Tear the door off the Skull and Bones building

Short and not so sweet: A Yale graduate student who was to be married this weekend has disappeared. She left all her personal stuff in another building and went into a lab building. Hasn’t been seen since.

Lasthorseman, you’re just gonna LOVE what her major is. Pharmacology.

How many biochemistry researchers does this make who have had interesting things like this happen to them over the last several years, now?

If I were the FBI I’d be tearing that goddamn Skull and Bones building apart brick by brick.


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  1. about New Haven and Yale.  My dad taught there, before he ran off with a student, and mom and I ended up in the projects.

    New Haven’s a tough city.

    Although it’s been many years, I suspect there are still some bad neighborhoods like the one I lived in. To say the least, bad things happening there don’t really surprise me, I saw it all.  

    • Joy B. on September 11, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    …these days (or, for a few years after 9-11) was microbiology. Work with designer plagues and such. Biochem/pharmacology is more about designer cures. Ballerophons to microbio’s Chimeras.

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