Taking On Dobbs

From our good friend Bob Fertik over at Democrats.com:

CNN can never be “The Most Trusted Name in News” as long as it’s the home of Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs is a “Birther” who refused to believe President Obama was born in Hawaii – even after his own correspondent Kitty Pilgrim debunked all the lies. (1)

And when he talks about President Obama’s agenda for change, Dobbs sounds like madman Glenn Beck. (2)

Yet CNN continues to broadcast the Lou Dobbs Tonight as a “news” program. It’s time for us to put that to an end.


Dobbs’ words have a real impact. Here’s how Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center put it:

“How dangerous is Lou Dobbs? The rise in hate crimes against Latinos coincides almost exactly with the time Dobbs has been propagating false conspiracy theories about Latinos on the air. He’s not urging people to go hurt and kill – but that is the effect of what he does.”


Enough is enough! To fight back, we’re joining a new campaign led by our friends at Presente.org – Basta Dobbs – to demand that CNN no longer allow Dobbs to spew hate disguised as “news” (basta means “enough” in Spanish).

Please join us in saying “basta!” to Lou Dobbs, and ask your friends and family to do the same.


Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik

(1) Watch Jon Stewart’s hysterical clip

(2) Listen to Dobbs discuss President Obama


  1. why throw anyone off the raft if the entire unit is going over the falls?    I looks like many people are still willing to be distracted by having others to hate and blame.

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