVE THE VOTES To Vote for her again unless she votes for a Public Option.

    To those Democrats who want to have it both ways, THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It’s time to tell them You can’t have it both ways, either vote for a Public Option or WE WON’T BE ABLE TO FIND THE VOTE FOR YOU WHEN YOU RUN FOR OFFICE AGAIN.

Sen. Bill Nelson (NO/YES-FL)


Call (202) 224-5274

     E-Mail Sen. Bill Nelson here and tell him You can’t have it both ways, either vote for a Public Option or WE WON’T BE ABLE TO FIND THE VOTE FOR YOU WHEN YOU RUN FOR OFFICE AGAIN.

Sen. Tom Carper (NO/YES-DE)


Call (202) 224-2441

    E-Mail Sen. Carper here and tell him You can’t have it both ways, either vote for a Public Option or WE WON’T BE ABLE TO FIND THE VOTE FOR YOU WHEN YOU RUN FOR OFFICE AGAIN.

     Of course, we know EXACTLY what Republican Senators really stand for . . .

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    But, if you want to give one of them an earfull, here is the only one who really matters, though, by her two votes AGAINST a Public Option, the only reason she does matter is to give corrupt, spineless Dems an excuse for their spinelessness.

    I think she deserves a good YELLING LOUDER anyway . . .

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R=NO/NO-ME)


Call (202) 224-5344

E-Mail Sen. Snowe here

    If we don’t start putting our foot down in a serious way, we might as well not bother.

    And for that to start, we have to start NOW!

    Either the Democratic party stands for accountability, or it stands for nothing. Either the Democratic party stands FOR reform, or it stands with the robber barons. Either helath care reform offers competition that will lower costs in the long run, or we might as well call it the Helath Care Insurers Bail Out Act of 2009.

    Now is the time to GET FIRED UP, not for a damned signing ceremony, but for real change we can believe in, even if we have to do it our damned selves.

     Otherwise, the shamocracy of a Conservative Democratic party vs a Conservative Republican party with Progressives and Liberals looking in from the outside no matter how big of a majority we have might as well amount to this.

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  1. otherwise we’re on the bottom, getting crapped on by Conservative DINO’s in our own party

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    backing up to read your essay now, MoT.  

  3. why dont those conservadems “pull a Specter” and just go ahead and jump ship?

    Im too news overloaded this morning … I need food.

    Kay B Hutchinson on the tv… they are sounding like they are going to push for this whole thing (HCR) to be up to each state. Whaaaaaat?

    This bit on Open Left last night was a good read, including the comments there.

  4. having WellPoint cut off their campaign donations?

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